Dear Iwaku: A plea for roleplays (MxF, MxM & FxF)

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  1. First of all, thank you for checking this partner check out! :D

    I'm Sister, a twenty-five years old that is lucky enough to have nearly all of my evenings free for writing. I've started this gig at in my early adolescence and am quite familiar with the do and don't of roleplaying in forums. I love to explore new stories and also get a blast from reworking the few classics I do know, so I would say I am pretty open to suggestions and roleplay pitches. The catch? I've been on a super long hiatus from writing creatively and am extremely rusty as a result; do you feel up to helping me find my muse and get my fingers typing at the speed of light again?

    I'm open for any offers, but I do have a few things I prefer in a partner, mostly so that things stay fun and idea-filled:

    • I love when the OOC is even more active than the IC thread. The more I get to talk about the rp with you, the more I'll most likely get to like to get down to it and like you as a partner in turn.
    • I would really like it if we could keep to a reasonably attainable (with the proper effort!) word count and posting schedule beforehand, so we are on the same page.
    • I personally prefer writing and reading in the third person, past tense format.
    If you're okay with what I wrote thus far, hit me up and we'll see if we can come up with an understanding and a plot! If you're still not sure and would not feel comfortable with contacting me just yet, you can see a bit of my current cravings below, if my rp resume did not help you decide further. If you still don't think we would match, I have no hard feeling and wish you the best in your search for rps! :)

    OK! My current cravings are as follows:

    I'm feeling medieval like no business, so if you have a taste for old timey fantasy or for a reasonably loose historical rp around these times, I'd be all about that.

    I'd love to explore legends and fairytales, no matter the setting. Rehashing old tales into something else would be awesome right now.

    I'd be up for some modern thriller or action with possible romance and humour background, too!

    And that's about it for now. I hope to hear from you soon!
  2. Hey, is it cool if we do a medieval pairing, something like a sorcerer and a bard, I'd be totally up for that!
  3. That could be fun, hit me up with a PM and we'll see about making something out of it! :)
  4. I'd be down for pretty much anything FxF, especially considering your genre tastes ^^
Thread Status:
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