Dead Animosity

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  1. @Archwar That chart is accurate... you just need to add the word expected amount and that's it.
  2. Not quite every day, but it seems that when professionally, I find myself in a place of employment that is decidedly "un-Christian", I try to persevere and not give in to being like everyone else; whether it be gossip/rumor mongering, unethical behavior, unprofessional language, etc. I try to show them all better way, a more valued way... though it never gets seen or given any attention by others.

    Then, in each instance, I believe God took me from those places and put me in a better place.
  3. Harmony giggles, "Aren't you sweet."
  4. "Because you're warm."
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  5. XD

    Maybe in a non-canon fanfic or something. Maybe, lol.

    I saw something about that yesterday and was like "March can't get here fast enough wai?! ;A;"

    Edit: Cause I remember telling my dad about the Nintendo Switch and showing him the trailer for it and he was like "you want it?" and I shrugged and was like "yeh" and he said "alright"

    Knowing him that's either a maybe, yes, or we'll see.
  6. Astorath smiled and looked over at Melody.
  7. "Of course."
  8. "Your mother is normal-ish."
  9. Evelyn picked up the coffee pot, holding it in the kitchen light and squinting at the bits of hair that seemed to float in the stale liquid. The coffee smelled like vomit - no wonder Chase was so cranky these days.

    Putting the pot in the sink, she opened the fridge, leaning over it as she smoked. It was the standard tapestry of the single man - half-finished leftovers, cold pizza and some rancid abomination that was once an apple pie experiment. She pushed her way past the old Chinese cartons and picked out two beers.

    "This place could use a woman's touch," she called out as Chase ran water in the bathroom. "If she had a flamethrower..."

    She continued peering into the fridge as a loud thud sounded from the bathroom, followed the sound of Chase falling over. "WHAT THE FUCK!?"

    "You just found the toilet brush?" she asked, closing the fridge and rummaging through the shelves for a bottle-opener. Finally she found one and headed back into the main room, cracking open the bottles and putting out her cigarette on a ashtray she had brought him for his last birthday.

    For me, when I come round, she had told him as he unwrapped the present.

    Evelyn stood by the couch, arching her back as she took a swig and let the cool liquid slide over her lips and down her throat. It was going to be a hot day - she could tell - and another roasting night to follow. How could anyone get any work done these days? Thank god Chase was here to keep her occupied, or she'd have to go out and find some other piece of a...

    Evelyn paused, lowering the bottle and looking towards the half-open bathroom door.

  10. The old man laughed.

    "Really? In the middle of the surgery?" Victor nodded emphatically,
    "Yeah, I turn away to get a needle, when I look back, the man is staring at me! From . I'm standing, I can watch his heart beat.
    Even through 10ml of anesthesia, he's stayed awake!" Victor threw his hands up in the air for emphasis. His father leaned forward, "Wonder where that nurse works now!" Before bursting into raucous laughter. Victor smiled viciously, but the old man was too far gone to notice the element of malice in his eyes. It took a while, but after a fit of cackling, he recovered slightly, wiping tears from his eyes.
    "Oh, whew, that was" Victor smiled indulgently.
    "Refill, father?" The old man shook his head, and stood up, wobbling slightly.
    "Eh, had enough already. My liver will be whining in the morning." He walked away from the rich mahogany desk where he had accumulated his millions. Victor stood.
    He's going out on the balcony!, Victor thought he was gonna make this easy! His father walked out, pushing the drapes aside.

    Victor snagged the wine bottle opener and went after him...

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    [nomedia=""]YouTube- Max Payne [OS"]400 Bad Request[/nomedia] (OOC-)Totally stole Feed's idea. :D(-OOC)

    "Victor." A voice woke him from his reverie. He sat up on the couch, eyes wide. He cast about the room, spotting the tail-end of a familiar gray coat disappear around his bathroom doorway. Frowning in disbelief, he stood up. Too quickly, as black raced across his vision, and his head swam. Groaning, Victor staggered towards the bathroom. He kicked the ajar door open.

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    Beyond lay, instead of his bathroom, a flickering hallway, of some storage rental. Victor stood there, stunned. He took a step forward, and the door behind him slammed unexpectedly. He jumped, before turning around.
    "Victor..." The voice rolled out the "o", elongating the name. It was rough, masculine.

    The voice of his father.

