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  1. So, I'm looking for 5 - 10 people who would be interested in doing a AU DC universe RP. A universe where there's a Gotham without a Batman, where Krypton's last son never did hit that cornfield in Kansas. Where we take all of the prospects of the DC universe, and make it our own, unique story, without having to make any connections to individuals who belongs in the canon story.

    Depending on the group and what kind of characters everyone fancy playing, I will create a more in depth story. Should be noted I'm looking to make a linear RP, not very Sandbox-y.
  2. You know me serjo, I'm always up for DC.
  3. DC sounds nice. A good chance to make a Deathstroke inspired character, sort of. Considering he's one of my favorite villain. Can I be a villain?
  4. Alright fine I'll join... BUT I WON'T LIKE IT... I MEAN I WILL... BUT I WON'T LIKE OUTWARDLY LIKE IT.
  5. Dude, I'll totally join! I've got several possible characters up if you get this rolling.
  6. We'll see. I haven't decided on a coherent plot yet. We could create our own justice league, titan team, heck, if everyone would be on board, we could all play villains, like a secret society.
  7. I am totally down to join! I've been wanting to do some DC roleplay anyway since Ive started reading the 2003 TT comic run anyway!
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  8. I'm always interested in a DC RP. And I usually am a big fan of one of the Titans obviously. But I'm cool with villains as well so let me know what the plot maybe and I'll pick a character based from that.
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