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"An elite SOLDIER, created only to kill and destroy!" Scenes flash by, showing Sephiroth slicing various things with his sword.
"A hellish unforgiving demon who knows no fear!" Scenes of Pyramid Head show him killing those around him.


"To find out, we have recruited scientists, doctors, and martial arts experts and armed them with the world's most lethal weaponry!
All to create a duel to the death between two fierce and legendary warriors!"

SOLDIER's best recruit and near Godlike fighter, Sephiroth!



Masamune - A long sharp blade of destruction that only he can wield!
Octaslash - Using his sword, he can give eight slashes in just a flash!
Meteor - A powerful skill that is able to crush his foes with ease.

Is super strong, can 'fly', and is extremely fast outside!
Cast crazy magic spells that can obliterate a massive area or dice his foe into pieces.(Such as Meteor and Octaslash)
Can dice just about anything up with his sword.

Masamune is so long that it may be hard for Seph to fight with it in close-quarters at times due to it maybe being caught on something.
His skill, Meteor, is capable of killing himself along with the enemy due to the high blast radius and high damage.
His speed is stunted by being inside tight buildings.
Apparently his sword is stopped by clashing with another.


Pyramid Head! A horrific killing machine who knows no bounds in his demonic world of anarchy!
Pyramid Head



Great Knife - A massive blade capable of tearing through metal like a hot knife through butter.
Spear - A gruesome weapon used to shish-kabob his enemies.
Pyramid's Tentacle - A dangerous appendage that is used in close combat to 'taste' his victims blood!

Can lift a full grown man with one arm.
Has an appendage that comes out from the Pyramid and is able to cause harm, if his hands are busy.
Being that he is summoned to kill, he already knows where his target is and encloses on them by lurking in the dark.

Is slow making his way to places if under the light as only the darkness keeps the enemy open for attack, not him.
Has no magic abilities what so ever.
Has no armor except that rusty pyramid shaped helmet.

"Our Announcer and freak of nature, Imp, will lead us through the episode as we see two great fighters clash!" A previously cut scene shows Imp looking over a gory mess of a gutted body with him saying 'Wow that's brutal... I'm hungry.'

"Unlicensed Physician and the smart one, Angelic Asylum, will deal with the injuries and grammar." Cut scene shows Angelic pointing to a giant gaping wound in a dummy's head. 'Well that's a kill shot...' She explains to all.

"Puerto Rican and computer wiz, Necella, will assess the fridge and separate fact from fiction." Footage reveals Necella interrupting a scientist with 'Oh that's bullshit!' and then letting out a loud burp.

"Guiding us through the ways of Pyramid Head is Vay and Krom! Both masters behind the weapons and history of Silent Hill's darkest figure.
On the side of Sephiroth! We have Sakura and Trance Kitsune informing us on one of the most lethal SOLDIERs ever created! They are teachers in the use of the Masamune and casters of Meteor and Octaslash!" The 3 co hosts make their way out with both the teams into the training area.
The camera flashes to Krom, the undead Mayor of Silent Hill. His face is a mass of scar tissue. Krom is dressed(snazzily as ever) in a tattered suit, seemingly too small to encase such a massive form. The Mayor is egregiously fat, folds and folds of pale gray ashen flesh coating his form. He wears three rusty rings, almost obscured by the rolls of fat on the sausage like digits. They clutch a cane, snapped in half, but Krom seems not to care.

He waddled up over to the enemy team, sticking his fleshy face and breathing the breath of the dead over them.

"I'm sorry, you must have come to the wrong place! This is not a tea party. We are here to fight, not play dress up. So why don't you take Sarah Sloth to her dance and bring back a real monster." The Mayor broke down into laughter, his massive form shaking with mirth. "Honestly, if Pyramid can snap a man's spine with a punch, I can't imagine what you're going to accomplish with your pointy stick." The Mayor motioned, and the massive demon hefted the Great Knife with one hand.

"You see, this cleaves people in half. I imagine any injury,"He paused, smiling unpleasantly,"Excuse me, I meant boo-boo, you could inflict with that pathetic excuse of a sword, we could treat with a Band-Aid." With that the Mayor turned and waddled back to the immense forms of the Butcher and Pyramid Head.
The combatants on the silent hill team walk closer to their opponents meeting their mayor halfway, a dreadful, spine chilling cacophony of scraping metal and as one raise their massive blades, the figure with the iconic pyramidal helmet's movements slightly jerky but its great knife catching the sun on its rusted blade the spear in the demon other hand shifted restlessly. The equally large cleaver in the Butchers hand gleamed red in the light, stained from use.

