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Dead things on the road.

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Lovie, Jun 23, 2010.

  1. What is the most disgusting/weirdest looking dead animal you've seen or heard about on the road?

    For me, there was a cow carcass in the middle of the road that people kept running over, because it was one of the main roads and the carcass and guts began being everywhere on the road... -_____-

    Also I've heard of a dead alligator on the side of the road...

  2. I am thinking of that.
  3. I once saw a Peacock dead on the road.
  4. This is not dead, I have just been extemely busy.
  5. Blue whale.
  6. Bison x_X

  7. Character Sheets

    Date: February 5, 2018

    News: We are now in the Character Sheet phase. Everyone must post at least one character at some point this week, as we cannot jump into IC until then. I plan to start the IC Friday afternoon, so please keep that in mind.

    Stay gucci.

  8. Name: Amadeus Solom

    Age (18-25): 22

    : Male

    (Human, Arbomite, or Amalgy): Amalgy

    Sexuality (Optional): Heterosexual

    Personality: Amadeus is a happy soul outwardly, always looking on the positive views, and tends to stay neutral when it comes to politics. He appears to be naive, but he has a mentality of trust no one, no matter how long he may have known them. Amadeus has had his heart broken more than once, and finds it difficult to create relationships with others. That does not mean he is not social, he just prefers keeping to himself, and he constantly has anxiety about those around him.

    If he does manage to create a relationship with an individual, he is quite caring, sentimental, somewhat sarcastic, and loves to have a good laugh. He has sadness and bitterness within him, which nips his conscience and mind raw. His behavior can be somewhat erratic, changing from quiet and composed to impulsive and rash. He generally is patient, but can snap if pushed to his limit. He does not appear to have a temper, but he does have a nasty rage if pushed hard enough.

    History (At least 3 sentences): Amadeus was not a planned child. His mother, an Arbomite, had been a devout follower of the Ordinance Infinity Church. She believed firmly in the Idneus Seed, and held a deep hatred for humans which could only have been explained by her irrational fear of them. She feared those which were different from her, and, what was worse, she became pregnant by a human male.

    Amadeus was born nine months after his mother's encounter with his father, who he had never met. Amadeus was told that he was a mistake, having been conceived by trickery. Amadeus had never been informed how his mother had been deceived, but he knew two things, it was consensual and that his mother despised having human DNA within her child.

    She made sure Amadeus knew how much he was unwanted. To make matters worse, she attempted to drag him into the Church, which he protested against. He could not find it within him to preach such things he found so horrid. Surely, he believed, if there was a deity, he would prove to be much kinder towards those without the Idneus seed. He sneaked his way out of the Church just before the Purge of Terror. He had ran off, found a human female, and, sure enough, he formed a bond that was quite strong and, despite not knowing what love was at the time, Amadeus was fairly certain he had fell straight into it.

    The Purge occurred, but Amadeus was not there to protect his beloved and her family. That was the day he decided to attempt to patch things up with his mother, who had went full force when the Purge of Terror occurred. Amadeus was crushed as he had lost both of his loved ones in one day, one to the slaughter, and the other to her punishment. Amadeus has not found an affiliation to help mend his heart, neither finding it in his heart to be with Unity or the Church. He is still in his mourning, not sure how he should live anymore.

    Photo: [​IMG]

    Appearance: Amadeus stands at 6'4, his skin is a light blue. He has multiple freckles speckled across his face, he has a few scars all over his body from his mother's treatment, most of which reside on his arms and cheeks. His hair is never well kept, and his eyes are an ever changing grey.

