Dawn and Dusk

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    "We're here live on Channel 9, WDEN, North Detroit, Detroit's Station for the Nation. I'm Kathy MacAllure and, here with me, is co-anchor Brent Warden. Afternoon, Brent."

    "Afternoon, Kathy. This afternoon we learn that the band named 'Cloud And Out' have not been seen since their concert 2 days ago. Approximately 210 people attended the concert expecting to hear their most highly praised single 'Dawn And Dusk'. The gross estimated amount they made that night was $3,932, including concessions. A good amount, but not good enough for the real cost of the concert."

    "Yes, Brent. Word went out the next morning that 168 teens perished in their sleep, all of them having went to the concert the night before. Girls and boys of every age were found by parents, friends, and lovers, lying in their beds and not moving. Most still remained in the same attire as the night before, others managed to change. The ultimate suspect in the deaths of all of these teens has been the band themselves, yet, word has spread that the band members have not been seen once exiting the stage."

    "Correct. Makeup artists, lights and sounds techs, and managers have said that they have not heard of the 4 band members: Jason Shaw, the vocalist. Brandon Toris, the Guitarist. Tucker Burnett, the Bassist. Gene Helms, the Drummer. The authorities have been to each of their houses with warrants, but none of them have been home or seen by their families. Suspicions have risen that the band may have slipped something in the drinks of the teens while they were enjoying the festivities of Cloud And Out's music."

    "However, that does not speak for the 42 teens that remained untouched by whatever the 168 victims perished from. Autopsies were given but nothing out of the ordinary was found. Only alcohol, nicotine, and other food items, which would not cause death at all. Its the mystery massacre of the nation. We implore that all who may know anything about the concert should contact your local police station. Until then, we are keeping a close watch out for the generation of teens in Detroit."

    "In other breaking news, Kathy, Senator Riley Gorks is resigning his position. Sources say that financial and economic degrading..."

    8:56PM, TUESDAY, JULY 21st, 2009

    There was nothing funny about what those boys were doing at that table. Megan paid little to no mind to them when they first walked in, their packs swinging over a broad shoulder like some never ending pendulum of college courses. Half of them may have not even given the slightest damn about the college and the courses they took. They were frats, the typical ass holes of North Detroit, Michigan, even more so when they were flaunting the NDU's attire. These particular group of boys were the worse mix to have 4 minutes before closing time. They were the type to get loud and rowdy after having pleasantly gotten what they asked for, which wasn't much. Typically, they never ordered to enjoy the food or coffee. They only wanted an excuse to stay in the store and screw around. They were also the type to not listen to the waitress when she gave 4 minutes.

    "Guys, you have about 4 minutes until we close, kay?" Megan squeezed out in the sweetest voice she could muster. The statement slipped through her gritted teeth when she watched a boy with messy, curly blonde hair knock over the salt shaker beside him. Crystallized salt dashed under the metal rim and onto the mahogany and beige table, causing an eruption around the table.

    "Wooooaaah! That's bad luck, man! Clean that shit up before a piano drops on our dicks!"

    "It falls on your head, you dumb ass fuck!" The blonde guy shot back. The table hooted and roared with laughter; a large, knee-slapping party parading. Megan blinked back a look of annoyance and turned away back towards the counter, just in time to miss Lauren tear them a new one, verbally.

    "Oooo~ Mama maaaad~" The laughter didn't die. It rose up to the ceiling and around the store completely. If Megan's 4 minute warning didn't get people to exit the shop, the boys did.

    "Yo Brent, Igottapisslikecrazy," a boy with a large gauge earring slurred, leaning over his redhead and most likely red neck friend. Drunk. Typical frat boys.

    "The fuck I look like? A fuckin' port-a-potty?"

    "I'm notgonnamakeit alone!"he laughed, yanking at the red head's ear. The table roared at the bromance and the underlying 'no homo' plastered across all of there faces. Brent and Gauge walked up and jogged to the men's restroom at the right of the room, Brent holding up Gauge who was guffawing at nothing. A lazy drawl on the trumpet sounded and Megan screamed inside her head. Why did people insist on doing all of these stupid things at the dawn of night was beyond her! She didn't bother to look over to Harper as she cleaned up the mess the boys made, catching a boy with a short crop of dark brown hair walking up to the counter. 2 minutes before closing time. Megan glared at his back, hoping that in just a tiny 10 seconds, he would burst into flames and crumble into dust. However, she just slid behind the counter and gave him a placid, brown eyed stare.

