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Dear God, Again?!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Killjoy, Jul 18, 2011.

  1. That's right. At the behest of another;



  2. I dragged him out of perpetual absence.

  3. Been a while since I've seen you. o_o

    Welcome back, dude.
  4. I'll just be lurking, posting where I see fit.
  5. Welcome back, dude.
  6. Well, well, well. Running Naked with Bear Man has returned.
  7. Hahaha!! Holy crap, I forgot I even had that nickname!! XDDDD

  8. Ah!
    I need your number again.
    Love, Kitti.
  9. Just sent it as a Message. Text me when you have it.
  10. holy crap KJ! : D I never did get a chance to go visit you while I was still in Michigan : (
  11. Don't worry about it! I failed to keep in touch with you, either way.
  12. I go from ohio --> michigan -->pittsburgh wonder where i'll end up next? D< KEEP IN BETTER TOUCH THIS TIME! *wacks KJ upside head* wait i dont' have your number anymore anyways haha got a new phone...same number though
  13. ah hai welcome back. I sort of remember you ^^
  14. INDIANA!
  15. if all goes to plan i'll be in Indiana for a short time next year for national conference D<