Dead Muse means new Muse? Where do YOU get your Muse?

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  1. My Muse is pretty much dead. There was a death twitch and then it just kinda gave up and rotted on the floor of my brain. Which was pretty much terrible as you can imagine. So my question to you, dear readers is this; where do you get your Muse?

    I'm in need of a new Muse, one that perhaps isn't so old. Mine was born as a character in 1998 and I just never upgraded, satisfied with what I had.

    Where is your Muse from? Do you share your Muse with other people? Do you have a different Muse for different things? Do you even have a Muse? When your Muse is dead, do you trade them in for a newer shinier model down at the Muse-store or do you desperately try to revive it? Perhaps you recycle or compost your Muse!

    Whatever it is you do, tell me about it! I want to know. ... Now, if you'll excuse me I'm doing to bag up this Muse carcass until you fine people tell me what I should do with it.
  2. I'd have to say Video games play a HUUUUGE part in inspiring me.
    Then there is Music, Literature, and the internet.

    My muse enjoys happy things like rainbows and sunshine. Romance and the final frontier into outer space, she loved the autumn breezes and poetry that rhymed and none could make her smile like the mad hatter and his friend the March Hare.

    But what she loved most about this happy things were the trials they went through, developing an "empathy" for villains of the stories she read. all that was happy and bright was tested by the darkness and if it survived, it was praised by her.

    My muse came to me in the form of a little girl, who, every now and again can be rather morbid and enjoy the darker and more sinister twists.

    she was born from Brothers Grim fairy tales, and Aesope's fables. The things Russian and German folklore is made of, the darkest and most unpredictable turns of learning life lessons before one's time, and Everything it takes to overcome Life's abysmal and creeping nothingness.

    I draw much inspiration from an inner child, but Other than myself? or the things I choose to do?


    and all of the Muses running rampant across our corner of the internet.
    all of you are rather inspiring to me
    and if you don't believe me
    Just go take a look at my artwork and you'll see the gradual change in confidence from the time I joined to now.
    I think this entire community has made me a better, happier, balanced, Writer, Musician, and Artist.

    All I needed was a community and a place to belong, with kind friends and a chance to be part of something bigger than just myself. It made the world of difference. I have so many muses I don't know what to do with myself anymore

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  3. I'm not sure that what shocked my Muse back into existence is such a good thing, but it had been dead for quite awhile. Several real life things kept going wrong over this winter, and then a betrayal just before I came stumbling into Iwaku got me back into a creative spin. Though it started with a lot of really depressing character posts on another forum, lol x_X

    On a more useful note. Various books and shows I like have helped my Muse along on many occasions. Here, on Iwaku, there's a lot of stuff people post on the forum or talk about in chat that gets my creative gears churning.

    Sometimes a song can kick my Muse in the butt.

    Not sure if this helped at all. I suck at finding the words to explain these things x_X
  4. I get my muse from music most of the time. I listen to marty Robbins a lot, so I get inspired. Also, my muse comes somewhere from within my own demented mind.
  5. My muse doesn't exist. I live in a perpetual state of writers block and the only thing that keeps me writing is stubborn-ness and gratitude towards the people that write back to me. I don't have a muse and, if I'm honest, writing is more an exercise in measuring my personal motivation as it is an expression of my enjoyment of writing.

    This is really suprising/interesting to me.
    To me, Videogames are a massive time and creativity sink.
    I love videogames, but they have more of a soporific effect on my writing than anything else.
    For example, when dark souls 2 comes out next month I'm going to have to have all my characters take naps or something, because It's going to completely eat up all of my writing time for a couple of days.

    Note to self: Send Seth a bunch of music, stories and forum chatter if he ever stops posting.
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  6. Your muse isn't dead.
    Your muse still goes strong.
    it's still in your head,
    prepared, all along.

    Your muse doesn't write,
    doesn't think, doesn't fuss,
    your muse is a fight,
    'tween motivation and laziness.

    Your sword is your stubborness
    Without inspiration, to thrive,
    If the words don't flow freely
    Fuck it, DO IT LIVE!
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  7. My dreams inspire most of my stories, characters, and ideas. I have a lot of fucked up nightmares, but I've had some epic good dreams too. Some of my successful roleplays have been based on dreams I've had, as a matter of fact. Not sure why or how this works, but it does. The dreams themselves, I imagine, are from books I read and movies I watch.
  8. Pig, I'd have to agree with you for the most part. I usually get in a mood where I really want to write, but have no initial idea in which motivated me or inspired me into that mood.

    I love reading and movies, especially adventure and eccentrics; bold and the odd, fantasy and the sci-fi. I would love to write and publish my own novel or series of novels, but I just don't have a real idea of what to write. That's the main reason I joined here. Perhaps the constant writing will help my creative writing skills and I'll find my "muse" through hard work and determination!

    Plus, its neat when you sit down and start writing, without any idea of where you're going or what you're writing about, and you end up with pages of stuff, and it starts to build into a pretty decent story.
  9. Just read that and thought it related nicely to the topic.
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  10. That entirely depends on what games you are playing. All I play are old games, nothing beyond SNES. And it is most likely because I play the game through a creators eyes and not characters. Old Video games left a lot up to the imagination, unlike today's VG's that take 70~90+ hours of gameplay, the older stuff you can beat in a few hours move on to the next game, with enough skill/knowledge. Video game even today could do it for me if I could just get my them lol.
  11. I normally turn to either random landscapes/architecture images on deviantART, or I search through YouTube for music.

    But not just any music, oh no. I normally search for music that has as few lyrics as possible. Something that flows through and sets me in the same emotion and mindset as my character. This allows me to better judge what s/he should be doing at the time and what actions should be taken next.

    The channels I usually turn to are:

    But when those fail and I just need that kick in the rear?

  12. My muses are all based in emotion. I need to go into a highly emotional state at least once a month, and try to keep that state of mind with me as I write. Sadness, joy, awe, anger, love... almost anything will do, but it's gotta be strong, then it's gotta be MAINTAINED.
    If all else fails, though, I can usually get into the mood to write something dramatic with a pretty heavy fate-emphasis if I:
    • Clear my mind, stop thinking for a little bit and just meditate.
    • Watch the opening scene from Up.
    • Watch Mufasa's death scene.
    • Then the one where he comes back in the sky to remind Simba of who he is.
    • Cry.
    • Put on some epic music (Florence & the Machine, Linkin Park, certain Blue October, anything that feels like the soundtrack to a great movie).
    • Start writing.
  13. Pot helps, but isn't necessary.
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