    "I'll take a quadruple espresso please, got a long night ahead of me."

    "One quadruple espresso. What size and what flavor?"she said automatically, not bothering to look down at the touch screen register that her fingers were busy pushing at.

    "Megan! Give 2 minutes!"Marne shouted from behind her office. As if she cared about what time they were closing. Every single time a time was given, the customers still remained inside until they were ready to leave. What could they do? Lock them in?

    "I have an order." Megan called back, still waiting for the specifics from Cole. Harper, meanwhile, studded her toe across a table and yelled/growled her curses, bun flopping around as she whipped her head to one of the boys who had taken a great shot at laying a light spank on her butt.

    "Then give one minute!"

    "What size and what flavor?" Megan spat through gritted teeth at Cole. He was taking forever in a half to make the simplest of orders. 6 hours and 59 minutes of working behind that damned counter with a bitch of a manager, a depressed employee, news and cooking nasty ass eggplants. The weight of world crashed down on her and that guy still didn't figure out what he wanted. It got dark. Everything suddenly got dark to her. The store, the sound of the trumpet, Harper's cursing, her breathing. She flicked her eyes down to the clock on the touch screen.

    9:01PM, TUESDAY, JULY 21ST, 2009

    "HAHAHAHA! He told me not to touch his ear! What kind of gay shit is that!?" Megan's eyes shifted over to Gauge, a red liquid flowing from between his unnaturally white teeth. A piece of something hung on his bottom lip, and even at that angle, Megan knew it was human flesh. Someone screamed. The entire table of frat boys joined in on the chaotic yelling, two of them literately falling from their seats and the floor, jittering in sharp spasms. Gauge laughed and pointed at the two of them on the floor.

    "Dudes, what the fuck! He tastes good, no homo! No homo, man!" He said again, the slur of drunkenness now completely gone from his voice. The blood dripped down onto his fingers when Marne stepped out of her office, peeking at the scene. Her face turned as white as her hair, her chin shuttering like a gizzard on some old chicken. Cosette stepped through the door and the melodious ding! it made snapped Megan back to attention. Easily, she looked away and stared at Cole. The brown in her hair lightened to a dull orange, hazel eyes going to a light tan.

    "See, now we're closed. You shouldn't have been a slow fuck and ordered sooner." Gauge laughed some more at the boys on the floor, one of them lying motionless while the other gripped and grabbed at Lauren's foot, reaching for something. Assistance, help, life, something.

    9:18PM, TUESDAY, JULY 21ST, 2009

    "SOMEONE CALL 9! SOMEONE CALL....SOME...SOMEONE CALL THE AUTHORITIES!" Marne was a spluttering and blundering fool, reaching out to Harper who wasn't looking back if it wasn't the last thing she did in the world. The girl had the right idea. Her overly large neck throbbed when the thrashing guy on the ground stopped moving after the 'kiss' given from Lauren. Another met the Reaper. Megan was trying to cross over Cole, not giving a shit about his double Exprewhatthefuckever, but was stopped in her steps when he started to monologue exactly after Marne asked for the authorities. It seemed fitting enough. In short, he simply thought everyone was insane and he didn't give a shit about anyone and anything.

    Seemed legit.

    Megan stepped over the bodies on the floor, making a disgusted scoffing sound, only to have her arm grabbed.


    "I didn't put you up there. Ask him."she murmured, crooking her head to Cole who was walking out the door, the ding! sound not too far behind. Megan fished her lip ring out of her pocket with her free hand, fixing it into a newly developed hole on her lip, shrugging. "Oh. Well. You just missed him."


