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  1. It's the year 200X and things aren't what they used to be. Since the creation of the internet by Dr. Tadashi Hikari the world has come a long way. The highlight of this incredibly advanced new world is the P.E.T (PErsonal Terminal) which is a small handheld device possessed by most humans and used for almost everything. E-mail, phonecalls, news letters. There is nothing electronic that the P.E.T can't do. But the biggest highlight of the P.E.T is the network navigator (navi) that resides within each of them. These navis protect against not only other navis but also viruses which might try to attack them. Each of them is equipped with natural abilities in addition to battle chips which greatly boosts their powers. But all has not been well in this advanced version of earth in recent times. Following the mass deletion of a building full of high ranking Japanese officials by a Netopian navi, as well as the bombing of the Japanese embassy in Netopia in the real world, war has erupted among the two countries. The motivation behind the attacks was never revealed. The war has spread from the real world and into the cyber world, with more casualties each day. All this while an even darker force looms in the shadows, waiting to make their own move.

    Terms to Know

    These are some terms which will be important througout the course of the r.p:
    • P.E.T- this is a handheld device which houses an operators navi and allows the operator to communicate with the navi
    • Operator- This is the human who operates a navi
    • Battle Chips- These are small chips that can be inserted into a slot in the P.E.T to give a navi extra power. There are three power categories for battle chips. standard chips which are plentiful and average and are of average power, mega chips which are more powerful and less common and giga chips which are rare and very powerful. Players can choose to create custom chips or use cannon chips.
    • Synchro-level- The level of synchronization between a navi and operators mind and soul. It is gauged on an index of 1-10
    • Cross-Fusion- This is the ability of a navi and operator to merge into one being in the human world. In order to achieve this one must have a synchro level of 7 and up. Free synchro-level tests are done at the Officials centers in each country, especially due to the war.
    • Full-Synchro- A perfect level 10 cross-fusion which temporarily perfects all character techniques
    • Busters- These are weapons which are exclusive to the navis that possess them, and cannot be granted by battle-chips. Each character may have one buster
    • Dark Chips. These are battle-chips which are equivalent to mega-chips but have several side effects including addiction, corruption of body, mind and soul, shortening of lifespan and eventual death. Use of these chips is illegal.

    Organizations and Ranks

    Their are several ranks that can be obtained in the r.p and these range from C-S rank.
    • C Class Navis- Navis who possess average power and mostly standard battle-chips
    • B Class Navis- These navis possess above average powers, mostly standard chips and some mega-chips
    • A class Navis- They possess exceptional skill and power and have mostly mega-chips
    • S Class Navis- They possess extraordinary natural skill and power and have a giga-chip
    N.B: Class upgrades must by applying at the local Officials center.

