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  1. ^^ I'm just looking for some more roleplays based off of dbz. Anyone interested?

    The sound of splattering liquid hit the cold, hard ground. It was the sound of death echoing throughout the dead quiet town. Yet another life had been pluked from Earth's surface. A silhouette of what appeared to be a girl hovered over the ground before landing carefully in place. Her pink-majenta eyes gleamed beneath the moonlight as she peered around anxiously at her doing. She appeared to be pink and alien-like in a cute way. Her innocent expression was sure to be false, considering the fact that crimson stained part of her face and most of her hands. Within her right hand, she held a small chocolate bar. Sweets were most definately something she couldn't live without. Never.
    Her right hand lifted the chocolate to her mouth and she broke off a piece with her mouth, still looking around at her work. "I should've blown this place up as soon as I had arrived. . . maybe I'm wrong. . " Dead bodies lay scattered upon the floor and as she began walking about, her eyes caught glimpse of yet another person up ahead. It appeared to be the shadow of a man. within his right hand; a long double-edged sword. Her eyes watched him and she smiled sweetly towards him. "What have you done?" the man studdered out. "You've killed everyone. . adults, families. . . .children!" Ayumi simply giggled and took another bite from the sweet treat. "They took my candy. I asked but no one would give it to me. Do you have a problem?" The man took a fighting stance and with that, the girl pointed towards the man. At the tip of her finger, a faint light came into view. Before he were to react, the sound of a launching beam shot across the cobblestone path and struck the man within the center of his chest. His eyes peered towards her one last time before all life was drained from his body. He fell with a thud and with that, a pool of blood formed beneath him. "Aw. . . no need to fret. . I only wanted what I came here for." Another sweet giggle slipped from her lips as she pressed on, leaving the destroyed town behind her. Was there anyone else around? Even she did not know.

    ~That's basically what I'm capable of doing ^^
    ~I love semi para to para. It makes things more interesting
    ~This may be a starter if you'd like ^^ I hope it's interesting >///< bleh. .
    ~pm or thread ^^ it's your choice

    I'd love for you to have fun while roleplaying with me ^O^ I wouldn't want you getting bored or anything. (so just avoid letting our characters get engaged in a long conversation heh)
Thread Status:
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