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  1. So I've been chat roleplaying pretty damn steadily for a few good months now and I've noticed that EDM is the best type of music for me to listen to while trying to concentrate on writing.

    See, I have a terrible attention span where it's either firing off in a million and one directions all at once, which gets incredibly frustrating as you could imagine, or it's so focused that I have tunnel vision and hearing (which doesn't happen often and I can't really control). However, listening to (mostly) lyric-less and repetitive music seems to give me a healthy middle ground.

    EDM specifically works wonders. So that's why I'm requesting all the EDM fans out there come and share the stuff they like with me, as it'll be much appreciated! <3

    Here's a few examples of what I'm looking for:

    Dis muh favorite one = 3=

  2. Major Lazer?


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  3. @Grumpy YES I FORGOT TO MENTION MAJOR LAZER OKAY? That fucking Lean On song was stuck in muh head for weeks.
  4. I could go on and on about EDM, and I could list you hundreds of songs... But I'm on mobile, and yeah. Anyways, here are some I think might work:

    And that is the original Five Hours song. Not that shitty Chris Brown version.

    Hope at least some of these helped.
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  5. Zeds Dead?


    And some of their newer shit, too.

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  6. Lemme also chuck some British stuff up in here, too.

    Rusko is one of the blokes who really helped to popularise dubstep back in the day, and his stuff still really holds up.

    Then you've got guys like JME. He's more Grime than anything else, but tracks like this one do have a lot of dubstep-y influences.

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  7. @Gonzo "Freaks" is awesome. * ^*

    @Grumpy I really like "Collapse" and lmfao that video for "Woo Boost"! @__@;
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