Dear Roleplayers,

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  1. Please stop making cool roleplays and plots that I want to steal. I already have enough of my own plots to worry about, without want to get all up in your plots and run away with them like a wild plot bunny pirate.



    Do you like browsing the RP forums and reading other people's roleplays? Are there any roleplays out there that you enjoy reading and wish you could steal the plot from?
  2. No stealing D:

    I just wish they'd stop making cool roleplay plots when I can't join any more! I'll burst at the seems! I'll pop from RP overload! Damn you cool plot people, attracting we Dawns! *shakes fist*
  3. Yes! On top of the games I am in, I have a couple rps ( and rpers) that I follow.
  4. i read several rps. most of which im not in.

    i especially like old archived ones, and dead ones, past makes the present makes the future and all that
  5. If I'm bored I'll read through some of the roleplays, especially if the plot is really interesting. Nothing on a consistent basis though.
  6. No, I don't. I probably should though. That way I can pick up and learn more from others.
  7. yes, i get so tempted by their plots! ;o
    and then plots start forming in my head! xD and then i have dreams! and then...

    mygosh its like an endless cycle of creativity! xD
  9. I love reading roleplay plots, but I never feel like I can join them, either because it's too late, or I can't figure out how I'd fit in, or think I'd suck at that particular genre.

    For instance, there's a Sucker Punch roleplay going on that I'd LOVE to be a part of, but I think it would be a FAIL if I tried to join.
  10. I like other RPs a lot.

    For a long time I just wanted to be in them or read them. I like a lot of stuff on here.

    Then the idea for Sleeper Cell popped in my head over a year ago. And it sat in my head until it bothered my that I wasn't at least TRYING to make it happen.
  11. That kind of thinking will get you nowhere!
    People here are awesome, I joined a few RPs that maybe were a bit to much for me when I started my iwaku existence, I got PMs of people concerned, not that I would ruin the RP but to help me improve, I can't explain right, but those PMs were very considerate and made me come to love this community even more.
    So I am not afraid to join anything I know that if I am not enough I can count on this community to rise me to the level.

    plus I dunno if the sucker punch died... I was on it, but people stoped replying, so maybe you should join, the more the merrier!

    Power to Iwaku!!!