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  1. OPEN for applications!

    Welcome to Paradise... for now.
    A Survival Dating Sim, where what may love you may kill you, and what may kill you may be everywhere!

    Warning: Your character will die, a lot. The upside? It's not permanent, and you, and your character, may learn from mistakes made.
    Monsters and savages alike will be skulking in the dark jungle just beyond your wrecked ship, some attracted from the smell of death from those who didn't make it and others attracted by the lights or noises you will make. Death is eminent, but this strange place had chosen you, somehow, for something, that it may be for you to become one of the Island's residents or maybe for you to get out and spread the terror of your journey in tales is unknown. The fact is that you will never truly die until your usefulness remains.

    You will not know this at first, arriving wounded and confused in an unknown beach, the sole survivor of your voyage, the great frigate that took you through the tumultuous sea splintered about the great rocks and cliffs nearby. You must survive, and perhaps, once you understand a little more of what not to do, you will thrive...

    This was the year 1783, and this was the start of your nightmare... or was it your dream? You only remembered the following:

    Romantical Inclinations:




    Greatest Fear:

    Would it be enough?
  2. Hah Romantical that's gotta be word of the day. It just sounds so awesome. If we die, do we remember how and stuff or do we just wake up like nothing ever happened?
  3. You remember how, though things may not go as planned anyways.
  4. Do we post the applications here? I just adore this idea.
  5. Yes, you can post them here! :)
  6. I ish considering joining.But question: what's romantical inclinations? ?3?
  7. It's another way of saying sexual orientation.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.