Dead things on the road.

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  1. What is the most disgusting/weirdest looking dead animal you've seen or heard about on the road?

    For me, there was a cow carcass in the middle of the road that people kept running over, because it was one of the main roads and the carcass and guts began being everywhere on the road... -_____-

    Also I've heard of a dead alligator on the side of the road...

  2. Bear. A full grown black bear. Mess only rivaled by a moose. But the moose's mess was mostly on that poor guy's car.
  3. I once saw a Peacock dead on the road.
  4. Easter is canceled.

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    Don't know who originally took this photo. It amuses me, though, in a macabre sort of way.
  5. Blue whale.
  6. Bison x_X

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  8. A deer with all of its guts slewed all over the road.
  9. I saw a squashed rat before on the sidewalk once. It was completely flatten. Really nasty.

    Then, more recently, there was a dead bird. Pretty much wounded all over its body as well. Makes you think what sick depression caused the trigger of their masochistic nature like that.
  10. I see a lot, though they're often cats, rats, dogs, and birds. Nothing else.

    Dog carcasses are usually fresh on the road when I drive by and see one.
  11. An actual person. A teenage girl. No joke.

    It was really terrible.
  12. Jumi..... Wow...
    That's great. XDDD (sorry, but I think that's funny) ^_^ A dead teenage girl on the side of the road. ^^

    October: A peacock!? O_O That's different... >>;
    Alan: Awesome picture! XDDDDD Dead Estah Bunnah! XDDD <333 looks like the one I scared my step brother with. Teehee~ <3
  13. Alexander
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  14. A moose.

    And Santa with his reindeers, BUZZ SLEDDING IS DRUNK SLEDDING, KIDZ!
  15. It didn't die, but a dog got hit right in front of me...
    It flew over the truck in front of us went over our car and landed on the side of the road... It just got up and walked away like nothing happened...
    I wanted to go see if it was okay, but wasn't able to... D:
  16. Ok, so i was driving home on Monday and I saw a baby Black bear dead on the freeway. Sad and at the same time unusual.
  17. Gibs, but then he got up and walked away, I guess he was just taking a nap.
  18. A family of possums when I was 8...I was scared that they were just playing dead, but nope... T_T
  19. Right now the only two animals that I have seen dead on the road are squirrels and raccoons, the squirrel made me sick because its blood and guts on the road, not sure if it was fresh or not but still it was only one time that I felt sick looking at it. That was my first and only time that I felt sick from looking at one I just got use to seeing them on the road with blood and guts all over the road.