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Beyond the world that the human eye reaches lay a civilization of magical beings. Separated by court and majesty this world holds more danger, conflict, and possibility than what humans could possibly fathom. Living along side in invisible silence these magical beings tend to their own lives ad worries within the court they serve. But now, because of the cruelty of one of their own kind, their entire civilization could be lost or tortured. (Only taking players for the nobility of each court! Thanks!) The court of Wraith is looking to start a war, taking over the other courts as their own and kill any fey in their path, feeding off their bloodied deaths to gain more power. Why don't they declare a war themselves? Starting the whole chain of epic events into action? They can't be the ones to start a war. Inhibited by this ancient rule another court aside from them must decide to start the conflict.

Will the court's be able to work together to stop Wraith? Will Wraith get their long awaited war? RP to find out!!

Great topic for political maneuvering and military dynamics. Will have some good bargaining scenes, fighting, and a tad of romance. IF you have any questions please ask!

Some Basics:
All fey are "allergic" so to say to steel/iron, it burns them to the touch.
Fey can't be seen by humans unless they choose to wear a glamour that makes them visible and shields their inhuman beauty.
They all have abnormal speed.
They live along side humans, but they themselves are invisible.
Each court has a place of residence where a large number of their people reside and their power thrives. (Each char can choose what their residence is.)
Everywhere else is considered neutral territory if you're not on your residence. So watch your back.

The Winter court, ruled by one king alone (to be played by the one and only October! cue round of applause) is cold, strong, elegant, graceful, fiercely loyal and seemingly emotionless. Largely the court of balance in the world of fey, they are the embodiment of winter; when they take a breath frost trails through their lips. The winter king once spoke words that describes perfectly the balance which this court calmly watches over everyday say: "We are the court of balance and hidden beauty. Logic and emotion, calm and fury, death and rebirth all come together in the Winter Court."

This courts opposing court: Summer.

Creating weapons out of frost.
Calling on hail, snow, or frost.
When at his strongest the winter king can create something to the effect of a blizzard within his general area.

The Summer court, ruled by a troubled King is known for not taking themselves too seriously. Soaking in everything that Summer is about such as passion, frivolity, and pleasure, these fey feed off the happiness and pleasure that they, and other humans experience.

Character needed: Someone who want's to play the troubled Summer King! (Troubled specifically being prone to beating himself up, and weak by the recent winter.)

Opposing Courts: Winter and Dark

(In the series it is going to be nearing the end of winter, start of summer so due to it mostly being winter the summer court stands at a disadvantage.)
Using sunlight as a heating tool or blinding tool.
Plants seem greener and healthier when a summer fey passes.
When at his strongest the summer king can scorching heat.

The Dark court as described by the queen herself is: "Where desires rule. Where love is twisted with lust, pleasure with pain; where violence and temptation consume. We suffer the trappings of nightmares and play among the shadows; we are the beauty in darkness." Known for being selfish this court feeds of the negative emotions of humans.

Characters needed: A cruel dark queen that is very often twisted by lust.

Opposing Courts: Summer, though they mostly pay little attention to other courts.

Shadows snake behind them wherever they go, and they can call on shadows to do their bidding such as form binding ropes, cages, or other such materials.
When at his strongest the Dark king is slightly delirious, completely enraged and can form weapons out of shadows.

The Metal Court may seem to have the advantage due to their metal immunity. But this isn't the case at all. Why? Their ruler is human. Plagued with all the human down falls metal is their Queen's only power aside from her fey glamour. They fey she rules are solitary wanderers and outcasts that didn't have a natural aptitude to all the other courts and have minimal if not basic powers.

Characters Needed: Metal queen which is going to be played by yours truly! (wildbutterfly17)

Opposing Courts: Generally this court ignores the rest, and is ignored and only called on in major emergencies'.

Abnormal beauty like the fey have.
Immunity to metal/steel/iron due to the queens humanity.
The Queens people have super speed and strength.
That is it, pretty minimal compared to the other courts.

Residence: A loft in the city with furniture and décor that is all made of metal, mostly steel.

The court of Wraith feeds of blood, war, and death. Cruel, underhanded, and plain evil this court looks to destroy all others and take over, having been weakened by peace over the last few years. Growing stronger with every bloodied fey or betrayal they may get the war they seek.

Characters: Wraith King and brother King.

Opposing Courts: All.

Abnormally good combat skills
The more die the more power they gain.
When at their strongest Wraith nobility can control an entire army with ease.
Character Bio:
Name: Chroma
Age: 23
Court: Metal Queen
Personality: If she sees something she wants, she goes for it. She has a lot of strength. Energetic, active, and she is a competent ruler that has unwavering devotion to her people. Thought she values success almost as much as her people she could also be considered extremely stubborn. Unmoving like metal she is strong, nearly unbreakable, and has great courage of conviction. Secretly she wishes she were a fey and did not have to deal with the disease of being nothing but human.

Her place of residence:
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What she looks like:
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Character Bio:
Name: Aleena Charine. (Al-ee-nah Shar-een.) is the name the Queen of Darkness goes by. Of course, this is not her real name since there is immeasurable power in knowing a Fae's true name.
Age: Aleena's age could be placed around three hundred seventy-five years old though she has the form of a twenty-three year old. ...A very lush, toned, elegant twenty-three year old.
Court: Dark
Personality: Aleena is driven by lust, both sexual and powerful. Unwilling to patiently await a slow rise to power Aleena called on Shadows to propel her up the chain of command. At a mere fifty years of age the resourceful woman found her way into the bed of the Dark king. Her seductive powers captured his soul and he took her as his foremost lady. Within ten years she'd won a seat at his right hand and the will to his throne upon his death which, by no coincidence, followed shortly thereafter. Though not unnecessarily cruel...most of the time, Aleena has ruled the Dark kingdom for the past three centuries with an "iron clad fist within a velvet glove". Minus the iron, of course.
Name: Eldren Durante

Age: Speculation puts him in his late sixties, but no one is totally sure.