    Victor snarled. I killed you! Stay dead and stop bothering me you cantankerous motherfucker! He started forward, following the voice as it repeated his name once again. Fury smothered any caution. Striding forward, a left, a right, another right. There were no landmarks, nothing to distinguish the endless hallways from one another. Not that Victor cared, he followed the voice left, right, straight, yet it always stayed ahead of him. He began to run, his boots left on after a careless night of drinking making echoing 'Clack!' noises on the tile floor.

    Eventually, he rounded a turn, and the hallway ahead of him flickered again and went dark. Victor stopped, unsure.
    "Victor..." The voice called to him from the hallway.
    "Shut the fuck up already!" Victor hollered. The light flickered uncertainly, illuminating a figure briefly, but it was from father down the hall, back lighting the man, hiding his features. It went dark once more.

    "There is something I don't understand..." The light switched on, and there stood his father, wine opener jutting from his chest, his shirt caked with blood.

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    Victor sat up, rubbing his eyes. A wine bottle tumbled off his chest as he did so. Not a drop was spilled. He groaned, head pounding away the remnants of his nightmare. Today was going to blow, he could tell already...
  11. "Oh my god, he was SO cute! Do you think he's single?" Becca was chirping on as Robin unlocked the apartment door and let them both inside. "I mean, he's not like too old or anything right? Sixteen is legal in this state, not that I want to have sex with him or anything, but he was smokin' hot."

    Robin was rolling her eyes as she crossed over the old dingy carpet to head towards the tiny kitchenette. Some of the apartments in the building were fine examples of high class living - hers was not. The linolium on the floor was peeling up in some places, and she was pretty sure the appliances were dated back to the 70s based on the weird shade of avocado green they were all colored.

    "Hey Mom, Dad? We're back from the store!" Robin called out, dropping the bags on the counter. "Damnit, Becca stop messing with your purse and turn on the lights." A snort was her little sister's reply, but the lights flickered on a moment later. "Becca, are you going to help me put up this stuff, or what?"

    Becca had already plopped on the soda with her feet propped up on the coffee table. She was shuffling her deck of tarot cards. "Jeeze, I'm on vacation. It's not that mu- Gods! See, Robin, AGAIN. Death card!" Becca leaned forward holding up the tarot card in the air and waving it around over her head.

    Robin only cast a brief look before she resumed putting away groceries. "Oh no. We're doomed." Laughing under her breath, she dropped a few cans up in a cabinet. "Can you go see if Mom and Dad are taking a nap? They don't have a key for the door, so I don't think they left."

    With a whaaateeeever grumbled in the kitchen's direction, Becca was back on her feet and heading for the bedroom. A flick of the light switch showed an empty room and perfectly made bed. Becca twitched up her nose as she tiptoed over to the bathroom door and gave a knock. Without an answer she peeked inside. It was empty too. She was about to step back out when something gurgled up from the bathtub. Curious, she stepped inside to see. Black and gooey, the stuff was oozing up out of the drain and had already covered part of the bottom.

    "Eeeew, there's some nasty stuff in your tub! Sick!"

    For a minute Robin thought the 'nasty stuff' was their parents, but with Becca still in there gagging about it, she couldn't help but abandon the kitchen to have a look. "The hell are you talking about? Mom and Dad aren't here?" She saw for herself that they weren't, but their absence was quickly forgotten by the sight of the goop in her bath tub! Christ, first the elevators fucking up and now the plumbing too!

    Robin stomped back in to the kitchen to snatch the phone off the cradle and call up Maintenance. She cringed when a shrieking static hit her hears instead of the expected dial tone. Before she hung it up, there was something else. Her name? Mom? Robin pulled the phone back up to her ear. "Hello?"


    "Ho-kay." Now she knew what Becca was blabbering on about with the phone. Yet another thing she had to complain about to maintenance. She dropped the phone back on the hook. "Becca, I'm gonna go talk to Chase again. Stay here in case in case Mom and Dad get back."

    "ALONE? No way!" Becca had returned to the kitchen, now stomping her foot with annoyance. "This place is totally freaky! Look, that stuff is coming up out of the sink now too!" Just like she said, now the black goop was slowly oozing up out of the kitchen sink as well.

    "No! They can't get in without a key and I'm not leaving the door unlocked so some wacko can sneak in and steal my DVDs. I'll back, okay?" Before Becca went and pitched a temper tantrum, Robin escaped out the door quick to get a hold of Chase or some other dope from Maintenance.