    The organizations which are present in society include the Officials and the net-police. Officials are the equivalent of police officers in Japan. They are responsible for upholding the law in the country and they are also the military officers who fight in the war on behalf of Japan. The Net-police are the Netopian equivalent of the Officials in Japan. You can also play as part of the civillian faction. There is also a third faction known as the Darkloids which will be available to play as as the r.p progresses.
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  2. 6 months ago
    The cloaked figure strolled slowly and purposefully toward the large building which housed the Japanese embassy in the Netopian net. He stopped short of the building and looked up. Taking it all in. It was big. Very big. And it was no doubt swarming with Japanese security navis. The cloaked figure shook his head. Now was no time to be intimidated. He had a job to do and he would do it without hesitation. It's not like anyone in that building would be able to put up a fight against him. His employers had seen to it that he was adequately armed. He walked over to the door and went in swiftly. The guards at the door eyed him suspiciously but said nothing and he quickly moved into the lobby. It was large and beautifully decorated. He could see that this building had been constructed with the latest technology. It wouldn't be so presentable when he was through. He strolled up to the navi receptionist and she frowned as she saw him. He spoke first. "Evening mam. Is this the Japanese embassy?" The receptionist nodded and replied. "Good evening to you as well sir. This is indeed the Japanese embassy, but I'm afraid I won't be able to assist you until you remove your cloak. It's a policy of ours, to defend against terrorism you see." He looked around and saw that almost every security navi in the building was now eyeing him cautiously as if getting ready to act on a moments notice. He turned back to face the receptionist. "It's ironic that you should mention terrorism. It just so happens that I'm here from Netopia and I have a special mission." He leaned in toward the receptionist and she skeptically leaned in as well. "I've been given the mission to annihilate you and everyone else in this building." The receptionist tensed. Of course she would. Next she would be pushing a panic button, but before she could even recover from her shock he felt the familiar energy beginning to spread out in his veins. It was a strange feeling. It was cold and dark and it made him feel like the most powerful navi on the net. It made him lose control of himself, and it left him wanting more. So much more. He would kill for more. There was no doubt about it, his operator had just inserted the dark-chip and it felt so good. The sword materialized in his hand and he looked into the eyes of the receptionist. There was true terror there. Before she even had time to get out a shout he swung the dark-sword and took of her head. It fell to the ground and her body soon followed, both disintegrating into nothing. From there on everything was hectic. The security navis all had there busters out in a reasonable time but none of them could get a shot out before he activated the dark-lance battle chip. Several spikes surfaced from the ground impaling every guard in sight. People started panicking and ran for the doors but he was quicker. Using the area-steal battle-chip he disappeared only to reappear in front the large double doors. He smiled at all the terror filled faces. He was going to kill them slowly so they would suffer. And then he was going to bomb this place to the ground, all in the name of Netopia.
    Present Day
    Keiro woke up from a terrible nightmare. It was the same reoccurring dream that he had been having for several nights now. There were dead navis everywhere on the net, and in the real world there was a wave of terror and grief over the mass deletion of every last navi in the Japanese embassy on the network. Soon after he came out of his dream haze he realized for the fifth night in a row what had sparked his dreams. The live news feed from the carnage in the Japanese embassy at Netopia had been on everyone's P.E.T. It was terrible. Death and destruction everywhere. And his father had apparently been hit hard too. He had complained about profit falls in his product. Keiro got up out if his bed and went over to the panoramic window in his room, which was on the 4th floor of his father's building. That was before war started between Netopia and Japan, he thought. As he looked through his window he mused over how calm the city was at night. It was hard to believe that there was a war being fought right now. He wondered how many human and navi soldiers were dyeing every second. And of course there is the caution warning on the net. It was so boring now. People were barely online. But who could blame them. No-one wanted to risk getting there navis deleted. Only a few brave and stupid people still sent their navis online. Everyone was tense now. If war got too close to the big cities' net then the technology would start to malfunction eventually from over activity. Keiro went back to his bed and closed his eyes. "I need to start watching less T.V."
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  3. Orion checked the time on his P.E.T., something he did regularly as a sign of slight impatience. “a watched pot never boils X” his navi, Nova, chided him for the umpteenth time, but then the doorbell rang. “what was that you were saying my Nova?” he didn’t even here her response as he rushed to his door. Today was the day his shipment came, a couple new battle chips and new programming software. after he signed for it and shut the door he was back at his computer screen loading the new program as he lined up his battle chips. His computer was set up on the floor and was attached to two screens.

    “now lets see what we have. Nova Jack in,” he pointed his P.E.T. at his computer tower and Nova was jacked into the computer via a infrared beam. Nova appeared on one of the screens as the program loaded on the next screen. “run program,”

    “are we customizing again?” Nova asked as she started up the program and found out that it was indeed another customization program. Orion never responded to her question, he was too busy typing away. As nova waited on one screen, all her information and statistics were on the other screen. Her defense, offence, mobility, buster and all that. This new software, when installed into her programming her Buster was upgraded into a bow and arrow rather than her normal shot buster. “initiating trial program, lets get you some target practice”
  4. Only the sound of soft snoring could be heard from the room of Aubrey Howard, well that and her navi DarkMan trying to wake her up. "Aubrey, wake up." He urged trying to wake the slumbering young girl. He waited a moment before, once again, asserting his voice among sounds of sleep coming from the youth. "Aubrey, get up!" The navi was growing impatient with his operator. When Aubrey still slept soundly DarkMan initiated a program on his P.E.T that emitted a high pitched squealing sound. This startled the girl into an unpleasant awakening. Aubrey jerked awake dislodging the purple and black P.E.T. from her headboard and right onto her head. She yelped in pain and angrily grabbed up the device. "What the HELL DarkMan!" She exclaimed quite irritated that she was woken up by the impatient navi. "What? I've been getting reports of some netopian navis harassing a Japanese area of the net, and I'm bored. You sleep too much anyways, jack me in." Aubrey grumbled and groggily walked to her run down computer that she had used for years. "You're so high maintenance, who cares about stupid netopian delinquents? I need my sleep." She grumbled all the way to the computer and pointed her P.E.T. At the terminal allowing DarkMan to jack in. The instant he materialized into the system he was bombarded by an assortment of little computer viruses, slowing Aubrey's computer down and cluttering her terminal (much like rats in the real world). He groaned and kept walking, kicking away the vermin and using a cannon chip or two to delete a few on his way to the net. "Hey Aub, when you gonna get a new computer? You've got a bit of a pest problem." He complained while stepping on one of the little buggers, deleting it. "We've been over this DarkMan I'm not getting rid of the old girl, dad left her for me." She said annoyed. "Well at least run some anti-virus up in here." DarkMan asserted. "Shut up DarkMan, you ARE my anti-virus. That's what you get for waking me up." Aub chuckled. DarkMan cursed under his breath, angrily charging his dark spread and deleting half a dozen viruses. This is going to be a long day, he thought to himself.
  5. Location: Netopian streets
    Time: Morning