    "Whatever you frat fucks do in the bathroom together is none of my interest or my business. Now let me go. Quietly." He did neither of the things she ordered. His grip on her arm, white-knuckled and tightened, was starting to piss her off, but not scare her. Fear. She forgot the word existed. Her hair finally dropped to it's final stage of bright red, eyes tinting in the deep, forest green before Megan had completely changed. It wasn't anything new. It happened the night before while she was in her bedroom, drowning out to some incoherent screaming and low guttering of her favorite band. Night fell and Megan's appearance changed to what she was now. Her personality...? Not much so. She was still in a stable set of mind, just with more of the 'I don't give a fuck' attitude. She was much like the Lauren. Not caring what people thought and just saying it how it was. Megan's eyes flicked over to where Lauren now stood, hugging Harper from behind with Gauge still clawing at her arm.

    And now, suddenly, she had gone from preppy blonde bitch to lesbian.

    "Leave her alone, would you? She had a rough day."

    "SOMEONE GET ME DOWN FROM HERE!" Gauge's screams were turning into sobs and Megan really didn't want to know what those chains could do. She just knew that now that she was off the clock, cleaning the blood off the floor was not an option. A far off police siren wailed in the streets and all heads turned to the door. No one showed any sign of fear: just annoyance. Megan looked to Marne who was curled behind the counter with a phone receiver close to her lips. That bitch. Suddenly, a fingernail stabbed directly through her arm, not going down deep, but deep enough for her to avert her attention back to Gauge.

    "Imma fuckin' kill you, you stupid slut...."he drawled. The sobs were less painful and more maniacal, like he was enjoying the tears. That's when she saw the familiar glint in his eye. One that she recognized from before. Gauge got off on tears. Blood still crept along his lips and fingers as he clenched her arm more. Megan ignored another roar from Nagito and looked passed Cossette and Brian in annoyance. None of those bastards were helping her. The police were coming, there were bodies on the floor, and people were going crazy.

    Cole was right. The situation needed to be unfucked and unfucked quick.
  2. Cole was halfway through the cigarette before he got fed up with Gauge's whining, that and he diddn't want to be caught on scene when the cops inevitably arrived. He stalked in, golden eyes ablaze with anger, he swung, and a purple blur struck the side of Gauge's head, finally knocking him unconsious. cole dropped the weapon he'd just called and it flopped on the ground as if it were a fish out of water.

    "Come on" he said just loud enough for megan to hear him, "Cops'll be here soon, we should bail"

    He diddn't exactly leave here a moment to respond, as he took her gently by the arm and led her out the back door, just as sirens were heard off in the distance. The two ducked through and alley before the cops arrived and had the entire shopping center surrounded. He managed to open the lock to an electrical closet and close the door. to say it was cramped would be an understatement, the two were uncomfortably scrammed into the proximity of lovers, with the muffled sounds of the police cordon and gunshots.

    "Ok, not exactly how i planned on spending my evening." Cole said, panting
  3. "...What the hell was that?" Her question went completely unanswered as Cole, or who she assumed to be Cole, grabbed her by her arm with a strange tenderness, wheeling her out of the coffee shop. She swung her head to look behind her, red hair whipping out of her face. Gauge's head hung limp as the weapon used against him plopped on the floor. She squinted her eyes, trying to make out what it was, but a mass of people suddenly piled together, yelling at the top of their lungs at each other. Fucking idiots. Megan watched as Harper lashed out at one of the people who had started groping her. Knowing Harper, the ending would not have been pretty at all. The two of them rushed out the door, Megan looking towards the left while Cole looked to the right.

    "What are we bailing for? It's not like we committed a crime. Knocking someone out isn't against the law..." Mixed into the wailing of the police sirens was a series of gunshots, the cracking of the taser imminent as well. "Let's get the hell outta here,"she muttered, allowing Cole to lead her to who knew where. Megan felt different, as if that weren't clear at first. For starters, her attitude towards violence had completely changed. She was quite disappointed that she and Cole didn't stay to be a part of the destruction of the coffee shop. She hated that piece of shit store, anyway. On the other hand, Cole looked like he knew exactly what to do to get their heads out of the deep shit they were buried in, so she followed him silently.

    Her confidence in him fell sharply when he shoved both himself and her into a tiny, cramped, closet. Megan swore under her breath, trodding over his foot and accidentally elbowing him in the chin.

