Death Note: The New Shinigami

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  1. Lisa Harris sat on the bench overlooking the lawn at Harvard. It was a peaceful day at the beginning of the fall. She held a newspaper, and was reading the headlines.

    "American Prisoner 'Novum Orbis' Ruled Suicide" She read on.

    "The prisoner, Alan McCarthy, wrote the words 'Novum Orbis' on the cell wall in his own blood, before hanging himself with a bedsheet. Officials have determined McCarthy's death to be a suicide, but the meaning of the words still stand to be deciphered. A new terrorist organization, or the rambling of a prisoner on death row? Only time will tell."

    The front page headline glaringly declared. A small smile crept over Lisa's face as she folded the paper and rose from the bench.
    "Well, Shi." she said, quietly, to apparently no one in particular. "Shall we head back to the dorm?"
  2. Today was another day to check the news while reading a newspaper. Something Mai kept up with since she was aware that there are other shinigamis. The female lazily rested over a leather couch in silence as she listened.

    "Suicide had been committed by prisoner <name>.-----"

    Loudly, the blonde yawned as she tossed the newspaper over her head which had made crippling noises."Againnn..? Where is this other famed killer...." She sighed childishly as she stomped on the couch roughly, indicating a lazy temper tantrum of a child wrote rolling off the couch and landing on the carpet below her. The blonde groaned, raising her hand up in the air which held a thick Popsicle stick and a triangular pice of watermelon."Safe!" She chuckled as she raised her head up, still in her pajamas of fitted shorts and a bra. She never worried about anything, home was a comfort zone!

    "Want some Zakirin?" She asked. Watermelons were like Mai's personal 'crack' fruit. She often sometimes expected Zak to be like Ryuk and the whole apples thing."I promise I'll lengthen your life like thingy later.... I only do it every two months anyways..." She muttered. Mai was different then other owners. Her focus was killing other owners more. Although she seemed lazy, she was pretty sadistic herself.

    Then the news spoke up.

    "However for this past month besides the anonymous killing spree, thirty kills including a model Jack Alexander--"
    "BINGO! MEEE!"

    shouted the girl as she shot right up and crawled towards the tv quickly. For some odd reason, Mai's way of killing was observing her victims first. Usually letting her shinigami choose who to kill, and the victims were as many days in the month they're in. They werent fast kills, rather they were slow and the blonde looked around, chills running through her being."IM FAMOUS!" She squeaked at Zakirin as she pointed towards the tv. This childish behavior was not real, rather it was part of her odd and insane behavior."You're welcome for lengthening your life span beloved!" The girl sighed joyously as she fell back and laid there on the floor of the living room.

    Seconds, the blonde rolled to her stomach and hopped up to a stand."Curry. Where's curry?!" She asked, looking under couches. As if her Flemish rabbit would hide anywhere much to small--It was huge and couldn't possibly fit! Mai popped the watermelon in her mouth, taking a bite and abruptly handing it to Zakirin.
  3. Zakirin watched the female with honest interest, her declaration of fame causing him to audibly chuckle. Humans were so much more interesting then Shinigami. He did the right thing by placing the note book in her drawer, since then he's had more fun than he's had in centuries. The death God stood there, his grey bones, and protruding horns glistening a bit under the light. In his right hand he held a unique scythe of sorts, though it was quite smaller than the sterotypical reapers. Watermelon. He ponder Mai's offer for a few seconds, before reaching out and taking the green, and red fruit. Downing it in one bite, his eyeless face made a peculiar expression. It was far juicier, and better tasting than anything that was available on his world, that was for sure.

    "What fun shall we get ourselves into today, Mai...?" He questioned curiously. Her bizarre behavior was refreshing to Zakirin, afterall, he was glad he hadn't gotten stuck with some boring human. She spoke about lengthening life spans, which made him think.

    "Have I told you about the shinigami eyes...? They would make you truly a force to be reckoned with..."
  4. Eventually, Mai found that large pet rabbit of hers which rested under the coffee table and scooped it out, cradling it in her arms."What fun shall we get ourselves into today, Mai...?" The blonde looked up at the ceiling, pondering herself and shrugged."I'm different then other owners. Don't forget that. And yet it amazes me how you're not frustrated or bored with me." The blonde answered, referring to the differences between her style and other or past 'Kiras'. She wasn't. Corrupt, and didn't kill rampantly. The only time she did was if she felt that Zakirin needed those 'extra life spans' for himself, then she did so. But one thing for sure was that she will surely be 'god' if she takes down other people suspected of having the death note."I want that famed killer." She said to him, lifting the rabbit up and kissing it's nose before setting it down on her lap.

