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  1. Hey everyone, I may be new to the site, but not to roleplaying!

    I have been roleplaying for six years now, and I just recently took a two month vacation for personal reasons (life). So, all of the old RPs I was doing on the other yaoi RP forums are no longer fun. Because I wanted to start over, I found out about this site.

    Now to the fun part! :3

    Some Things I enjoy:
    ^ Seke/Seke pairing- flip-flopping during sexytime sounds yummy
    ^ Reversed Roles- Submissive/calm/clueless semes paired with flamboyant/dominate/loud-mouth ukes and others such as a submissive jock paired with a dominate loner
    ^ Weird Plots- One time I RPed as a warrior, who was in a relationship with a dragon. The dragon was also a shapeshifter.
    . _ .
    ^ Kitties- I fucking love nekos mainly when they're meowing each other. I'm opened to other HALF furry humans
    ^ A perfect mixture of fluff and rough smut
    ^ Toys
    ^ Drama-Fantasy-Historical-Realistic genre
    ^ Twincest/Incest- I RPed before as fraternal twins. I've done distant relatives.
    ^ Awkward Pairings- One day I was daydreaming about Prussia being in a relationship with Sweden. It was weird, but kind of amusing being that Prussia is all talk and Sweden doesn't say much of anything. I also RPed as a gender-blender Dee Dee from Dexter's Laboratory...(coughs) It was fun, don't judge me!

    No to...
    ^ Whiny Ukes
    ^ Wide-eyed Ukes...who look like five year-olds - I've been told that I have seme-manly looking ukes. I totally disagree...
    < _ >
    ^ DBSM- Depend on what's going on in the plot and with the characters. Because DBSM umbrellas different types of 'fetishes', I would rather discuss about it privately.
    ^ One liners- I'm not asking for a novel.

    Well, I hope I didn't scare anybody off...after I dropped that bass ;3
    It was much easier for me to list some things rather than explain them.
    I hope to meet you guys! :3
    Thanks for reading about me!
  2. Heyo! Welcome! Hope to see you around!
  3. omg I totally want to rpg with you!!!! You just put everything I want to do down and i now have the most amazing idea in the world for an rpg PLEASE PM me so we can converse!