Dear Morning People a.k.a My Flatmate

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  1. Hi, I'm what we call a Night Owl. As much as I could adjust myself to your schedule, it makes me a bitter human being inside and makes me hate my mornings. With that said, I only go 1 to 2 hours to bed after you do at 1 am to 2 am. I'd like 8 hours of sleep too.

    So, here's a bit of advice. Please keep your voice down when I am trying to sleep. I do not want to hear someone wee in the morning hours "Screaming" and playing with their dog in all hyperactive voice. You want to do that, go to the park, go for a walk. But by god do I want to like curl up in some kind of sound proof corner of death, to finish sleeping.

    I tried very hard to keep quiet in the middle of the night for you while you insist on going to bed at ridiculously hours of night 9pm and 10pm. The night is still young and you're missing out a lot on that creative spark I have. I know that everything to me sounds louder than what I really am doing at night, but you don't hear me playing with the cat or the dog at the highest volume I can find when you're sleeping.

    So please. Shoosh. Some loud motherfuckers where I sleep. See I sleep on the couch, right near the kitchen, where every morning she uses this shrill voice to praise her dog and her voice echoes throughout the household.

    And now I am sitting here, with a lack of sleep, and being anal as fuck
  2. I feel your pain. I'm married to a morning person and mornings are never pretty in my house. Never....
  3. Nighttime cuddles are the best tho.
  4. I am not a morning person, far from it. Want a sure way of irritating the piss out of me, get me up at 6 in the morning it doesn't matter whether I went to bed at 9 pm to even wake up at 6 am. I am still angry. Everything irritates me in the morning,

    it's too cold
    everyone is too loud
    I don't want to speak
    I don't want to go anywhere
    I hate work
    I hate people
    I hate just about everything in the morning 8 hours of sleep or not
  5. This relates to me on such a personal level. I just can't do mornings, and my boyfriend (who I will eventually be living with) gets up at like four am.....when I go to bed at two or three am. Then his fucking alarm wont stop going off, because he has like fifteen different alarms. Have you ever experienced slowly ebbing away into pleasant dreams and then as soon as you are about to go RING A LING DING the alarm goes off.....and this continues/repeats for a good full hour.

    Then living at home with my family, who just so happens to be the loudest group of individuals you have ever met, and waking up to them practically shouting at each other. Having told them again and again to keep quiet, only to get threatened with "well if you do this, and feel like this, then go ahead and just leave." because apparently asking them to be quiet in the mornings is SO HORRIBLE and can only be followed up by threatening to kick me out of the house. :D

    It's not just mornings either, like....I don't like being forcibly awoken by anything at any time. Just don't wake me up...ever. =w=
  6. My hubby wakes up at 4 in the morning for work. I spend half the time he's getting ready snapping at him to leave me the hell alone. Weekends aren't much better though. He's up at seven trying to convince me and the kids to wake up and clean house......

    I don't know how we haven't strung him up in a corn field yet.
  7. lol

    I am pretty much that asshole whose just groaning because speaking is too hard in the morning, "grrrr".

    It's just...

    I don't get morning people. They think sleeping till 10 am is some kind of sin. And that staying up at 1 am, that I am somehow missing something in the morning if I am not in bed by 9 pm.
  8. Too lazy to source it, but if you want to read some fascinating stuff, feel free to Google it yourself!


    Morning People / Night Owls is a thing. Like, a natural, real, scientific thing. It's in our genes, pre-determined and not even our habits can truly change it. But there are those of us who naturally thrive in the mornings, without coffee and especially with coffee, and those of us who need a cup every hour on the hour or we pass out. The Night Owls thrive at night, get more work done in the clutch, and sleep during the day. It's more-or-less topsy-turvy switch on one another.

    And if you do the research, you'll see it pointed it out, but it makes tons of sense, especially from an evolutionary stand-point. We needed people to protect us during the day and night. If everyone slept during the night, then the wolves and other things that go bump (including other human enemy-tribes) would just slaughter us in our sleep. So, genetically speaking, we as a species naturally evolved a defense mechanism towards our vulnerability in sleep by creating people that just don't sleep at night!

    Really cool, right?

    What's not as cool is how we view this culturally. Night Owls are seen as lazy, not-as productive, anti-social and what-have-you when that's not true (most of the time). That's a hand-me down from previous cultures-- again, if you think about it. If you were a day person that worked and tilled the fields all day, and well into the afternoon was fixing the house or doing other secondary and tertiary jobs, and had a brother or brother-in-law who slept all day and worked at night doing nothing but walking the village square or town alleys to protect from predators or law-breakers? Like, that's "all" they did, compared to you? Of course it would pass down that they were lazy and anti-social, especially considering no businesses really stayed open past sundown as well...

    Anyways, just some really neat, interesting information.
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  9. I already know most of this and am telling people this all the time.

    I always tell them

    "You know what, I am probably the person whose going to hear the robber in the night, you're welcome"

  10. Oi I've been a night owl since birth. I always slept during the day as a baby and was up all night it drove my mother nuts. Though after my parents split and my father remarried... That woman would wake up at 7a.m. on non school days and blare music so loud it would shake the windows. I dare say I fantasied her death quite a bit solely because of that. Thankfully I have roommates who decently respect my sleep schedule and the only thing that wakes me up at unwanted hours is the lawn service at my apt complex.
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