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  1. You wake up in a plain cell, there is a bed, a place to sit, and a table next to it. Within the room are five clues to your past, but as of right now they mean nothing to you, and a teddy bear with your name, well you think it is your name. Your past is blank. You can remember nothing prior to waking up in the stark cell.

    After you've been awake for a while a door opens in the wall and you follow the hall out to a large room with an observation glass. The view shows a planet, you assume it is your home planet. Then bight light spreads across the land masses. For what could be hours these explosions continue until there is nothing but darkness below.

    A voice comes over the PA and sends you into another room. You obey, because if you don't dire consequences will befall you. Inside the room a simulation starts up.

    You're in a space station with dozens of other people. Ranging in age from about 10 to twilight years. The space station is massive. When you're not in a simulation you can explore a bit.

    Important Rooms (open)

    -Atrium: This room has a garden and the large windows that look down on the dark planet below.
    -Cafeteria: This room is just as it sounds. A classic cafeteria. There appears to nobody who runs it. In fact you're fairly certain there isn't anyone other than the Dreamless on the ship, that is other than the Voice.
    -The bedrooms: Each of you (the Dreamless) has a private room.
    -The showers: A non-marked bathroom and locker room type room. There are several on each level of the ship.
    (more to come)

    Character Sheet (open)


    Apox Age Range:

    Room Items: (Up to 5)

    Self Assessment:

    Personal Profile (Under Development. This will be updated regularly with new information your character learns about themselves.):



    Appearance: (Photograph Strongly Preferred - No Anime)

    Character Sheet explained a bit (open)

    Your character's name can be found on a teddy bear in their room. The bear can be creepy or cute to incorporate horror elements.

    Aprox Age Range: As you likely do not know your exact age because of lack of memories, please include an approximate age range that your character thinks they are.

    Describe up to 5 items in your room and the histories that they suggest. These are vague histories, not fully fleshed out. As we learn more about ourselves we can fill out the Personal Profile. Things that happen during the story will trigger your memories, but the triggers have to make sense. For example: buttered toast might trigger a memory of your mom making you toast and a conversation you had with her at the table which will reveal more things about you. Our histories will be dynamic, and your character might assume something from a memory, only to have it corrected in a later memory that clarifies things.

    Self Assessment: This are the traits that your character notices about themselves. Prone to anger? Calm and level headed?

    Journal: Your character may keep a journal, which everyone can find in their respective rooms. It is up to you whether your character will update this journal with their thoughts and feelings and observations about other characters. Try to indent any journal entries if you can in order to make the entries easier to spot.

    Approval: All Character Sheets must receive approval prior to posting in the IC, to be created after we have enough players.

    Please do not hesitate to ask me any questions or to make suggestions as they are always welcome. Also, let me know if you would like me to post more backstory or description. I want to leave it as open as possible for you to develop your own theories for your character.

    Posting Requirement: I can be very scatter brained and so ask you to please include your characters name in each of your posts to make it easy to remember who's story we are reading. It might be an odd request, but it really does help me to stay focused and know who I'm reading about.

    My Character (open)

    Name: Tessa Green

    Apox Age Range: 18-23

    Room Items:
    1. An ace of spades card, the design is of a raven, it has a diamond shaped hole punched into it.
    2. A booklet of matchsticks, over half them are used.
    3. A small zippered hard case with a needle and a mostly used bottle of clear liquid. On the outside of the bottle is a chemical structure pasted on it.


    4. A bag with several different types of dice in it.

    5. A picture of what appears to be a very young Tessa sitting on a woman's lap, the woman's face is burned off.

    Self Assessment: Tessa is super patient, and she keeps a level head in most situations, except those involving deep water. Tessa flinches if someone looks as if they are going to hit her. Tessa feels like she was at some point in a abusive relationship. She has several scars, that there was no way she could have done to herself. Her right shoulder doesn't move quite right and if she puts it behind her back it hurts. She can barely touch the tips of her fingers together (that over one shoulder and under with the other test). Tessa acts quickly, sometimes before she thinks the process through. Even though she flinches when a punch is thrown at her, she is surprisingly capable at defending herself. She is also extremely limber.

