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    Darkest Light
    Medieval Fantasy, Magical Girls
    Recruiting - ???/??? Spots filled

    Graphics by me
    Devil's Card map created with the help of [Mowkie's guide]

    Note: This post is subject to updates.


    Darkest Light is but a stroke on the canvas that is a larger universe called The Devil's Card. Originally conceived as a simple medieval adventure as well as a "magic academy", I decided to delve deeper into the other side of the world and develop what the last rays of humanities former society is up to -that is, the Exodus civilization. Eventually other genres seeped in and what became of it is Darkest Light, a sort of "magic girls of a medieval age" set up.

    This roleplay will be managed through groups determined by players before the IC starts, reflecting the bands that disperse into the rest of the world. This has the potential for either 1x1's between you and I if you decide you wish to "go it alone" or for traditional roleplay groups with multiple players.

    Note that though this contains magical girl elements, it is not a light-hearted or "modern" magical girl setting. There won't be any girls dressed in pop-star or school-girl uniforms. In the same vein, it is not meant to be comedic. The setting will be quite 'serious' in that the danger will be real and the decisions you make drastic and (hopefully) will impact your character mentally.

    As it stands, I do not have a maximum number of players. This does not mean I will be accepting unlimited players. Eventually I will decide on a <10-player cap and choose from amongst the applicants who gets in. This does mean there will be the potential for players being denied in favor of others.

    Darkest Light will adhere to a writing standard of ADEPT.

    "No longer poor in strength through their foolish retention of customs, the people of Exodus stretch their newfound might into the infested lands outside."

    Through years of unyielding worship and unwavering hope, the prayers of a desperate peoples were eventually answered. The outside world called it luck, while the people of Exodus stood firm in their belief that it was an act of gratitude bestowed upon them. Where once the angels had become silent for many long years, one had finally descended from the safety of heaven to their world of Naphis.

    Its name was Throchael, an angel of immense stature, long known for his servitude alongside humanity in the former wars against Hell. But his descent was not temporary and beautiful. Throchael had been cast down for unknown reasons, his wings shrunken and weak. Feathers fell from them in waves, slowly rendering them bare. His voice was dire and hurried. With a great beating of his wings, the rest of the feathers disappeared into the sky. He spoke to the people of Exodus.

    "Children of Naphis. Your prayers have not gone unheard. In my dying breath I grant you all the power I have. Use it well." Throchael fell to his knees in the middle of the church's great hall and went silent. Throughout the lands of Exodus, young women found a feather of immaculate whiteness fall into their hands, granting them powers otherwise impossible without stooping to the level of demonologists.

    No longer powerless in a world of magic, the people of Exodus have opted to send their cleansing ideals outwards in hopes of diminishing the grip Hell holds over the world. In a short two years, the girls blessed by Throchael are trained in various fields before being sent off as 'Inquisitors', across the seas.

    But as these young women will soon learn, the world is far worse than they had initially assumed. More than a holy power at their disposal will fix it.

    "Were it not for our own hard work, putting our lives in danger, you yourself wouldn't last a mere ten minutes in this town. What can you do to help? You are self-righteous."

    The world of The Devil's Card/Darkest Light, or as the people living there would call it, "Naphis", is one of demons and corruption. It wasn't always so rife with infernal activity, however, as Naphis was once the site of a seemingly eternal war. Angels siding with humans in favor of goodness and light worked together to keep the endlessly leaking stream of demons arising from Hell. At the time, humans and angels succeeded in maintaining a peaceful realm for their civilization, but time took its toll on all of them, and eventually the angels left completely. Sealed away in their Heaven, the angels were saved from having to fight ever again, though left humanity without a source of magical powers to combat the demons.

    One man by the name of Gerasas did the unthinkable, and made a deal with an archdemon. In return for power to continue fighting the infernal, he sacrificed much of his soul, as well as the souls of countless other men at his command. The birth of demonology stemmed from his act, and from then on the world of Naphis resorted to demonology to protect themselves, harmful as it was in many ways.

    Centuries into the future, the study of demonology and the practices within it still hold strong, now taught through education to any individual aspiring to protect their friends and family. But one part of Naphis, however, did not follow this shift in culture.

    When the angels had left, the people now making up Exodus traveled as far as they could from the majority of Hell gates, unwilling to turn to the power of demons. Hiding themselves away, they maintained a sanctuary far from the rising effects of demonology, and continued to adhere to their Heaven-worshiping doctrines. As the absence of angels was seemingly resolute, they did not receive any visitation from their saviors... until but two years ago. Now, with magically-imbued humans at their disposal, Exodus sends their will across the land.

