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  1. With At least Three tours of duty under his belt, Ryan Deterre had been allowed to head home after his military service. Mostly now because he was a superhero. Maybe he didn't wear spandex and parade himself on the streets, but he had a costume alright. And powers. Powers he worked rather hard to maintain. He stared at all the sights around him in Silver City. Why, he could have sworn he was in Los Angeles. Or New York!…Or Both. It was still pretty cool to see the town that would hold his future.

    He'd bought himself an apartment too. The Feds working hard of course, to make sure he had no roommates. In fact, the building was a living area popular for spies, spec ops people, and other heroes. Some not discovering their place as heroes just yet. Others, very discreet about their work. He'd gotten his bags dropped off at his building. And now he could walk around, breath the air, and enjoy-

    Oh shit.

    Something bad was happening. And he had to act. There were sounds of gunfire nearby, and it sure sounded like someone needed help. Looking around, he disappeared in the blink of an eye, having broken the sound barrier right there and then, as he flew into the atmosphere, changing into his costume, and proceeding to come crashing back down, landing Iron Man Style, one fist in the ground and the other in the air, as he rose between a firefight between gangs, policemen stuck in the middle.

    "Who the hell is this guy? Our backup?!"

    "Yeah. I work directly for Uncle Sam. You may have heard of it. The Army, The Government…Y'get the idea."

    "I suppose you had to stop by a phone booth before-"

    BOOM! Went a car that had suddenly been struck by a grenade, as everyone suddenly stopped to see what happened.

    "No. And also, No, I didn't take a moment to see a Wizard either. Call Me Saint Champion."

    "Well, Champ…Got a plan?"

    "I've got an even better idea: Keep your men down, and pass me one of your tear gas grenade launchers."


    Ryan proceeded to load the single shot HK69 grenade launcher with one tear gas round, pocketing another spare grenade as he fired in the empty space between the cops and the first gang to the left, followed by his second grenade to the right side. Immediately, He started flying the policemen and SWAT officers out of danger, and putting the police vehicles formerly in the middle of the makeshift battlefield off to the sides to prevent the gang members from escaping in their cars, the tear gas clearing as both gangs pointed their guns at Ryan, and unloaded. Of course, like an alien from Krypton after soaking up the cosmic rays of the sun, The Bullets mostly bounced off of him.

    "Maybe you fellas' haven't heard of me?" Chuckled Ryan, as he flew into the first gang, fist forward as he glided into their faces and knocked them out with his fist, and looking towards the men ahead. Now if only he had the vision, the breath…or maybe some magic lightning. That would have been nice too.

    He began to walk towards them as they came charging to shoot him at closer range, or bludgeon him somehow. This would result in Ryan reaching into his jacket, and producing a flash grenade he gripped tightly in his fist, as he shut his eyes, and blinded everyone in the surrounding area, then using his sheer speed to pummel them all with some mean left and right hooks, as teeth flew all over the place.


    News groups of various companies began to storm into the area to try and catch Saint Champion. Deciding he needed to get his name out to the public, he fixed his hair quickly, and put on a fine, toothy smile.

    "Is it true you served in a recent campaign against an unknown terrorist group and advanced weapons' manufacturer?!"

    "Are you really a Saint? We just got your name from SRN (Silver Rush News Network) and it sounds strange to say the least."

    "Do you have plans to make a comic book about yourself? Will it have some form of origin story? How about your identity? Secret, or open?"

    "Eh…I suddenly feel swamped…I'll answer your question by…"

    "Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Moe…" He mentally said to himself, as he looked around at the people before him.
  2. The weather was simply fantastic out; the sun was shinning as the sky was showing no clouds no chances of raining. Simply amazing. Slender arms stretched above her as she walked into the newspaper building, The Tribune Daily. Moving her sunglasses so they perched on top of her head she took a good look around the building. Recently just starting this job it was the only one that didn't seem so, sleazy. The twenty-three old female tried jobs with restaurants as a waitress or other positions they had open, but all the managers were all sleaze's themselves; checking her out and already was asking her out on dates. Not her style and defiantly NOT what she needed just moving to the city. The newspaper interview went smoothly and fast and she was hired right on the spot. The editor-in-chief was professional and got right to the point when she entered the interview. Something she liked, he never sugar-coated anything and was direct with the job.

