Date or Blind Date 2

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  1. The rules are simple, you have to choose, either say date if you'd date the person above you, or take your chances and go on a date with the next person who posts by saying blind date!

    Since I'm first I will have to have a blind date~
  2. Thursday's not for another two days. Until then...Blind Date.
  3. Hello tall dark and packing.
  4. how about a date? girl's night out and we can take over the world ^^
  5. Sure, date!
  6. if you make me a margarita Date! if not well...
  7. Date! I'll get you drunk and then we'll...
  8. I just want to see who I'll get, so BLIND DATE.
  9. Epic Bro Date of Brosomeness
  10. Neh, blind date ^^;
  11. Lucky you~ Date!
  12. Date.

    *Drags Angl to a local bar for Booooze time*
  13. Hmm.
    Blind date.
  14. As much as I <3 you myrn I need to break the pattern...BLIND DATE
  15. Hey there purty lady!