    "Have I told you about the shinigami eyes...? They would make you truly a force to be reckoned with..." Shinigami eyes... Mai heard of those and her lips slowly curled into a smile as she looked at the skeletal demonic figure which accompanied her everywhere she went for as long as she had his notebook and lived."Shinigami eyes..?" She repeated, slightly having a questionable tone."I've heard of it... Why don't you explain it to me personally then?" The girl smirked."Don't tell me how it only works. Tell me how I get it and what happens. If you only tell me how it works, then it'll be bribery by bragging. Afterall, I might make a unwise deal with the devil himself if I don't know the full information." Interrupted Mai as she reached for another watermelon on the coffee table and proceeded to eat it.
  5. If Zakirin could smile, he would certainly be doing it now. He caught Mai's interest. "By making a deal with me, you would receive the eyes of a Shinigami, and all the perks that come with it.." He paused for a brief moment before continuing. When looking at someone, be it through a photograph or in person, you will be able to see their name, and life span. A persons eyes must be visible in order for the eyes to work fully on said person. This of course, would give you an edge over other owners who have not made the deal. There -is- one condition. You will forfeit -half- of you remaining lifespan..." He watched Mai keenly, studying her reaction to the new information. "What do you say, Mai?" (Short, on my phone.)
  6. "Shinigami eyes do sound helpful..." Mai muttered to herself as she wrapped a finger around her chin before looking at Zakirin."But I'm not desperate yet, Zakirin. Selling half my life? Especially so early... I don't think so." Scoffed the blonde as she stood up."But I do wanna make a deal with you when a certain time comes." Mai sighed as she grabbed the plate and stood beside the trash can in the kitchen. Before she could throw away the 'crust' of the watermelon, she looked at Zakirin."Want the crust.. If you can even eat it which I don't doubt." She muttered mid sentence as she waited.

    "Anyways I feel like all death note owners get killed, or fail in some type of way." Explained the blonde as she paused. She thought of her plan over and over and shook her head."I won't tell you the plan. Not yet. If you're curious enough, don't kill me until then when I fail." Mai shrugged as she placed the plate in the sink and walked into her room."I'm changing... We're gonna take a walk. And try to find something to do.." Declared Mai.

    "So tell me, Zakirin. How are most shinigami and owners together like? Surely we're a different pair." The girl said as she slipped on a long white crop top shirt and navy shorts. Curry, who was on the floor was grabbed by Mai as she placed the rabbit in its cage and walked out the room. Modesty was out the window with Zakirin, so she didn't even worry one damn bit."Cause modesty when we became partners is long out the window. I bet other shinigami's don't sit with their owners while they're taking a crap. Or sit on the toilet and wait while their owner is showering. If you think about it, we're like best friends. Or something." Shrugged Mai."Nehhh. But then again when I think about it you wait at the door of the bathroom or behind the wall near the door.. Whatever. Another goal: sit with me while I take a crap. Yep." The blonde nodded before bursting into slight laughter, quite serious as she picked up her low top beach glass converse and slipped those on, tying the white laces.
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  7. Zakirin took the offered crust of the watermelon, and downed it without a second thought. Still better than the food on his world. He listened to Mai intently, sort of disappointed she didn't want to receive the shinigami eyes at this point. However, he knew there was still a chance she would come around, when she becomes desperate to kill the other note book owner. Zakirin released a small cackle of laughter at her little rant, mainly at the part of human body functions. He had no intentions of sitting with her while she handled her business. "That's something that we -won't- be experiencing together, Mai." was his reply. Zakirin turned, and walked to the window, somehow able to see the bustling city with no eyes to speak of. "In regards to other owners, and Shinigami, I imagine their interactions to be quite professional. Unless that shinigami happens to fall in love with said human. Though I only recall that happening once." He nodded, comparing the humans outside to little ants scurrying about. "Why don't we try, and find the other owner? That'll be fun for you, I imagine. Dangerous though, if she possesses the eyes...Of course, I won't be able to tell you if I see her. Rules, and what have you."
  8. Aimi Fujioka was wandering around the Harvard campus. She had nothing better to do, but take in her surroundings as she walked around. Stretching her arms high above her head, she managed to say, "Maa, I'm so bored!" Her arms dropped back down to her side and it seemed like her attitude took a major drop. Suddenly, a voice broke through her non-existent thoughts. She listened to the voice carefully and recognized it as Lisa. "Lisa! Yes, she'll be fun to hang around for a bit." The orangette changed her direction, walking towards Lisa now. When she was in eyesight, she began to wave towards her, her arm high and very visible. "Liiiiissssssaaaaaa-chaaaaaaaannnnnn~!" She called out at the top of her lungs, causing others to look her way and stare at her strangely. She could care less about the others as she got closer to Lisa.
  9. As she heard the voice, Lisa turned, one eyebrow raised as Aimi barrelled towards her.