    Brushing her shoulder-blade chestnut colored-hair out of her face she walked off the elevator on the twentieth floor and walked past the front desk and towards her spot. Looking through a few papers her attention was cut short from them as her editor-in-chief George Strand stood in front of her desk. Putting her papers down she looked at him as rested her hands on the desk.

    "What is it sir?"

    She could tell it was possibly something big, it was rare for him to ever leave his office to what all the employees all said about him. He was a very busy man who was always in his office doing who knows what, but aside from that her attention still stayed on him.

    "Sara, I've got a shot for you to show me what you're made of. There was a shooting with police officers and some guy just came in and took care of the gang. I want you to go and see if you can beat the rest of those companies."

    The female knew what he meant, and she felt thrilled that he would give her this shot. Smiling she nodded her head and stood up already to go.

    "You got it!"

    And with that she was to the elevator as she called back to George.


    Arriving on the scene there were already a swarm of companies and not to mention the news trying to interview the new hero. Seeing as she couldn't see who the guy was she closed her door of the taxi, removed her sunglasses and walked toward the huge mass of people. Easily weaved her way through the crowd she couldn't help but notice that so many people were talking all at once, she could barely hear the guy's voice herself until she was up close to him. Emerald green eyes darted towards who was in the front with her, and of course there would be the Tribune Daily's competitors.

    Fixing her black layered skirt and red vest she got her pad and pen ready. The female planned on beating the rest to the story.

    "So tell us, how do you handle situations like these?"

    Tapping her cheek lightly she pointed at the press and included herself in the process. She would get this story one way or another, but why not lighten the mood up for him. He was new alright and he caught her attention with printing the story first.
  3. "Hm…I think I'll answer…her, first!"

    Suddenly, Saint Champion reached out, and took Sara into his arms, as he zipped off into the skies, before approaching a building back below, and putting the girl down, grinning as he looked her over, whistling when he was done, and floating up in the air, since there was nowhere comfortable to sit, as he smiled at her mischievously, as if to say 'I have superpowers, and I know how to have fun with them.'

    "Firstly, no, I am not an alien, nor the ten-year old champion of a wizard whose magic allows him to turn into an adult with superpowers. I was just an average soldier from the front lines who happened to run across some cosmic crystals that unlocked hidden genetic powers. More on that, at eleven. I'm on the government payroll as a professional superhero. I can fly, use super strength, speed, invulnerability…and firearms. I haven't any breath or vision powers. I'm both a superhero and a patriotic soldier. Lastly, I find you very attractive. Care to discuss more over dinner?..."

    Saint Champion smirked, waiting for the girl's response…
  4. "Eh?!"

    Before she knew it, he took her in his arms and flew off before anyone knew what happened as well. As they were into the air it was of course a new experience for her so she gripped his uniform as she closed her eyes. A few minutes passed and she slowly cracked an eye open and looked out at the world before her. As quickly as it came the approached a building and he set her down. As she was straightening everything out she heard a whistle coming from him. Looking at him with a faint blush she saw his expression on his face.

    As he started to float in the air she heard him speaking. After he was finished she blinked a few times, dumbfounded. Sara wasn't really expecting him to be, er, straightforward in a sense? Does he do this all the time? Just be so straightforward with his powers? Coming back to her sense's she held up a hand as if to tell him to wait. He did just pretty much tell her closely to possibly everything right then and there. She was a person who understood everything... Well, almost everything. Until this guy came along.

    "Are you this straightforward to every journalist you meet?"

    The female finally found her voice as she looked him in the eyes. Though her mind wasn't buzzing around trying to comprehend everything, she finally got everything to settle down in her brain. At least now she could faintly focus on him again instead of having flying at her all at once.
  5. "Wha? Of course not. You're special like that." He replied, dropping down to the ground. "I just figured since I see your name in the news often, usually telling a story honestly compared to most other companies, I can trust you fairly well to tell people the real story of Saint Champion... Now, this is an exclusive scoop, and I doubt many others will hear this until you've already published it with your company, The Tribune Daily, owner of the Silver Rush News Network channel?"

