Darkness and Light. (Anowell and EMreich.)

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  1. Minnue. Big marble houses with lots of high towers that almost seem they can reach the sky. Gems of all colors bathing in the sun rays, decorating the buildings. Plants and flowers making their way through cracks of the streets, homes, taverns, shops. Minnue truly is Valiryas loveliest city. And the most alive one. Loud, happy folks are everywhere. Children running around, sellers yelling out prices and the goods they're offering, ladies and lords taking relaxing strolls around their beloved city. The day is beautiful, but it is even more special. Today is The Festival Of Nature and colorful flags are decorating the city, making it even more bright. Here, far away from the battlefields there is no feeling of war.

    A girl walks the marble streets. A basket full of fresh fruit in her hands, close to her chest. A big, white grin never leaving her face. She is in a rush, in the middle of all loud life around her. And she loves it. Three children pass running next to her, almost knocking her down. ''Sorry Selyna!'' One of them yells and Selyna lets out a light laugh. It almost sounded like tiny bells are jiggling.

    ''Watch where you're going Petyr!'' The girl yells after the children, the smile not leaving her face. Soon she walks into a tavern and most of the people greet her. She doesn't miss to greet a single person. ''How are you today Lady Saan? , A lovely day isn't it Ser Donahov? , How is your leg today Jocelyn?'' After a few chatting moments the girl proceeds to the back room, the kitchen. It is filled with wonderful smells, all of the meals holding the best nature can give. In the honor of the festival of course. The always cheerful cook, Marcees, greets Selyna. ''Sely! You been shoppings I sees! Good good!'' Marcees is a foreigner and he treats Selyna as his own child. He has known her since she was a child. ''As always.'' Selyna answers with a smile. ''Where is father?'' She asks putting the basket onto a nearby wooden table. ''In the study of course.'' Marcus answers stiring the vegetable soup hes preparing and Selyna rushes upstairs, into the part of the buliding where her "house" is.