    Personal Profile (Under Development): At first Tessa thought the hard case was insulin, but she hasn't felt as if she has needed it. She assumes the picture of the blonde child is of her and likely her mother. She thinks she might have burned the top part of the picture off. Tessa hasn't gone through any withdraws, so she assumes she was not smoking. She has felt the desire to burn one of the matches, but hasn't yet feeling that she has to save them for something important. The dice do not seem weighted, and are a standard full set.

    Bear: An old bear, easily older than Tessa. Upon squeezing it Tessa felt something solid in it. She opened the bear and found what looks like a small bone, possibly an infant's rib bone.

    Journal: A school composition book, the black and white cover type, with the first page torn out.


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  2. Name: Cricket Westley

    Apox Age Range: She believes she looks 25, but could be off by a few years

    Room Items: (Up to 5)

    1. Dresser with mirror (all drawers are empty), with lipstick smeared on the mirror with the words “I refuse to give up!!!” (picture)
    2. A picture of a baby boy in a frame wearing a santa hat (picture)
    3. A camera without any pictures on it, or SD card (picture)
    4. A postcard without any addresses on it that reads “The sunsets I’ve seen since being here can’t compare to your beauty. I miss you. Xoxo”(picture)
    5. A slightly smashed tube of pink lipstick (picture)

    Self Assessment: Cricket feels she has a determination inside her, as upon waking to her surroundings, she feels anger. But channeled anger into wanting to do something about what’s happening, not an uncontrolled anger to throw things and what not. She believes herself to be open minded with an innocence in order to believe in something supernatural like a God, as she feels she is religious. She finds herself to be a quick thinker, although possibly jumping to conclusions by the way she quickly left her bed when waking and began analyzing everything in the room, even looking for other people’s hairs left behind and taking out all the dresser drawers to find more. She feels a bit lethargic, as if she wasn’t used to getting such a deep sleep or being very strong, though her mind seems sharp and her body doesn’t feel weak. Perhaps mentally and emotionally run down from everyday life prior to this. She also finds herself impatient, wanting to find the next thing, the next motivation, seemingly needing stimulation every second like she’s used to keeping busy.

    Personal Profile (Under Development): Judging by the bear, Cricket believes she might be religious in some fashion. When it comes to the baby in the frame, she has to assume it’s her son. Not to mention her stomach is a maze of various white and pink stretch marks and scars. The postcard suggests someone cares about her. Or at least did. Do they miss her because they are no longer together? Or because they are simply not where she is? She’s not sure. As there is no picture of a significant other in the room like the baby. She sees nothing regarding parents, which leads her to believe they aren’t a big part of her life for some reason. Estranged or dead, she assumes. The camera makes her wonder if she wasn’t an amateur photographer. The camera doesn’t look professional, but good enough. And appears to store a few pictures without needing a memory card. The lipstick suggests to her that she cares at least a little about her appearance, although the neutral hue makes her think she didn’t like to overdo it.

    Says the prayer “Now I lay me down to sleep” when pressed.

    Yellow tinted pages, all blank

    Approx. 5’6”, 130lbs (give or take 5)
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  6. Name: According to the Bear, her name is Lily.

    Apox Age Range: 18-20

    Room Items: (Up to 5)

    1) A lily in a vase. Hahahaha insert name joke here.

    2) A notebook full of writing, some in English, some in Japanese, with several pages torn out. The name on the inside of the cover has been scratched out. The writing is full of story ideas, some of which has been fleshed out more, some of which have been crossed out. There are also some doodles in the margins of things pertaining to the various stories.

    3) A kendo sword, with a few markings scratched into the handle. Wins, losses? Not sure at the moment. However, it does look well used, so she might practice Kendo.

    4) An iPad, however it seems to be wiped clean of any data pertaining to who Lily is. There are no photos, contacts, e-mails or anything. There seem to be a lot of Hidden Object Puzzle games, but other than that, anything personal is gone. Also, there is no charger.