    Saint Champion looked back into Sara's eyes, staring at her as she looked into his…and sighed.

    "I thought you'd be more aggressive, like that Lois Lane character from the superman comics…don't you want my story? Then again, I saw a much more interesting blonde back below..."
  6. She felt pride swell inside her as he picked her and not to mention that her name was with the news and he trusted her. Letting a smirk appear on her lips she pointed at herself. "Why would I lie to the public? I give them the stories they want to hear. As well with the excitement AND the hottest news around." She held her index finger up as she winked at him. "Besides, our company is the number one place where people get their news from anyways."

    Twirling her pen in her hand she shot him a slight glare while resting a finger on his chest. "You know, I DO take offense to that mister superhero. Or Saint Champion." It was a mix between being compared to Lois Lane, though she did look up to her as an idol, but it was the fact of the mention of the blonde who was there as well. Retracting her finger from his chest she moved a few inches away from him and proceeded to jot down a few notes within her pad. Her eyes were focused on whatever she was writing and she seemed determined. Afterwards, she faced him and tapped her chin a bit. "Of course I want your story. No one else will tell it better then me. And would you prefer ME telling instead of others who will possibly lie."

    Pushing that away she looked at him. "So, where these cosmic crystals just there? How did anyone not see them?" His story did fascinate her, and she would find out more for herself, but of course for the public. There was no way she would have this turn into a flop.
  7. "Well, see, the thing about those were that we found them in the possession formerly of an organization called' A.G.E., Advanced Genetic Experimentation, sorta like A.I.M., Advanced Idea Mechanics from Marvel Comics, but with biology instead of technology. They activated dormant genetics that were in select people giving select abilities. And that's supposedly only part of the story. I don't have a clear origin of science, space radiation energy, magic, genetics, or anything, I'm…mixed. But A.G.E. is my primary foe, as cheesy as it sounds."

    He began to scratch his chin with his left hand, as he tucked his right arm behind his back as if he were of some noble stature- oh, wait, he was a superhero.

    "The crystal itself was gone by the time I used it, it just melted away…they're hard to come by, so let everyone know they shouldn't get any bright ideas. It was fantastic…I flew on outside, and saw A.G.E. duking it out with the Marine Corps. I flew out, and attacked, having covered my face with a balaclava, and used the Stars and Stripes of the U.S. Of A. as my first cape. I, and my unit, as well as the entire U.S. Military presence had won, me as their 'champion.' And we didn't even suffer any casualties, so I was also a saint. Funny stuff, if anything…"

    Then he looked back at Sara seductively, as if he was using X-ray vision to undress her in his mind...

    "Don't worry, haven't got X-Ray Vision…I do however, have an eye for up and coming reporters: Have you ever considered working for the TV crews instead of the paper? Or are you always with the SRNN team? I tend to forget…"
  8. The first words that escaped his mouth she was already on it writing down notes, not missing a beat. Despite how fast she was jotting things down, people always wondered how the female did it. Jotting down information so quickly, that it was amazing that her handwriting was still neat! People envied her for her talents like that. Her co-workers always complained that when a big story came around and they had the interview they always forgot some bit of tidbit, because the person was always talking so quickly. Sara enjoyed the talent, it came in handy. Like right now!

    Finishing the last of his explanation she did a quick once over, and catching him giving her a specific look. One that consisted of a seductive look she gave a slight glare, but not before a light faint blush dusted her cheeks.

    "I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't Saint Champion." She let out a small laugh before blinking her eyes a few times at his questions. "Me? I'd rather stay with the paper. The SRNN team and the Tribune Daily tend to share information back and forth per say." She gave a wink of her eye at him. "Staying with the paper route have better chances with meeting upfront with big stories, like this one with you for instance. And it sure beats the crowds with the camera crew." She shrugged her shoulders a bit. "I find it to much effort and I'd rather beat other people to the punch with the hottest news." She let a slight smirk cross her lips.
  9. "I Like your style, Sara…I'd best be going now though. Stay victorious, Sara. Victory's what I'm all about."

