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  1. Welcome to a post-apocalyptic world of blood, death and zombies. In this world the dead walk the earth again, people call them the Risen. It has been two years sense it's beginning, and few settlements have survived. But in this world, the only thing worse than the Risen, are the people.

    Character sheets are set up like this:
    Weapons:(limit to 2 in the beginning)
    Brief history:

    The only thing left to say is survive.
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  2. Jon looked out from his post, this was his punishment from what he had done a couple of days ago and he didn't care. He killed off several risen, but in doing so he killed a few civilians as well. To him, it was a good day, but to everyone else it was a terrible crime. So now he has been forced to watch the perimeter and nothing else, none of his regular tools, only a simple guard's rifle. " went through all that just to end up here? Bullshit!"
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  3. My bike was running low on gas. Good news Im still alive, bad news I am in a city. I try to avoid city's as much as possible but this time I had no choice. I got off my bike and hid it, I took out a tube and put it in my back pack, I also took out my plastic 5 gallon canister. I began to look at cars with no luck. I finally found a car. It was in a old car it had 3 gallons left in it, my lucky day. I then realized that it would be dark soon. I looked and found a small building to squat in for the night.

    I saw a small drug store, it'll do for the night. I walked up and began to pick the lock. I finished and opened the door. The alarm began to sound.
    "SHIT!" I exclaimed and began to run for it. I had only one hope, where there is power there is a settlement.

    I began to run to my bike. I turned the corner to a horde of undead, is I saw them they saw me. This is really not my day. I drew my axe and Kurkuri droping the gas I had just salvage and I began to run for the forest behind me. A undead stood in front of me. I made quick work of it by choping off its head with my axe. I keeper running, I could hear there twisted moans close behind me soddenly I reached a gate.
    "Please let me in" I asked
    One of the guards yelled back at me "why should I?"
    "I have trade if you need it"

    The same guard asked "what do you have in the way of medicine" I quickly pulled out aspirin, "you get this when I get in." I yelled back. A rope ladder fell in fount of me.
    "Hurry yelled the guard" they didn't have to tell me twice, I quickly climbed the ladder to my salvation.
  4. Ari sat by the ledge of the building, looking into the alleyway beneath her. It was clear, no one or rather nothing in sight but it was getting late. She turned to look at the door, the only sensible way onto and off of the roof, but it was barricaded. Lengths of wood, old chains, anything she could find lying around that was of use held the door in place. She brought her knife closer to her at the memory of the first night she had stayed up on a building rooftop. She would rather not have things sneak up on her if she was sleeping.

    She peered back over the edge making up her mind. It was getting colder lately, and it had rained not too long ago. All her efforts to stay alive would just mean nothing if she died of sickness. She needed to find something, anything that would provide an extra layer of protection for her, from the weather. Ari pulled her hood over her head, covering the curly mess of dark brown hair and stood up and cautiously threw one leg over the ledge.

    Ari had taken to using the fire escape as her main way of coming and going but with the incident of the roof door she had quickly come to the realization that if she could use it so could others. She took five screws out of her pocket, and one by one began to place them into the holes in the metal ladder. It had taken her god knows how long to get them out in the first place, but it was a precaution. If anyone tried to climb it the ladder would fall and so would they. And the dead could not climb, well she had not seen any attempt it so she was assuming. Deeming them tight enough she slid the ladder down and cursed.

    The ladder only went down halfway. It was stuck. "Just what I needed." The distance was not that great to mean broken bones if she jumped, but she didn't want to jump. She would at most get a sprained ankle if she landed wrong, Ari went down the ladder anyway. Once she got to the last rung she stopped. Looking down and then back up she sighed, and slowly let her feet hang off. She knew she would not be able to hang on for long so counted to three before she let go.

    There was a second of free fall and then she landed hard on her back. Ari grimaced at the slight pain in her back. She turned her head to look at the allyway opening, still clear, she did not get up, her arms spread on both sides of her she remained on the floor. There was silence, nothing but silence since she had been on her own. Everyone else had gone, getting out of the city or becoming infected. She had almost forgotten the sound of her own voice.

    She rose off of the ground, dusting herself off, and flinched at the stinging of her back. She could not afgord to waste anymore time so she positioned herself against the wall and crept forward. If anything she would just dart back to the fireescape and pull the ladder up. She looked out of the alley way checking both sides before she ran out and ducked behind a nearby car. She made a habit out of looking into the windows, for things left behind. But she never walked out in the open, too many risks.
  5. Bjorn was walking down an empty road when he saw something or some one move be hind a car, He pushes his bandanna down from over his mouth and says "Howdy There. Friend or Foe?" he slowly approaches the car one hand hovering over his colt pistol.
  6. Danni walks through the abandoned mall with a straight face. She wears her usual awesome red shirt and black skinny jeans with an addition of her sunglasses. She pulls a bottle of apple juice out of her bag and pops the cap. 'Apple juice even the puppets arent as awesome as this, but god those puppets are like a magestic porkchop so aggressively magestic that a 3 legged unicorn with 2 horns couldnt be any more cool.' She has a sniper on her back and a katana at her side. A zombie then unfortunately passes by her and she smirks. "hey zombie i got the sickest beatsssssss." The zombie then proceeded to face the coolness of danni. "Do you have any objections bitchhhhhh." She then proceeds to take her cool katana and slice the head off. She then fixes her sunglasses like a badass and walks off.
  7. Through her scavenging Ari had found a small plastic tarp and ripped upholstery from a car. She could suspend the tarp with some string to keep a section of the roof dry if it rained. And the leather covered some to most of her. Her hands were still red from all the pulling and ripping she'd done to fully seperate it from the car. She kept her knife at the ready, looking over her shoulder every few seconds. With her findings hugged in her arms she began to make her way back to her roof.

    She was only three blocks away when she was spotted. She heard a voice to the side of her and she momentarily froze, feeling like a deer in the headlights of a car. Her head snapped over to the voice only to see a man. He had a bandana tied around his neck and a gun in his hand. Ari did not catch the words he said, only worrying that she had been caught. Her heart began to violently beat in her chest. If this whole chaotic thing with the dead had taught her anything, it was that people could be just as crazy as the dead. Hazel eyes connected with his and then back to the direction of the alleyway. She could make it and lose him right? She was fast, she would get away.

    All she saw was the gun, what if he tried to kill her. Or take her stuff. She looked back at him one more time before she broke into a sprint for the alleyway. She hated being on her own yes, but her siblings deaths proved that she could not trust everyone, she couldn't take the chance. She thought about dropping the stuff. It was weighing her down and causing her to trip a little, but she needed it. All she had to do was make it back to the ladder and pull it up, then she would be safe. Her heart lurched. She did not know if he was in pursuit, she just focused on getting to her roof. Her alleyway was coming into sight.
  8. Bjorn calls out as he runs to catch up with her "hey its ok im not gona hurt you im friendly come back!"
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