Neither demon spoke, rather the single visible eye of the butcher pierced into those of the gathered opponents leaving them with the impression their nightmares had come home along with their suppressed guilt to kill them. The effect was doubled by Pyramid Head's faceless form barely human in its appearance where it was clear whatever was under the helmet was best left unseen.

With twin bangs the blades came down shaking the ground as the mayor grinned.

From the other side came Team Sephiroth, gleaming in bright colors and handsome beauty. Sephiroth himself was looking dazzling today, his silky silver hair blowing in the wind. Beside him were his two companions. Trance Kitsune and Yuffie Kisaragi. The latter of the two was bouncing from one foot to another, her black short-cropped hair fluttering in and out of her face. She had an enormous shuriken strapped to her back and was dressed somewhat like a ninja. When she spotted the PyramidHead team, she stopped to stick out her tongue and make farting noises.

"BOOO! YOU SUCK PYRAMIDBUTT! We're totally gonna wipe the floor with you! The great ninja-Yuffie and the amazing Sephiroth are going to kick your butt! So you better have a box of tissues ready" Yuffie put one hand on her hip and grinned at Sephiroth, who, as always, merely glanced her way with a cool, collected gaze. He was not the least bit fazed by this introduction.

Yuffie grinned and gave Trance Kitsune a thumbs up. She was all ready to show off Sephiroth. Who could think a triangular mass of flesh that looked like something had been left out on the table too long for the rats to eat could beat their amazing Sephiroth?

"No one!" Yuffie exclaimed, leaping into air with her fist pumped, "YEAH!"
Imp is seen gargling some water before performing his 'cliche epic warrior' voice. He uses the water to retain a little bit of a raspy flavor in doing it.
"Now that we have seen our competitors, let us look at, their killing tools!"
All attention is focused on the weapons of each fighter as they are being handled by their masters.

"Up first, we turn to team Sephiroth with the grave Masamune, the killing strike of octaslash, and the daunting spell; Meteor!" Various things are seen being completely obliterated by all of these.

"For Pyramid Head, we have the Great Knife, the deadly Spear, and the dangerous and elusive Pyramid's tentacle!" Gruesome scenes portray Pyramid Head, impaling various beings with these.

The two teams are told to prepare for the next stage in the show as Imp gathers his things and heads out into the arena. The arena in itself was a large open facility containing whatever was needed for testing. Caged beings lined the walls and weapons hung from chains, ready for use. The crowd cheered as Yuffie and Imp made their way out into the arena.

"Alright Yuffie! Here we are in the arena. We have scattered targets throughout the place. These targets are simply a place where a being of your choice will spawn to be the target. Sephiroth will start in the middle to display close quarters against several targets surrounding him. After that, some others are a good couple yards from him so we can see how fast he is and still accurate with the blade when flying at someone."
Imp throws a target into the distance, having it land and ready to be summoned.

"Is Sephiroth ready for combat?" Imp asks and takes some steps back to be safe from this quick killing machine.

Yuffie grinned and flashed Imp a thumbs up, "You bet he is! Time to show that slab of meat whose Boss, Sephiiie-CHAN," The use of a girly nickname didn't go unnoticed. Serphiroth flashed a cold stare in Yuffie's direction. The upbeat girl laughed nervously, "Kidding! Kidding! No need to get uptight, geez. Just show these people whose boss, kay?" She put a hand on her hip and smiled, flipping backwards and jumping onto the wall so that she was clinging to the sides of the arena, out of his way, but close enough to give orders, "Good Luck!"

Sephiroth strode towards the arena, "As if I need luck," he narrowed his eyes at the close-range targets, drawing his sword in one massive, graceful movement. It glinted in the light and the small motion made some of his hair flutter through the majestically. Yuffie held her breath. Sephiroth held his stance before reaching out his arm and swiping the targets to shreds. To get the ones behind him, he threw his sword into the air, caught with his left hand and slashed through them with ease.