    Saint Champion took Sara into his arms, and dropped her off on the ground, even going as far as to call a Taxi for her, as he zipped off into the heavens once again, people watching in sight as ironically, Sara began to get all kinds of questions!


    The next morning, A day off for most Tribune Daily/SRNN workers after landing the the Saint Champion Story that would solidify their status as a news group, decided to relax, and celebrate. Ryan Deterre himself had arrived just recently in the city, his first day back being yesterday, as Saint Champion, but officially, he had flown in by 9:00PM back to Silver City, and slept in until 10:09AM when he would leave for a cafe known as 'Kazzam's Coffee,' where coincidentally, Sara went to often.

    Ryan was drinking his coffee when he saw a news report about a warning from a gang of vigilantes, who didn't like a 'boy scout' moving in on their turf. Ryan had heard of these guys himself, and their signature at every crime scene to brutally murder criminals of all kinds in ways that were impossible by normal means of the Mafia or something…Made him wonder if others had powers too.

    He took another sip. And he went 'Ah~.'

    "I have such a crush on that reporter chick…Its like I'm some cliche character in a comic book story…"
  10. As Saint Champion returned her back to the streets down below, he was generous enough to call for her Taxi. She watched him zip off into the sky as other people watched as well. It didn't take long though till she was swarmed by the huge crowd after his departure.

    "Was that Saint Champion just now?!"

    "Did you get his interview?! Oh wow your Sara Anderson aren't you!"

    "What is he like? Is he planning on making his own comic?!"

    Sara could only laugh as one question kept coming after the next. As the Taxi waiting patiently she answered the questions she knew and declined politely that she didn't know some answers. Finally the crowd started to pan out and leave one by one, and with that she entered the Taxi with an exhausted sigh. Telling the driver to head towards the Tribune Daily and drop her off there, she had her story to be made.

    - - -

    The following day Sara slept in a little later than she usually did, but hey. She needed it, she needed a break and she didn't have work that day so why not get some shut eye. Around 9:00 AM she got woken up by her cat purring as he rubbed against her making her laugh lightly. "Okay, okay. I'm awake." Stretching she went to go take a shower and do her morning routines. She thought about stopping by her favorite cafe; Kazzam's Coffee. It sounded like it would hit the spot for her, so before leaving she fed her pet and locked her apartment door and was off.

    Since she stepped foot outside she took the time to walk to the cafe since it wasn't that far from her. She stayed up a bit later than usual the following night typing up the story. There still needed to be a few things to be done with it, but she'd worry about it when work was back on. Waiting for the crosswalk lights to change, she kept thinking back to Saint Champion, he was a goofy character, but he had a heart for good. As the light changed she followed the bustling crowd as they rushed to get to where they needed to go. Shaking her head she could only relate to those people when she had to go in for work.

    Opening the cafe door, she was met with the smell of brewing coffee and delicious food. "Ah, if it isn't Sara." The female had to laugh lightly as she took her usual spot in a small booth as the owner of the place greeted her. "Morning Tim, buisness still going strong?" She made small talk as she made her way towards her seat. "Damn straight it is." She laughed at him, and passed by Ryan. Taking her seat the waitress took her order and poured her coffee as she got everything ready and took a sip letting the warm liquid run down her throat. "Mmm... Perfect."
  11. Ryan turned over, failing to recognize Sara, as he strolled over to say hello, taking a seat down with her, and finishing up his drink, as he checked his watch for a moment, before giving the woman a small smile. He hoped to the high heavens she wouldn't recognize him right away, As he looked over Sara's more casual appearance. It was comforting to know she was just another random person rather than some high and mighty goddess that knows all, just because she gets the latest scoop before everyone else. She seemed to have just breezed past him when she walked in, so that gave him the idea she was clueless.

