DC-based vigilantism.

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Yhu Narukami

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So, a friend and I had gotten into discussing heroes, and we soon after began devising potential superpowered characters; ones of a more balanced variety -- We decided to do an rp that involves action, heavy character development, and a touch of slice-of-life.

We're currently still plotting out a beginning to what will eventually become a series of adventures and events within a story of vigilantes/tyrants/villains.

We are pulling an all too familiar cliche here though - that being every participant will have to be an adolescent (15-19) in order to join.

If you're still interested after reading this far, provide your character's profile below. Name, age, gender, powers with sufficient intel on each ability, and lastly a single selection between virtues: "By the books", "As I see fit", or "The wicked must be punished".
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