    "Eh, Aimi? What's up?"

    She asked as she paled slightly, embarrassed at the huge number of people who were now staring at the two of them. She instinctively touched her locket, with pictures of her mother and sister inside, as she tried to ignore the stares.
  10. Stopping in front of Lisa, Aimi beamed. "Nothing's up. Just wanted to hang out," the orangette explained. People had finally stopped looking at them and went on with their business. Aimi was grateful. She didn't like people staring at her for too long.
  11. "Ah, I see." Lisa nodded. "I was just heading up to the dorm. Would you like to join me?" The blonde gestured toward the main dormitory as she continued walking.
  12. "Sure!" Aimi responded, waiting for Lisa to start walking. This is better than wandering by myself and being bored, the orange-haired teen thought. She wondered what they were going to do today.
  13. Eventually, the pair arrived at Lisa's dorm and she unlocked the door, allowing Aimi to enter.

    "Just make yourself comfortable."

    Lisa gestured around the room before taking a seat at her desk and flicking on her lamp.
  14. Aimi immediately went to let herself flop on Lisa's bed. Staring up at the ceiling, she asked, "'s it been going? With the Death Note and all?" The orangette thought that the Death Note was interesting. It was killing people without actually killing people. If Lisa was ever questioned, it wasn't like they had proof that she killed the people. Unless they find her Death Note, but how would they explain it?, Aimi thought. The Death Note was interesting alright. It could entertain her for days. Thinking about it, of course.
  15. Lisa mused the thought over in her mind. She had to phrase this correctly.

    "Aimi." The blond began. "You're pretty bored with your classes, right?"
  16. Aimi laughed at the question. "You have no idea," she responded. She doesn't have a very long attention span. So it was hard for her to focus in her classes, which caused her to become bored. Either way, focused or not, she's passing.
  17. "So you wouldn't mind taking on an extra project?" Lisa asked with a smile and a raised eyebrow.

    "It involves the Note." She added with a sly glance.
  18. Kurai had followed Lisa and her friend and remained silent as he observed the two human females interact. He just didn't understand them, not in the least. Let alone how she was any different than the others, he must have been going crazy or something.... he sighed silently and then moved into the corner next to the new owner of the notebook's desk. Everything appeared to be neatly organized and for the most part tidy, Kurai took an apple from his secret stash and ate it not really caring about what these girls were talking about. All he knew was that he had made the biggest mistake of his existence, entrusting the notebook with a human? we all knew what happened last time that had happened...
  19. "Isn't love between Shinigamis and Their masters who are human forbidden?" The girl perked her head up as she became serious. "We're about to go outside, I'll speak with you telepathically." She warned before opening e door and walking out, locking it afterwards. Then she proceeded the conversation, telepathically. Something she managed to figure out and was the first to.

    "So.. How'd the story go?" She asked."And about the shinigami eyes, they cloak you from other Shinigamis?" Added Mai, her mental tone rather amazed. She held the death note in her hands, which was disguised as a notebook with a lock, or a diary if you may. Cleverly, she customized it -probably to Zakirin's dismay-.

    On the outside was a 'kawaii' cover, inside was drawings on paper and fake writing to indicate a regular girl's 'diary'. But halfway through the notebook was plain white black lined paper with the names of people. This side representing the deathnote itself. The lock on the notebook is a sacred one, only opening to Mai or any other shinigami, no other key or lock cutter.

    If the notebook was touched, no one was in possession of it or can see her shinigami. That is until you touched the actual pages of the deathnote which began at halfway then would you see her shinigami.

    kawaii deathnote (open)

    Mai has no regrets Zakirin. Shes being smart.
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  20. "You see," Lisa began, "I have a long term plan, but I need some help to get it off the ground." The blonde reached into her drawer and pulled out the thin black book. She opened it and tore out two pages, handing them to Aimi.

    "It's very simple. Just get the names of world leaders who are abusing their power, and write their names on those papers. Then write how you'd like them to die."
    Lisa thought for a moment.

    "And also, you should scatter the times and methods of death. That was one of Kira's failings, I believe. He was too obvious."
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