    "You look like you've got some free time. Wanna spend it?"
  12. At first, the female never realized that she had company sitting down to occupy the table with her. Her mind was faintly occupied with another person whom she had the short interview with. She seemed to come to her senses when she heard a voice speak to her from the blue startling her a bit. Snapping out of her mind and back to reality she moved some of her chestnut hair from her face as she smiled lightly at the newcomer. Sara faintly remembers seeing the male occupy the seat at the counter when she walked into the cafe.

    "I actually do have some free time to spare, but do you usually go up to a women you don't even know and do this type of action?"

    She let out a faint laugh, as she looked at him. For a brief second her face showed slight recognition, but as quickly as it came it disappeared from her face. So weird. She thought to herself, it was as if he reminded her of someone, but then again who was she to tell. It's difficult to forget someone's face. And yet, the feeling wouldn't leave as her gut was nagging her mind trying to tell her otherwise. But she just ignored it though she knew to never ignore when her gut was telling her something. It was probably her imagination playing tricks on her as she was previously thinking about Saint Champion.
  13. "I could get to know you, for starters. Its been ages since I've done anything normal, just got back from working for uncle sam in the corps. So if I go about this the wrong way, blame it on the military."

    Ryan began to chuckle a bit, and leaned back, arms crossed, as he secretly kept notice for any body language that seemed to say 'I know who you really are' and he'd have to start figuring something out. Sara Anderson didn't know Ryan Deterre. Which didn't help at all. But he knew a thing or two about her personality from when they'd first met during the interview they'd had the other day. He mulled over his next actions, taking only mere moments before he considered the girl's aggressive nature.

    "I mean, unless you could find guys on your own…Everyone at SRNN/Tribune Daily have lovers. Except lonely Mrs. Anderson…That true?"
  14. Sara let out a sigh. So he worked for Uncle Sam, no wonder she didn't recognize him. Most people who were in the place were people she'd seen prior and were frequent customers. He was just someone she passed by, because she didn't notice him, or possibly for the fact that he wasn't someone who was seen at the cafe a lot. He was new for her to see and to talk with. Well, she did give him balls to approach her and start a conversation up with her.

    "It isn't that I couldn't find someone, I'm just to wrapped up with my job and all the guys don't seem to understand that."

    She swirled her cup around seeing the liquid inside swirl the same way as the milk started to become one with the coffee again. She stared into the contents as her mind wondered. She did find dates, but they wanted to go fast, while she was one to take it nice and steady. She didn't understand why one would upon meeting the first chance to jump right into a relationship. Sara was one to not really believe in love at first sight per say. Her mind then flashed to Saint Champion. How odd... She thought to herself, why would he appear in her mind. Shaking the thoughts away she tilted her head to the side while looking at the male.

    "Well, it seems rude to not introduce yourself since you know who I am."

    She let out a light airy laugh covering her mouth.
  15. "Ryan Deterre, at your service, miss~" He spoke with a spark of kindness, and a smile on his face. "Okay, so maybe I'm one of those guys who can't take a hint. It really isn't that easy with a lady like yourself. I mean, unless those rumors are true and you've started dating that new superhero like everyone says you have…"

    This was pretty important to him. He read the comics. Lana Lang? Loved Clark Kent. Lois Lane? Loved Superman. Gwen Stacy? Loved Peter Parker. Mary Jane? Loved Spiderman. The important thing was that someone like Lana or Gwen loved the men as well as the masks, not just the hero made by the masquerade. At the same time though, it would have helped to know someone in the news industry to get the latest scoops first and respond to trouble faster. Plus, his mom wanted grandchildren. He wasn't assuming it'd go that far, but it'd be nice if he could eventually get married and have a family between being the government's greatest superhuman weapon.

    "Saint Champion, was it?"
  16. Sara let out a quiet laugh and never in her life has she been addressed as miss before. Well there were always first time for everything. New surprises around every corner and life was always throwing curve balls.

    "Pleasure Ryan." She gave him a warm smile.

    Tilting her head to the side she was a bit confused. Rumors? Letting him explain more it dawned on her that people must have been talking about when she had the interview with Saint Champion. And her hunches were correct when Ryan mentioned his name. She felt a slight tinge go to her cheeks as they felt a little warm, but she looked down at her coffee in embarrassment that people actually thought that. Shaking her head from side to side she returned her gaze back at the male.