    <"This is a bad idea Amelia...">

    <"Why? I've seen it done lots of times!">

    <"That was by professionals. You don't have that kind of experience.">

    <"Well, here goes anyway!">


    The small asian ignored her Net Navi's warnings and hopped onto the railing of the stairs with her skateboard. She only made it down a few inches before she promptly teetered off and fell on her back.

    "CRAP!" Amelia exclaimed, switching from Japanese to English. Arching her back, she slowly rolled onto her side. "Crap, crap, crap..."

    "Amelia! Are you alright?" DragonBlade exclaimed, her voice heavy with worry.

    "I'm fine, I'm fine..." Amelia muttered, picking up the P.E.T. That fell beside her. Luckily she hadn't fallen on the stair side of the railing. And plus, it wasn't very high to begin with.

    DragonBlade sighed and shook her head. It did no good to tell her operator I-told-you-so. She never really listened. "So, I suppose you will not go to school again?"

    "You guessed it." Amelia replied as she stood and hooked the P.E.T. back onto her belt. Then she dusted off her aqua blue sweater and black skinny pants. "There are more important things to do than school right now."

    DragonBlade felt inclined to argue, but held herself back. They had already gone over that many, many times. So the only thing she could do was put her hands on her hips, and sigh as Amelia picked up her skateboard, and went off to cause trouble somewhere.
  6. Net police duo, Green
    Hearing the public speaking about the Japanese Embassy bombing troubled Yuma Nakayama. Fear of the unknown. Instigating fear in people could only mean that as a tactic. Getting people to act a certain way also means the presence of control or power. Who would want to cause harm to civilians? Criminals, someone getting revenge or other means. She was lost in thought while sipping a cup of green tea. "Is there something on your mind, Yuma?" A black and white Navi sounded from her P.E.T. on the table in front of her.

    The brown haired girl snapped out of her thought process. She glanced at her Navi and stated, "No, everything is fine. I'm thinking about the Japanese embassy bombing...You don't have to worry, Techno." Yuma smiled as if to banish her thoughts. As she said that, an email came through. Techno accessed the email and had a grim look on his face. "You're not going to like this...There has been a report of a few Netopian navis crossing into a area of the Japanese net." His operator's smile disappeared.

    She put on a look of shock which quickly changed to seriousness. "We have to go and take a look. Let's go!" Yuma snatched her P.E.T and ran to her laptop. She pointed her device at it. "Jack in, Techno." Being transported to the net was easy. Seeing what was on the net was not. "The email stated the Navis were spotted causing trouble on the Japanese side of the net. Let's head that way." Techno stated, he wanted to say something but he thought better of it. He didn't want to bring up any old wounds. "We're almost there, any ideas?" He asked, inquiring what to do next. "Let's see what we're dealing with, Techno." Yuma hoped it wasn't anything they couldn't handle.
  7. Megafist had been working no stop to soothe the tension on the net Since the attack. The France net police branch decided to seen him to the Japanese headquarters. This was his first day in this server. So outta shyness megafist kept to himself and just made his way to the Reception. "Excuse me but the France branch sent me here saying my efforts would be better served here. I was just wondering where do I report?" Megafist patienpatiently awaited heloquently.
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