    "Nice plan, Sherlock. What the hell do you plan on doing when we run out of fucking oxygen?"she snapped, losing her footing in the tiny amount of space she actually did have, slipping on his chest and trying to hold herself up, failing miserably

    "Fucking balls, man..."she whispered.
  4. "Yeah, and it'll take a few years in jail for the court case to prove that." he shot back just before she fell, he reacted quickly and caught her befre she hurt herself. "And I for one want to know what the fuck just happened and I'd rather not learn it from a jail cell." He straightened her up, "and besides, there's a grate on the door. So let's just wait this out and make a dash for it if we get the chance." he suggested, still clutching her arms.

    He stayed that way for a long time, lost in thought again, considering the details of his recent life. He looked into megan's eyes for a moment, studying them for a moment before finally asking "You got any ideas? All i can think of is Bad Sci-Fi."
  5. "Perfect,"she seethed, being set firmly on her feet before heaving the heaviest of sighs. She ran a finger through her long lock of red hair, her tongue playing with the ring in her lip. She flicked her tongue upward, the ring moving to the side before settling back into place. The closet was dark, but, oddly enough, she was able to see clearly, making out Cole's entire outline through the bare, dimming light that poured through the bottom of the floor. He was a big, big man, too big for the closet and herself. She had no other choice but to lie her hands on his chest and arm, only to avoid elbowing him in the face again.

    "Fuck me, cuz I have no idea. First, it's all that crazy mess with those people who went to the Cloud And Out concert dying in their sleep or something, and now, every night at 9, the same people change or some shit,"she said, pausing to swing him a look before sighing heavily once more. "Let me guess. You went to the concert too, didn't you?" She didn't particularly need him to answer, already figuring that he did. If he didn't, how else was he supposed to be able to spawn items out of absolutely nothing? The concert was the problem and they were the pawns. Another police siren wailed dangerously close to where they were. Megan hissed and threw her head against Cole's chest to stop herself from saying anything else. When the sound left, she picked her head back up and looked at him, fighting the urge to roll her eyes.

    "That's about all I got,"her voice in a harsh whisper in case anyone was nearing them, "Unless you got something better, I suggest we go over some shit about the concert." She groaned suddenly, losing feeling in her right leg but gaining it back by slapping it with a free hand, the other lying on his shoulder.

    "Make it quick, I'm getting a cramp."
  6. "Right, concert......" he covered his face with a leather clad palm "I'd have preferred a bad Sci-Fi movie plot, those at least are easy to guess." he groaned with annoyance, "Okay, looks like the first place to go is The Venue. Fortunately it's not too far away." he said, somewhat exasperated. "First we need to get out of here, so, if you'll excuse me." He squeezed around her, trying to avoid any accidental squeezing, turned, and faced the door. Cracking it open a hair he closed his eyes, and put his mind to work.

    First was the camera, small but strong. and IR capable. Then the wiring, long enough for him to maneuver around if necessary, he insulated it, then added control cables, and covered all of this in a protective sheathing making the hand control was easy, but the miniature screen was anything but. on multiple occasions he had to throw the whole thing away and re-start, but he finally managed to finish everything and put it all together. He exhaled sharply, as if he'd been holding his breath the entire time.

    A moment later, he pushed the door open, having already seen that the coast was more or less clear.
  7. Megan remained as quiet as possible while Cole...did his 'work.' She shoved past her awe at how he was able to manifest things out of absolutely nothing without so much as batting and eye, but, then again, what couldn't those people do? One girl had spiders going damned near everywhere, Harper completely changed her look, like everyone else in the shop had done. She was bound to have some strange power like everyone else. Megan tapped at the base of her throat wondering what the hell kind of ability she must have had. Could she run at insane speeds? Turn invisible on a whim like some superhero? She mused over those thoughts while Cole tried again and again with his camera until he finally got it right.

    "Took you long enough,"she said, bending down low when he opened the door. He didn't give her a signal to wait so she sat until he moved out of the way. She crawled out after him, wincing at the streetlight that poured down on top of her. She bit her tongue when the question of their next plan tickled her throat. Whatever it was, it had better been something that didn't involve them being shot at or thrown behind bars. Then again, if Cole could summon anything by will and will alone, then they'd be pretty okay.

