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  1. Never thought I'd be asking for anonymous help on this board.. But the stress headaches are telling me it might help.

    How do I deal with a boss that no one likes but no one can get rid of?

    Mind you she's basically a shift leader below the head custodian who answers to the principal.

    She's an ornery old black woman, racist, by all definitions, though subtle in how she words her distaste.

    No one is willing to write her up or work against her because she waves a law suit over their heads so she can hang on until she finishes and gets all of her retirement money, which is ONE MORE YEAR. She will complain to anyone who listens or is nearby, stating our school is disgusting, and everything is atrocious and that anyone should avoid the school at all costs, despite being a well reviewed and graded school.

    It hurts me because I haven't been here a year, and have aspirations to run the school when our current head leaves in the future and here she is, been here since it opened in 1994, and does nothing but bad mouth it and everyone who helps take care of it. Another thing she does is criticize how we clean, even though it's her job to show us if something's been missed. Yet when she does, it's to everyone who will listen that's not the people she's supposed to answer to. On top of that she misses things she criticizes us on, making her a hypocrite?

    This is the kind of thing that forced my father to quit his job.

    Do I keep my head down and let her walk all over me like everyone else allows? Or do I stand up and call her out on her bullshit and stand against the waves?
  2. Though I tend not to advise people to do things I generally wouldn't be willing to do myself... I say go for it! If you can muster the courage to stand up to her and point out her flaws, then I see no reason not to. There's always a chance that if one person stands up, the rest will too. It's not a guarantee, no, but what is life without some risk? Either way, no good deed goes unpunished. If you wanna take the safe route and keep quiet, that's fine too, no shame in that; but you might regret it later on. All 'n all, it's your decision, mate, I can only give you general advice and I'm not very experienced in these areas, if at all.
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  3. Something else to add that occurred last night: mixing Clean-By Peroxy with Comet (A powder bleach). It's against health regulations to even USE anything related to bleach, which she brings from elsewhere.

    But mixing them supposedly releases chlorine gas, which is toxic. It's probably certain that if I take it to our boss he'll warn her and she won't stop. And if I go over all of their heads and report her to the health authorities it could possibly lose me my job too because it was used in my area when she was using it.
  4. I would recommend to focus on and perform your own job, which you are paid to do. Being professional will be the best you can do for yourself and your future.

    If your boss does anything that is against law or rules, report it to the appropriate person, maybe her boss?
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  5. Here's my two cents. I've dealt with this situation personally, and I lost a job because of the situation (and got it back ;) .

    One more year? Keep your head down and do your job well. I know it's really hard. If she is doing what you say I'm sure the principal knows about it. If he hasn't fired her already it's probably because he either knows something you dont, or he's picking his battles. No reason to go to court with just a year to go. plus, your boss I'm sure will appreciate your hard work and your lack of making waves if he is already aware of the situation. You will come out on top in the end.

    For yourself, a CYA thing is good. Get a notebook and keep record of everything she does wrong or against the rules with dates. Keep your opinions out of it. Just state facts. That way if shit hits the fan and a lawyer points at you one day and says You knew about this and you didn't tell anyone? " you can say "I reported such incidents to my boss on this date and this time. I heard nothing about it since." You may never need to use it but it's there if you need it.

    If she complains to you I'd say "sorry, _____, but I'm really busy. I don't have time to talk right now" and go find some work to do. And like I said, I'd mark every little thing pertaining to her in that notebook. This is all from personal experience.

    And just remember, if you are the bigger person and can grit your teeth, and keep your head down for a while longer you'll be the one coming out ahead.
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