    "I wouldn't say it's true. It was just an interview that I was doing. And it just so happened he picked me."

    She had a thoughtful look on her face, but it disappeared within a second.

    "People can think up some crazy rumors, huh." She let out a light laugh knowing that people just because of that interview were thinking they were dating. It wasn't like he would pick her anyways, she was a news reporter and he could probably get someone better than her.
  17. "Yeah, totally-"

    upon glancing to the sides for a brief moment, and spotting in what appeared to him alone as slow motion, police chasing a stolen armored car that belonged to one of the local banks, namely Fawcett Savers.

    "Would you excuse me?"

    Ryan casually walked towards the men's room, actually going out into the alleyway and in seconds, taking on his Saint Champion costume, as he leaped over a rather high apartment complex to land on top of the armored car, as a news copter tracked them, SC trying to get underneath the car and lift it into the sky. A grenade flew into Ryan's hands as he moved, tossed from the driver's seat, an explosion engulfing Ryan in smoke as he tried to keep moving…
  18. Sara blinked a few times but nodded her head. "Ah, of course." Though her words were unheard she noticed that he left faintly quickly. Her eyes caught the police cars chasing something and her eyes shone brightly. She wanted to get the scoop on it, but at the same time she didn't want to leave the cafe if Ryan was to return. Oh the choices and decisions of a news-person. It wouldn't hurt her if she missed it, she did get the interview with Saint Champion. Though, what if he arrived on the scene? She bit her lower lip, she wasn't sure if she was worried about missing seeing him again, or the fact that there might be another news reporter there.

    Taking her chances she got up and left a tip and the pay on her table, waving a good-bye to the owner she quickly ran out of the shop. A few people were already out on the streets looking after the chase, and for a brief second people started to point towards the armored vehicle. Tilting her head Sara focused more on it and realized Saint Champion was on it. Her eyebrows knitted into worry as the scene unfolded. An explosion erupted as he was engulfed within the smoke. Worry overfilled her as she was stuck there, she finally willed herself to follow after the cars.
  19. Ryan coughed a little as he figured it was hopeless as he took another grenade to the face. Just as he was about to force the driver out, they made a sharp turn, Ryan having to punch a hole in the armored car to stay on when at the split second he spotted some children playing ball on the street. His eyes flashed open wider, as he flew in front of the vehicle, and planted his feet in the ground, putting his right hand behind his back and using his left hand's index and middle fingers as well as thumb to keep the truck back, glancing quickly to see the kids running to separate sidewalks as one child dropped their ball. As he grew closer, he grabbed the ball with his right hand as the armored car came to a full stop.

    When that was done, the kids gathered around, Ryan kneeling down to hand the ball to a little boy whose hair he ruffled.

    "Be careful if you play on the street, son!" He warned with a hearty laugh, flying off into the skies as on-lookers were in awe of the event that occurred.
  20. As she caught up to where the scene was Sara saw Saint Champion and felt a sense of relief wash over her. Sure it was silly, to let her thoughts get the best of her like that. He was a superhero for a reason. Nothing as measly as a grenade would rid him that easily. But even still, there was that fear that something so simple and small would be able to erase him of his existence from the planet. And so silly that she just had one interview with him yesterday and she's worried about him. Maybe due to the fact that everyone looks up to him for being the superhero? Possibly, she wasn't sure at this point.

    Walking closer she felt a small smile tug at the edges of her lips seeing him return a ball to a young boy. Watching him return to the skies as a crowd began to form watching after him as well she started to hear the mummers of the people surrounding her. She then went back to thinking about Ryan. He might have returned to the cafe. Sara felt bad, and she felt she should return to apologize for her absences. So taking her leave as the cops started to arrive she made her way back to the small cafe.

    Before she knew it she arrived back at the place and all she could do was blink her eyes. Was she really that lost within her thoughts that she didn't know how quickly she made it back? Seemed like it. Entering she made her way back to her spot, but not before stopping at the counter and asking for a glass of tea. She did feel a bit parched from her running and her taste was in the mood for some tea.