    "You expect us to walk there? What, you can't snap your fingers and make a Ferrari appear?" Megan stopped her ranting and stood straight, pointing behind her. "I have a car...but it's back with the swarm of cops." She had the strangest feeling he was going to make them walk. If it wasn't for the fact that Cole 'saved' her from Gauge, she would have bailed by then. God damn sentiments.
  8. "Dunno, never tried honestly. Probably take me a few days to get everything right though," His answer was very matter of fact as he led her out and back through the shopping center. "My ride's at my dorm, just up the road." He lead her across the street and they walked up the road as nonchalantly as they could given the circumstances., he buzzed them into the car-park and to his stall, in it sat an old, rusty, but well loved motorcycle.

    "Ohh, forgot about that, hold on just a second." He touched the gas tank with one hand and the motorcycle rippled then a wave of restoration followed after it. in a few short moments the ugly duckling it was no longer existed, all that stood in it's place was the swan.


    Cole pulled two helmets from the saddlebags and handed one to megan, before strapping the other onto himself. "Okay, so, do you remember how to get there?"
  9. "Sweet fuck." If she was complaining about Cole's presence before, she wasn't doing it anymore. The Ferrari thing was a joke, but that motorcycle sitting in front of them wasn't. It was real. Sleek. Legit. Megan curled a smile as if she were the one who owned that bad boy. She took her fingers and slid them around the side of it, touching the clad leather and getting goose bumps when the texture felt as soft as it looked under her fingers. Those others could keep their spiders and roars and shit. She had a guy that had a ride. Megan flicked her green eyes from the cycle then back to him, mirroring the 'it's whatever' look.

    "Yeah, I know the way. It's probably gonna be faster if you took the highway straight to Kinsing and got off on exit 33 B. That's the way I went and I got there in 15,"she commented, waiting for him to mount the majestic dragon that was the bike. When he got on first, she grabbed the helmet from him, placing it over her mass of now deep red hair. It was perfect fit. The guy was good.

    "But that still doesn't mean we know what the hell to do when we get there. We're gonna be walking up on an empty concert site. What exactly are we supposed to be looking for?" She slid her right leg over the bike, grabbing Cole's waist and tightening her grip while she waited for him to start the hog. He looked like he liked speed. She wouldn't be too surprised if she flew off the minute he accelerated. Megan braced herself by completely plastering her body against his back. Man, her mother should have explained what to do and not do in the presence of strangers, because she was pretty positive she was breaking some rules.

    "I hope you don't plan on finding Cloud And Out. They fucking vanished off of the face of the Earth. Pansy bastards..."
  10. "Honestly, I have no fucking clue what we're going to find there, but it beats sitting on my hands and wondering what's going on." Cole straddled his ride and waited for megan to do the same, then added, "By the way, Old girl's got a kick to her," And raced out of the parking garage without warning. He raced down the road as if the machine had been custom tailored to his riding style, pulled onto the highway at what was easily beyond the legal speed limit, blasting around the occasional late night driver as he did so. Twice he blew past what might have been cops headed the other way, but if they were, they never gave chase. At almost the exact ten minute mark, Cole pedaled his bike into an empty spot close to the front, put down the kickstand looked back.

    "You were right, this way was faster" then a wicked grin parted his lips.

    "So whenever you're done Orgasming we can search for clues." he was off the bike and ten feet away, laughing like a hyena before she could react.
  11. Megan in the day time would have probably sent a swift punch in the nuts, commenting about what a stupid idiot he was. However, it was borderlining 11 o'clock and Megan was not in that state of mind anymore. Instead she sent him a punch to the shoulder instead.


    "You know woman orgasms are a myth." They had arrived at the desolate remains of the Cloud and Out concert in less time than she thought. Then again, Cole was speeding so fast, she was surprised that the two weren't behind ba...wait, no, scratch that. Even if they did get stopped by the cops, she and Cole would have rocked their night with their new found abilities, and oh how fun that would have been. The street sweepers were obviously off of their job because beer cans, bottles, bags, and bodily fluids of a sort littered the ground. The smell of sweat, semi-sex, alcohol, nicotine, and other narcotics littered the air. Home sweet home.