"There is it! The Masamune! Sephiroth's amazing sword and his amazing swordsmanship!" Yuffie exclaimed for everyone to hear. She pumped one fist into the air, "let's go Sephiroth! Time to show them how you are at long range combat!" she pointed at the stuffed dummies hovering around the entire arena, on the very edges, far from each other. "I'm timing you, so ready...set...go!" She held up the timer as Sephiroth dashed into action. He was like a fast moving blur, his silver hair flying in the air as he darted to one end, slashing in a circular motion and was at the other end of the arena before the first dummies had even crumpled to the ground. In ten seconds, he had slaughtered them all, brutally leaving just fluffs of cotton stuffing.

"Oh yeah! That's the way! Moving on! Let's see your expertize in moving targets!" Yuffie pointed at the dummies now charging at him from every side. There were about 20 from random directions. Sephiroth was grinning, he held Masmune with both hands and charged at the dummies that had been enhanced by magic to move, slicing parallel in a diagonal fashion. Yuffie started to talk about the sword.

"The Masamune, also known as True Principal is one of the mightiest swords of the Final Fantasy World. Every hit with the weapon automatically criticals! But that's all we can do! Sephiroth has other cool abilities as well! So if you bring out some more targets, please, we'll show you his attacks!"

As more magically-induced dummies that can move come pouring into the arena, Sephiroth sheaths his sword obediently. He looks to Yuffie with a glare.

"Okay Okay! I'll explain! Attack One is called Supernova , sometimes referred to as Nova, is a recurring enemy ability. It generally deals a large amount of non-elemental magic damage to all enemies!" In a blast of colored light, Yuffie shielded her eyes and blinked away to see that Sephiroth had obliterated all his enemies.

Another round of dummies and Yuffie sighs, "and the best attack of them all, Heartless Angel (心ない天使, Kokoronai Tenshi), also known as Fallen One, is a recurring enemy ability in the Final Fantasy series. When used, it brings the party's HP down to 1! Sephiroth, you're the boss!" Yuffie grins as he flies up into the sky and dives down, with the illusion of other angels and slices the dummies to shreds.

Yuffie leaps off the side barrier and flips into the air, landing beside him, back to back.

"Sephiroth's true strength is still unknown. Sephiroth never even used the full extent of his powers in the final fight against Cloud in Advent Children, and because of that his true potential is still unknown. Our creator, Yoshinori Kitase has said "Sephiroth's existence and will is extremely powerful. There is nothing stronger, nothing above him." So Pyrabutt, meet your demise!" Yuffie sticks her tongue out and Sephiroth shakes his head, slightly bemused.

Imp walked back onstage from behind the protective glass in awe. With Sephiroth pulling off all his moves so quickly it was almost hard to see half the time as the motion trackers had trouble keeping up with Sephiroth's great speed. IT was amazing for all to watch and clips of him slicing the targets played over and over in slow motion ont he giant screens surrounding the arena.

"Wow!" Imp replied to the sizzling arena with dummies strewn everywhere. "That was mighty quick! Very impressive!" Imp continued searching the bodies around him, checking the damage.

"This masamune seems very powerful indeed! However, we'll have to see how strong it is against Pyramid Head's Great Knife! I mean if the masamune is halted by Cloud's sword then I feel the Great Knife may stand up against it..." Just that second after Imp finished, Jill and Ash were spotted in their under garments, coming out with what looked to be his Subway leftovers.

"Hey! Drop that!" Equipping his water pistol, Imp began to chase the two and send spurts of water their way. "Now it is time for Pyramid Head to unleash hell!" He finished before disappearing into the back rooms.

The massive arena was cleaned ina flash by none other than.. the Flash, the amazing yet somewhat gay superhero capable of amazing speed. He has lost his job but was hired as a cleaner by various places including Deadliest Warrior.

With dummies removed and the electronic equipment replaced, it was time for the Pyramid Head gang to step up and present their prowess to the world watching.
Upon seeing her human-like dummies being carried away she fell to her knees in anguish. "NOO!" she screamed. "NOT MY BEAUTIFUL CREATIONS! YOU TOLD ME THEY WERE GOING TO BE USED FOR A PHOTO SHOOT YOU BASTARD!" At that moment she stumbled to her feet and attempted to chase Imp, not succeeding very well due to his long legs and speed.
From the edge of the arena came the slow steady beat of clapping. The Mayor continue clapping as he walked out into the center as the wrecked dummies were cleared.

