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    This would be an rp based off of the anime/manga ^0^

    So, I currently have two ideas:

    Modern rp, max 4-6 people (would be an OOC first); About 3 years after Light/Raito's death and the end of his/Kira's "reign". Once again, we have a highschool-college student pick up a Death Note (could be dropped by accident or by our favorite Shinigami, Ryuk). They meet the Shinigami who dropped it (the shinigami could be played by the same person or by another person). They come to the conclusion that this was how Kira was doing the killings and decides to finish his job. Eventually, his/her friend(s) become involved, as do the police. They start up investigations, though now Near can find them somewhat easier thanks to his knowledge on the Death Note. Basically, it'll be like a reboot of the original Kira VS L plot.

    One x One Rp; the same as the group rp, but with only two people. One playing the new Kira and the other playing an investigator on the case.

    Of course, for both we'll have Near show up at some point (or play a large role again) ^^ As usual, I'm open to any ideas you have. If I do the group rp, I think I'll make it an invite only and if you want to do the 1x1 pm me and we can brainstorm more ideas =^_^=
  2. I'm interested, if it becomes a group rp I would love to do the new kira or someone supporting the new kira, or the shinigami that dropped the book.
    Don't know if it would be so easy doing it as a one x one but if there isn't any others that are interested in group rp then I guess I can test doing it a one x one with you.