    "Still don't know what the hell we're looking for, and even if we find it, what are we supposed to do?" Megan didn't so much wait for him to answer her rhetorical question, hanging her helmet on the accelerator of the bike before swinging her hips off to a direction, picking up a piece of paper. Whatever she thought she was going to find on it wasn't there, though it did bring a smile on her face. She waved the receipt in front of her, wearing an expression of mock surprise.

    "Hey! Look! I think this receipt for condoms and Sprite is a clue!"
  12. "Maybe you should change your standards in men." Cole added "Sounds like your current tastes aren't....doing it for you." He walked straight to the stage, kicking aside empty beer cans, cigarette butts, and even the occasional broken syringe as he went. with a sturdy leap he bounded onto the stage. "Ok so...." he said ignoring the comment about the receipt, "first guess would be to check with the band, but they're gone...." he was pacing across the stage at this point. "Right, Megan you any good with sheet music? I'm gonna check the stage and lights, if you could check the music books for anything.....I don't know, out of place"

    He immediately began pouring over everything, speakers, amps, and even the lights in time, He left no piece of stage equipment unopened, trying to find anything that was out of the norm.

    He eventually sat down, with this back to a half disassembled amp, beads of sweat dripping from his brow, when he reached down to a crumpled sheet of paper with some lyrics scribbled on it.

    When he turned it over however, that's when his mind blew.
  13. She let the comment go. A punch in the shoulders was one thing. A kick in the meat and two veg was another, and no matter how tempting the action, she kiiiinda needed him there. Because she didn't know the first thing about driving a bike. Instead of retorting, she flicked him off while she looked over the receipt, chuckling and tossing it over her shoulder. Everything in that place was bound to be a bunch of useless trash of some sort. If they even did find something there, what would they do? What were they even expecting to find? Some amulet or orb or wizard book or something? With what happened so far, she surely wouldn't be surprised. Cole called out to her while he walked to the stage and she figured that was as good a start as any, following him and picking up the book sitting next to to where the drummer, Gene Helms, was only there shot days ago. There was nothing in their but percussion notes. Which meant no dice for her.

    "I can't understand this shit." Simple yet the truth. She flipped through the pages anyway, just in case there was something of use wedged in between the papers, but it yielded nothing. Not surprised, she tossed the book back where it was, flinging a hand in her fiery red hair before making her way to the guitarist's last place, Brandon Toris. She understood this music a bit better, tapping her fingers against the paper in the rhythm the notes were squeezed in.

    "Pretty heavy riff in mid song, but it's not helping. It's just telling me this guy was good with his fingers. That the kind of guy I need, Cole?"she said smugly. There was no response. She forced herself to turn towards him to see him staring at a piece of paper, a lot more oddly than he should have been. Still holding the book in her hands, she strode over to him, no words coming out until she looked down at the paper and saw what was written there.

    "We never wonder why the sun and the moon, Harlem Heights Cherrydale, DL
    won't touch each other's form.
    In all that they are and all that the do,
    they never mean you any harm. 102 South Oak Forest Drive Marrytown, MN 66372

    We never wonder why love and hate,
    have always happen to touch. 4042231192 7739125502
    A terror by night and a human by day,
    the two have never meant much.

    Who are we to fight what we feel? 322 Cherry Street Villa Rica, GA 70648
    With stars of love and rays of fear?
    What are we to believe is real?
    With the morning's smile and the night's tear?"

    Megan made no word for a while, looking towards the words of the song and back to the music, putting two and two together. " The notes match. This is Dawn and Dusk and a whole bunch of numbers and addresses that lead to..."she paused, licking over her lip ring in the inside before bringing her gaze to Cole who was still in a stupor,"...where?"
  14. Cole took a deep breath before responding, not that it calmed him down any. "The second address, It's mine, er, my parent's place now....the second phone number....that one's mine too...." Cole's hands were visibly shaking "I don't get it who the hell would know my address here!" he suddenly exploded "I've only been in town a month and a half, I barely know anyone here..." He trailed off, clearly disturbed.

    "I came here looking for a clue.........maybe......maybe this is it?"