DC Universe: Rudy Jones (Deserves Better)

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☆DC Universe: Rudy Jones, Parasite (Superman the Animated Series and Justice League)

I have been watching a lot of DC cartoons lately, and I would love to have someone play Parasite, AKA, Rudy Jones. I want to make him a regular partner in crime that only joined the Legion of Doom for him. She's a magic based villainess who does petty crimes and can put others into a trance with her spells. She utilizes liminal spaces and despite her dark clothes, she dons a cupcake staff.
Most think that she and Rudy are an item, even though they deny it like what they do isn't suspicious (Big spinning hugs, happy to see each other, piggyback rides, etc.). Rudy wears gloves sometimes so he can't devour the energy of his fellow Doom Legion co workers, depending on where he is. However, despite everything, Rudy is absolutely spoiled rotten.
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