Dawn of War III Gameplay Trailer

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  1. Did they change Gabe's VA again? *sigh*

    Thoughts? Reactions?​
  2. <Sega

    Pretty much that.

    Although in all seriousness?

    The trailer showed very little actually. It showed that the game physically exists, that it has some decent looking graphical fidelity, that all of that talk about "making the battlefield more readable" was a load of horseshit because there's so many effects in the pre-alpha stage that it's already hard to follow what's going on... They changed Gabriel Angelos' VA again and I hate to be that guy, but, I don't like the new voice. They used the same song in the first trailer in this trailer I noticed: Always a great sign when they're already recycling sound resources. They showed nothing of the base building they talked about, they showed off abilities that already existed in all of the previous titles save for the titan, which... Looks to be exactly what I thought it would be: A copy-paste clone of Dark Crusade/Soulstorm end game super units. (Ex: The Giant Tau Doom Chicken.) So basically, giant stat-block units that may have one or two AOE smackdown abilities to break a siege.

    So... Basically... Absolutely nothing in this trailer shows me stuff that I can't already do with Dark Crusade or Soulstorm. Both of which have more playable races (DC's got Space Marines, Orks, Eldar, Tau, Imperial Guard, Necrons, and Chaos, Soulstorm has those + Sisters of Battle and BDSM fetishists Dark Eldar), and are much cheaper.


    Not looking so good so far.


    Alfabusa in the comments section made a good point that it looks a lot like a MoBA. I got a similar feeling. The battlefield corridors there feel really small for the army sizes they're touting (which, again, the army sizes there don't look all that impressive compared to DC or Soulstorm). Hm... Hopefully they'll show actual gameplay in a future trailer.
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  3. ^A lot of observations up there I didn't think of at all when I first saw it.

    Personally from what I noticed myself it looks to be following the same path as the other two games... But they showed so little it's hard to say. And this genre of game usually requires more shown gameplay than usual to get a feel for it.

    I'll likely delay on this until such info shows up.
    Soulstorm + Apocalypse Mod always does wonders anyways (Grey Knights FTW).

  4. Hey look, actual gameplay footage. Thanks IGN (never thought I'd say that).

    Things I learned.
    1. It's not as cartoony as some people are bitching it is. That looks pretty grim and dark to me.
    2. The game looks fucking gorgeous.
    3. There is, indeed, base building of some type. Looks to be on par to DoW I base building.
    4. Hero units are officially a thing now, as opposed to the pseudo-heroes of DoW II.
    5. Warcraft 3 analogy was made. No attempt was made to beat it away. I guess we're getting Hero units & large army combat.
    6. Gabriel Angelos wields motherfucking Godsplitter as a casual weapon.
    7. Gabriel Angelos is as strong as a dreadnaught.
    8. Gabriel Angelos goes through voice actors like Charlie Sheen goes through condoms.
    9. Gabriel Angelos mows down Eldar Guardians like I mow my lawn.
    10. Gabriel Angelos... Is a really stupid if epic name.
    What was I doing? Oh, yeah... Gameplay...

    It looks pretty a'ight so far. So long as they don't monumentally fuck up the balance and the game releases stable, it might just work after all. I wouldn't even object to buying DLC races if they're priced alright. The only thing I miss that won't end up in this is Dark Crusade's "pick a faction and conquer the world" campaign. No clue how the dialogue will work, and sadly, there's no Chaos. (Because if there was Chaos, even if they were written horribly, they'll end up coming off as so bad it becomes good. SINDRIIIIII!!)
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  5. Ok, I'm a bit more excited for it now. :D
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