Darkness Swallows the Boy {Looking for dominate male}

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  1. 'Dreams. Just something of one's imagination right? Just something that isn't real.. What if it really was real. No! That couldn't be possible. BEEP BEEP. Loud, scary noises are rushing around me.. BEEP BEEP. What is that?! BEEP BEEP. Was that a-... Just as I thought it, it was erased from my mine, my vision going back. BEEP BEEP.'

    Pierce shot up from his pillow, gasping for air. His eyes looked around the room. 'It's just my room..' he thought and sighed in slight annoyance and slight relief. 'What a relief..' he thought. BEEP BEEP. Pierce turned towards his alarm clock, which was making the awful noise. "Shit! I'm late!" he called and flung himself out of bed. He pulled on his school uniform, brushed his hair and teeth, slid on his shoes and rushed out the door. "God damn it, Mr. Halmen will never let me hear the end of it if I'm too late." he said to himself, rushing down the stairs of his dorms to his school.

    The school had a large fountain that he loved. He was running past it when you bumped into him, forcing him into the fountain. "Ouch!" He stated as he set up from the freezing water. He looked straight at you with an 'I'm going to kill you look.'. You were also late and had accidentally knocked into a classmate, which happened to be Pierce and well. Now Pierce was soaked and pissed.
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  2. Of all days he had to be late it had to be the first day since he had transferred. He grumbled, combing tousled hair away from his face as he fumbled through pockets trying to find the printed out map he seems to but always lose. 'Damn' he muttered to himself, fighting with trying to find the map as well brushing ebony locks of hair from his face. He needed to really to get his hair cut, but he found himself having to get other things done first and getting his hair cut just didn't seem as important as getting everything else ready for this new start. He sighed as he thought about it... Sleep, good sleep was another thing he should have really allowed himself, maybe then he wouldn't have decided on taking that 'nap'...that very long nap this morning.

    "Yes!"he exclaimed removing a piece of paper from his jacket pocket-and just at that moment looking up through ebony locks to catch the sight of of the other student. Kallen was too late though, not enough time to side step, but maybe just that enough time to catch his balance before landing in the same position as this other student. He stood there for a moment staring down onto the student in the fountain whom held quite an angered look. His own expression unreadable, but of course this was Kallen with the lack of proper rest, and maybe too because he had forgotten to eat since yesterday morning which made him look... Well scary... Shadowed bags, hair fallen over his face making his pale eyes stand out rather coldly, even his skin lacked color. It just made Kallen look like someone you really didn't want to mess with.

    He had briefly been staring down onto the student but his eyes quickly turned from the student to the piece of folded paper floating in front of the person. Silence... Could have been a deathly silence, or... failure. Kallen lent down, fishing out the paper he'd hoped was still readable, but the splotches of ink puddled all about the paper like tie-dye just canceled that little hope he may have had for a good start. A heavy sigh passed his lips before Kallen just dropped the soggy paper and reached for the student with both stretched out hands for the front of the students uniform.

    He had no intentions of being a brute but probably looked to it as he attempted this help towards the other student, appearing as if he may just be dragging the student out to lay a few punches onto him for the little trouble caused.
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