Court: Winter


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Powerful and domineering, decisive, egotistical, ruthless and dedicated. Eldren has a cold demeanor and an icy presence about him that others often mistake for lack of emotion, but in reality he is just an outwardly cold person. Just below the surface, for those that stick around long enough to break through the ice, is a trustworthy and compassionate friend and ally. A very cunning man, the king will do whatever it takes to establish his kingdom as a major power, above all else he wants a great alliance that will take his Kingdom into a peaceful future.

The Winter Court

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Name: Daevas Muimne
Age: 74
Court: Wraith
Personality: Sadistic and cruel, he is manipulative with a candy coating. He does not show his true self unless he sees no point in manipulating. He has one soft spot in his heart and that is reserved for his queen.
I got wraith/lich king brother person.

Character Bio:
Name: Grand Lich* Evard the Black
Age: 378
Court: Wraith (Though he has plans to change that)
Possible Nazyphir.jpg

*: Lich is the Wraith Court equivalent of Advisor. Grand Lich is the title given to the advisor of the ruling family

Lich's Army (different, and kept secret, from the rest of the Wraith Court)
Wychs (Long and medium range spells; All Female)

Succubi (Melee Specialists; All Female)

Shadow Divers (Shadows given arcane life; can move short distances and hide in shadows of non-living objects)

Wraiths (Shadows given arcane life; Flying; Melee and medium to short range spells)

Nethermancer Courtiers, aka Lichs (Powerful Nethermancers, with slight necromantic abilities; Act as advisors to Wraith Court Nobles; Secretly follow Evard, and should he succeed with his plans, will become the nobles of his court)

The Ero-Terror (Shadow beast designed by Evard himself; Tends to 'play' with its food due to serving a secondary purpose as a pleasure beast at Wraith Court 'banquets'; Very large {2 stories tall when standing straight}; only one exists)

Fear Immortal (Shadow beast designed by Evard himself; Utterly ruthless, very physically powerful; Rapid regeneration, negated by magic; Enjoys the taste of humans, and appears as an immense shadow to them; Exudes an aura of fear; Roughly the size of a large elephant)
[size=+2]Character Bio:[/size]​

Name: Ciaphas Isha Khaine

Age: A little younger than time.
Court: Summer.
Personality: Nothing is worth doing if its not worth being done passionately. Life is about living and the heat of the sun powers all. Even in the depths of winter it is there and so the summer court will endure. The palace rife with art, music, pleasure. But in the throne room the king enjoys them only halfheartedly. The hedonistic pleasures surrounding him cannot quell the portents that something big is about to happen, and with his court at its weakest he is looking to less direct means of confrontation.
Knowing you, I doubt that name got spat out of a generator.
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Does this mean I get to NPC my queen? You ruined my chances at love, TnT.
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Also, I changed it, so instead I'm a loyal advisor to your family, though I am quite prepared to be an awesome one of those!

BTW, Flutters, I've worked out a past for Lich with Symph. The kind of past that "stays in the past." (Those kinds of pasts tend to do the opposite, though) If you want (which you probably will) I can PM you the basics of it.
Hey guys.

Ok, so like Wildbutterfly said in her last post, our scene is pretty much over, in other words, everything -plot wise- that is going to happen, has happened. I may or may not get a chance to respond today, and I am going to be MIA until Monday. However, this should give other people a chance to catch up and take care of anything they wish to do.

Also, It looks like war is on the horizon for Summer and Winter (How fitting) I will address this in my next post as well.


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Daevas didn't go anywhere...
He was just sort of sitting on the couch?
He was talking to Aleena, but she wandered off to her bedroom.

"After Aleena, Daevas followed her suit, reclining on the luxurious couch of the Dark Queen. One eyebrow on Daevas's face arched upwards at the interruptions in his conversation with Aleena while she was asking him about the news of his queen. He took in the information being passed, his ears open to the news. One of her servants was missing, though it sounded more as if his was a defection. "
((I thought we weren't starting the war yet...actually, I thought when the war did start it wouldn't be just one giant battle between Winter and Summer...I thought Dark and Metal were jumping into their respective alliances first. >_> I am so confused as to why this happened so quickly. Did I miss a memo?))

@ Symphony - Yes, we did decide to jump into the conflict between Winter and Summer. It is not going to be an all out war, but a battle that will end when Summer and Winter collectively discover that they have been played. As for skipping the whole "alliance part" that is something Vay and I discussed with Wildbutterfly. I feel like I am probably the one who rushed it, because I had tried to gain allegiance with Metal, but to no avail. I figured this would be a good way to not only get some added drama in the plot but also start developing the War court as our true enemy.

We should have posted something in the group about this under the plot thread, and from now on I'll try my best to make sure that happens.


From now on keep all OOC content OUT of the IC thread. If you have some Game stuff to discuss and can't reach anyone VIA the Cbox or PM, do it here.
Ok, I've got a question that I've been wondering about for a while: What exactly is our setting? Is each court in its own city/town? And how modern are things, since this RP is labeled Modern? Is it 2011 modern, Industrial Revolution modern, or closer to Middle Ages?