    Other (Optional):


    Theme Song:

  9. I saw a squashed rat before on the sidewalk once. It was completely flatten. Really nasty.

    Then, more recently, there was a dead bird. Pretty much wounded all over its body as well. Makes you think what sick depression caused the trigger of their masochistic nature like that.
  10. Alena cross her arms and huff, “So? Everyone is the same to you anyway. What’s another fleeting mortal who gave you more than one child.” Alena’s eyes had a flash of hurt behind all her anger.
  11. Uluro

    To some cryostasis was a leap of faith. Travelling through the vast emptiness of space, frozen and unaware, was a frightening prospect for many. There were too many things to go wrong, too many questions about the meaning and the essence of life stilled in near perfect zero. Uluro had calculated and mapped the route his frozen body would make from Herata IV to the GTG Pyrrhus, and measured it in time spent and distance traveled. He had meditated before sleep, focusing his mind on those details of his journey to ensure that any minds touching his in transit would be met with a psionic luggage tag. When it was time to for him to ship off-world to his next employer Uluro simply laid down, closed his eyes, and leapt.

    The cold crept in on him so quickly that he could hardly hear the cryo-tech's voice counting backwards from ten. Then the blackness to which he had become accustomed swallowed him entirely. Time ceased passing for the Navigator, and he waited in silence for the moment of his awakening.
  12. Tavi

    Capable of storing twice the ship’s standard crew at once, Pyrrhus’s Icebox was designed to only decant one passenger at a time. Per standard ship’s protocol the first crewmember to be awoken - and the only one to enjoy the dubious joys of the entirely automated resurrection process - was Jalotaveiianh Macheis C'eira. Dr C’eira. Tavi. The ash blonde Auroun was extracted from the Box by two extensible robotic arms, then laid out bare on the treatment table. On automatic revival the table emitted spreading pulses of heat beneath each of her chakras until finally shocking her the rest of the way awake with a combination of electricity and cold steel. With trained medical staff roused, dressed and on deck the male Ku’Rhom Vin'Salhoum had a somewhat gentler experience.

    "...four, three, two, one... and good morning Mr Vin'Salhoum." The treatment table extended to support the full length of the navigator's body, and the ripples of heat were already stirring the blood through his veins. As he came to awareness, she stroked firmly but gently up his chest and throat to the underside of his chin, promoting the recovery and reactivation of his tissue. She continued, waiting patiently until he was able to look her directly in her crimson eyes. The Auroun was a picture of professional expertise, her hair tied back in a knotted braid as she smiled fractionally down at the prostate sentient. "How are you feeling?"
  13. Alexander
    I laughed at her teasing and shake my head
    "I see." I say
    "Well glad you think i am so smart." I then say and chuckled. I mean it was mostly thanks to my uncle I knew all this stuff.
    "I see that is true you guys are kinda the same person? I guess..." I say as I honestly didn't know how the whole two people one body worked.

    I kept reading..i looked at him and made sure he had been able to read before turning the page. I kept reading and this book seemed interesting.

    (When..if i ever get the chance i have some drawings to catch up on)
    He still held me and said but I liked it as he held me close.
    "Alright.." i say and smiled. It was nice he was still worried about me even though he teased me," I don't mind. I will let you know though."
  14. Blizzard

    "Fair enough. If I were him I would have just tried to go off the grid as best as I could and not bring the trouble of them back into my life." She frowned. That's basically what she did when she got out of her situation. Did she regret it? She saw no reason to.
  15. It didn't die, but a dog got hit right in front of me...
    It flew over the truck in front of us went over our car and landed on the side of the road... It just got up and walked away like nothing happened...
    I wanted to go see if it was okay, but wasn't able to... D:
  16. Ok, so i was driving home on Monday and I saw a baby Black bear dead on the freeway. Sad and at the same time unusual.
  17. Gibs, but then he got up and walked away, I guess he was just taking a nap.
  18. A family of possums when I was 8...I was scared that they were just playing dead, but nope... T_T
  19. Right now the only two animals that I have seen dead on the road are squirrels and raccoons, the squirrel made me sick because its blood and guts on the road, not sure if it was fresh or not but still it was only one time that I felt sick looking at it. That was my first and only time that I felt sick from looking at one I just got use to seeing them on the road with blood and guts all over the road.