    5) A small Japanese inspired wooden doll. Possibly a hint to her heritage? Maybe Japanese, or Japanese descended? Who knows? [​IMG]

    Self Assessment: Lily seems to be creative, given her notebook. Also, seems to be deeply connected with Japanese culture. If she is Japanese, she's not too sure. She can read the writing in the book, as well as knows how to use the kendo sword. She does seem to be in good shape because of the kendo. She does have a scar on her left shoulder, long and thin. Maybe a sword? Maybe a car accident? However that is interrupted by the fact that her left left is a prosthetic from the knee down. Well... car accident got bumped up to the top of the list. However, it feels natural to her, and the scar is old, so maybe a childhood accident. She can keep her balance well on her leg. It seems less like a handicap and more of her actual limb. However, the notebook seems to be full of story ideas with magic, and set in other worlds, so that is of no help at the moment.

    Personal Profile (Under Development. This will be updated regularly with new information your character learns about themselves.): Lily seems to be a writer of some sort, who also enjoys Kendo. She is probably Japanese descended, since she can speak and write both English and Japanese pretty well. She is in pretty good shape, aside from the prosthetic on her left leg. From her bear, she seems to be one to keep secrets about herself, since it has a hidden compartment.

    The bear seems like a normal bear, but it has a zipper with some scraps of paper stuff inside. "Let me out," in Japanese.

    Journal: A green leather bound journal, that has been handbound. Has uneven paper, and is wrapped with a leather cord. Perfect for a writer.

    Appearance: (Photograph Strongly Preferred - No Anime)

    Lily has long black hair, just past her shoulders, which is loose and a bit wavy. Brown eyes, and stands at about five foot four.
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  7. I'd hope so... I only wrote this while you were in the same room and asked you like a dozen questions. @Kirah
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  10. Name: Axel Steele

    Apox Age Range: 25-28

    Room Items: (Up to 5)

    1. Small Night Stand with a drawer holding all items.

    2. 3.Two pairs of gloves, one form fitting leather, the other a rubber-like texture with webbing

    4. A zippo lighter

    5. An old key attached to a long chain

    Self Assessment: Axel feels calm and patient. In his unknown surroundings he finds himself breathing with ease rather than trepidation, thinking rationally rather than emotionally on his next move. He doesn't speak very much and when he does it is soft spoken, a notion that he may be gentle in nature and not one for violence or unethical actions. His eyes are two colors but he passes that off to a gene from his parents. He feels a bit anxious physically, as if his body is used to quick movements and bursts of expelled energy. He finds himself pacing when he is unable to let go of the energy building up inside of him. He is physically fit with a slender yet lithe frame and yearns to put his body to use. After surveying his entire body he finds a portion of his rib cage leading around his lower back to be mottled with scars from a deep burn wound, though he is unsure from where or how it came. He wears a blue-grey beanie on his head and it feels strange to take it off, a feeling as if he might be losing something valuable or sentimental if he did.

    Personal Profile (Under Development. This will be updated regularly with new information your character learns about themselves.): His room has a night stand and two pairs of gloves, which makes him believe he enjoys a bit of fashion perhaps? He is unsure as to why he has the gloves besides for looks, the webbed pair being an odd and not very practical choice. His journal proves to be his hand writing with what seems to be flawless writing. The words are strange though and don't quite make sense. They do nothing to explain more about himself, not until he has time to look deeper in to the journal, which has about one third filled in from top to bottom with his writing. The lighter inflicts an emotion within him he battles against, a memory forgotten but painful. The key means nothing but he wears the chain around his neck anyway, curious to find the hole they key fits in to.

    2. Bear:
    There is a saftey pin holding together a seam that had partially ripped by the base of the tail.

    3. Journal:
    One third of the journal is filled in with beautiful hand writing.

  11. What is the writing in the journal? For the journal there shouldn't be any writing as of yet.

    For Kitty she got away with it because it is one of her items.

    Otherwise I love Axel and he's totally accepted.

    You know what. I'll allow it as long as it is coded and your character has to crack it. But that will be hard. I have a plan. Yes I allow it.

    You can't hear the evil I'm my voice. But it's there and I'm plotting.
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  12. ..I can hear it. I'm terrified.
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  13. Intrigued and possibly slightly terrified XD Looking forward to this rp
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  19. FYI unless your character knows Japanese you do not understand lily when she speaks in Japanese.
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