"Spectacular, stupendous, marvelous. I'm sure all the fangirls and boys are wet with excitement." He ceased clapping he draw a moldy handkerchief from his breast pocket and wiped his forehead clear off the puss oozing from a burst boil. "Such power and you say he has yet to use its full extent. Whats he afraid of, success?"

Ripples of inhuman laughter and screams emanated from the mist shrouded section that housed the supporters of the Silent Hill team and to them the Mayor bowed as a low mist crept along the sand of the arena swirling about as if it were alive, tendrils snaking up the legs of all those who were in the fighting pit.

"Allow me the pleasure of introducing the very worst of your hidden nightmares. The tool you use to express your guilt and punish yourself with. GUILT MANIFEST." he raised his arm palm upwards towards the two gladiators. "THE BUTCHER!"

He turned about holding the mic high above his head, voice booming without its aid. "What, did you think I was calling out the great and terrible Pyramid? NO! I'm saving the best for last, give some of you the chance to escape with your..." he rolled his hand as if thinking for the right word "Sanity intact."

The massive frame of the butcher lurched forward to stand beside the mayor and raised its great cleaver, half-hidden face surveying the crowd its one visible eye piecing their gaze, the hidden, reading their souls.

"Please allow me to introduce the great cleaver, near identical to the great knife carried by PH. Able in their skilled hands to cut a grown man in two without slowing down and shatter almost any other weapon there is no escaping its sweep. Who need all criticals then every blow brings sudden, inescapable, death?"

A dummy rose out of the mists in front of the butcher and in a sudden movement thew up its arms in fear and cowered back. But the butcher stepped forwards jerkily and in perfect imitation of PH and brought his weapon down in a deadly arc and the top half of the dummy went sailing though the air as a terrible scream echoed through the stands. The severed upper half fell to the ground a good distance from the butcher the mist seeming to rise up to embrace it on its final decent.

The mayor smiled at the crowd decaying teeth visible as he took a few step away from the butcher. "Our champions have no need for flight, there is no escaping them once you enter their world and you'll always make sure they find you." More dummies rose up mist palling from then in waves as with another swing the butcher cut through groups of them at a time, some dummies imbued with sentience tried to run but the were never fast enough to escape. Some collapsed onto their knees and seemed to bed but were cut down all the same, but most were frozen in place fear rooting them to the spot.

The mayor smiled. "You can never escape your guilt."

Then the last dummy fell the mayor bowed to the crowd and returned to his seat on the edge of the arena ans the butcher moved away, dragging his cleaver to stand silent sentinel.
"Scary!" Imp spoke into the mic as he examined the slow-motion videos being played in the arena.

"...and that's some brutal chopping right there! Both seem to be pretty good weapons but as we notice, the great knife does seems to be stronger in many ways!" Imp examined both blades through a holographic system that cost them billions on the show.
The astonishing power of both was quite amazing but they needed to settle a sword-breaker; who's blade was strongest!

"Also if we could see Pyramid Head, well... after he's done... doing whatever to that nurse over there, to see him impale some things with his spear. Also if he could, use that well.. not sure what it is." Imp walked up to the Mayor, trying to get around his unbelievable stench. "You know.. that uh, thing he has. the tentacle thing. Not sure what it is so I don't wanna hurt the big guy's feelings, ya know?" Imp was hoping to see that weird tentacle rip off someone's face! A gory yet brilliant sight to his eyes it would be.

"After that has gone, we can have the sword-breaking commence... after I get it all setup for you both!" Imp then walked off stage to let the killing continue...
The mayor smiled at Imp, fetid breath drifting towards him is withing the weeping sore of the burst boil something crawled.

"We'll know hes done then she stops screaming."

It didn't take long, though the final act was obscured by swirling mists, though a flash of something could be seen sliding up into the helmet.

Taking the mic the mayor strode back out into the arena, the pointed face of the pyramidal helmet following his every step. Spear and great knife held loosely. Then with the screeching of metal the warrior jerked forwards to stand beside the mayor.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, beasts and boggarts. Wimps and one Winged ones. I give you the rampant rapist, the faceless horror, more terrible than the butcher and the pride of Silent Hill. Pyramid Head!"

More screams echoed from the stands as Pyramid Head stabbed the ground with his great knife and took the spear in both hands holding it before him tip shaking in anticipation.

"Now we will show you the power of the spear." the mayor's voice echoed through the arena as a zombie rose from the mist. "He prefers flash and blood over dummies, I'm sure you'll understand." The mayor said almost as an afterthought bowing slightly to Imp as with a shriek PH moved forward, jerky movements belying the incredible speed with which he moved. And in a spray of blood and gore he sent the tip of the spear through the zombie's chest lifting it off its feet, impaled and slowly sliding down it's length towards PH's grip.

The large figure kicked out pushing the zombie off of the spear as a winged creature rose from the mist wings beating, form reminiscent of a gargoyle. It hung in place at the exact height Sephiroth did when casting Meteor. Faster than could be seen the spear was tossed up and caught by one hand and hurled. Before anyone saw what happened the gargoyle was nailed to the wall of the arena a wed of cracks and gore splatter surrounding it limp form. It was then that PH picked up his great knife.

"He usually prefers to use his spear up close and personal but I though since Sep flies..." the mayor had unseen sidled up nezt to Imp, and his voice was filled with anticipation of the next demonstration. I new figure rose out of the mist, that of a grown man and in a flash PH's arm shot out, hand wrapping around the man's throat and lifted the man off of his feet. His victim could be seen kicking and struggling against his grip but was unable to break PH's hold, slowly the struggles lessened and then PH stabbed the near unconscious man below the ribcage blade angled up using the bones to support the man's weight as blood and organs spilled out around the blade. Then the blade swung round sending the body lying followed by a red trail that slowly descended into the mist and onother form rose, this time of a nurse, or rather a nurse-like denizen of Silent Hill. She too was grabbed and listed bodily one handed, her hands pinned to her sides, unable to break the his hold.

Slowly something snaked out from under PH's helmet snaking towards the struggling nurse. It seemed to pause for a moment before flashing forwards into her chest. There was no spray of blood out her back and her struggling became more desperate, in inhuman scream filling the air of the arena before the tentacle burst from the top of her head dripping in blood and brainmatter before withdrawing slowly back into the recess of PH's helmet.

The mayor stepped out into the center of the arena and the mist swirled and vanished leaving no trace of the carnage that all had just witnessed. Only the gargoyle remained and PH took his place beside the Butcher.
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With the combination of the wicked tentacle and the impressive spear throwing, Imp felt that Sephiroth may have more to deal with than earlier expected. Imp walks out into the screaming arena of satisfied fans, clapping as he steps into the middle to announce the next and possibly final test.

"Alrighty then!" He muses at himself. "I think... we are nearing the end of this! It has been fun BUT I have decided that we will go ahead and tally up all that we have seen and pit them against each other! The strength in the sword test would be tricky so we shall go on!" The crowd is silent as the applause sign has yet to illuminate thanks to technical difficulties.

The two competitors are brought out and commemorated for their outstanding work in training as well as the parties themselves. As the two come out, the arena begins to expand and the crowd pushed away. It appears things are transforming, it is getting darker and darker...

"For our first battle, we will take the fighters into the depths of Silent Hill!" Rusty chains, barbed wire, and fencing begins to create a cage as walls of metal materialize in the arena. The entire place is turned into massive cubed maze of rusty metal, including a constant sound of chains scraping against the metal, dwarfing any other sounds. Being such a tight space inside the cube would limit the agility of those speedy and make it hard to escape. The two fighters were cut off from the view of the arena as the entire cube was wrapped in a special alloy known to take everything like meteors and also was immune to magic. There was no getting out till one was 'dead'.

It was time now for the battle to begin as everyone was teleported into their assigned locations. Imp and the party members to a nice little suite with a buffet and waiter, Imp was already snacking on some food. Cameras lined the arena for all to see including those in the suites. These cameras were made of high quality and able to withstand everything, even a meteor strike.

"The two warriors are separated from seeing each other, which will give a chance for Sephiroth to understand his surroundings better. Meanwhile Pyramid Head will be waiting in the shadows for his prey. As you know, everyone, we are cut off from getting in there as any support to them will lead to a disqualification. The fight begins now..." Imp tried to look frightening but the food around his lips gave everyone a different thought.