    • [​IMG]
      • Red dots denote the locations of known Hellgates.
      • Many other towns and cities exist on the map, but are not displayed.
      • Naphis is approximately the size of real-world China.


      • Cape North - The northernmost region of Naphis, primarily made up of taiga and loosely associated human villages.
      • Darklands - A massively infested region rendered inhospitable by the sheer amount of nefarious energy in the air. It is unknown what truly resides within the region besides countless demonic entities, as any expedition into the location returns either possessed individuals or nothing at all. The coastline as well is strictly avoided by sailors. Even before the angels left, the area was unexplored, leading many to believe an extremely large Hellgate resides in its heart.
      • Exodus - Sanctuary for a society that did not falter in its adherence to old holy doctrine. Their civilization has been untouched by outside influence for several centuries, unmarred by demonic presences... as far as they can tell. Home of the Inquisitors.
      • Gerasas - Largest city of Naphis and location of Gerasas Academy of Demonology. Gerasas is a highly urbanized city-state and likely the safest city in Naphis besides Exodus itself.
      • Instel - A coastal town to the north currently plagued with internal societal issues. Eastern immigrants from across the Cel Desban ocean, seeking safety from their own demonic issues, conflict with the natives of Naphis living there. Cultural differences clash, and due to their small numbers and lack of formal governed society, the immigrants are pushed into slums juts outside of Instel.
      • The Old Gothic - An abandoned city built in honor of angels long ago. Now a ghost town and riddled with demonic activity. Heavily damaged by humans during the aftermath of the angels' departure.
      • Sunsavoid - A desert city ruled by Queen Ibekhat. Capital of the Storm Kingdom and oldest civilization on Naphis. Territory extends East towards the Darklands and North to the Tarnush Wetlands.
      • Tarnush Wetlands - Long believed to be entirely possessed by an immensely powerful abyssal archdemon, the Tarnush Wetlands are considered cursed and very dangerous. Utilizing the rivers as reference points during travel leads to becoming lost, as their paths frequently and perpetually shift to lead travelers astray. The current map depicting them is but a representation of its area, rather than the true appearance of its coursing waterways.

      • Angel - A winged being originating from Heaven. Much like demons, they come in various shapes and sizes. Unseen in the world today. Worship of angels is illegal in all places but Exodus, considered to be an idiot's ideal.
      • Archdemon - A particularly powerful demon, generally a Western Demon, possessing command over a large number of other demons.
      • Demon - Any entity stemming from Hell and possessing various supernatural powers. Classified into various categories defining their general characteristics.
      • Demonborn - Individuals born from a demonic parent. Display any number of characteristics including horns, tails, and superhuman physical ability.
      • Demonology - The study of demons, and the practice of utilizing their powers towards human goals.
      • The East - An unvisited land of humans across the Cel Desban Ocean. "Former" home of the Wareta.
      • Gerasas - The first demonologist, founder of the Gerasas Academy, and considered the greatest demonologist to live. Now deceased.
      • Heaven - The otherworldly realm of angels. Humans bearing "good" qualities ascend to Heaven after death.
      • Hell - The otherworldly realm of demons. Humans bearing "evil" qualities descend to Hell after death.
      • Hellgate - A location of varying appearance in which demons may enter Naphis from Hell. The size of Gate determines what kind of demon may escape, and can only allow escape periodically.
      • Inquisitor - A young woman of Exodus possessing supernatural powers gifted from Throchael.
      • Nephilim - Beings born from an angel and a human. Nephilim are known for their huge heights and supernatural strength, though due to their association with angels, have largely been wiped out. Only the smallest Nephilim still walk Naphis today, hidden amongst the human populace.
      • Possession - The act of a demon taking supernatural control over a living thing or inanimate object.
      • Sealing - The act of forcing a demon to possess someone or something, and keeping it there indefinitely.
      • Soul - The unseen life force of a living thing, able to be manipulated by supernatural forces.
      • Wareta - The Eastern peoples immigrating to Naphis. The Wareta supposedly immigrated to Naphis to escape a rampant demon problem in their homeland, only to find themselves in another one.

    • TBD


    • Characters don't necessarily have to be female Inquisitors. If you'd like to play a male (or female) possibly accompanying an Inquisitor, shoot me a message. These types of characters will be limited in number.
    • Inquisitors should be relatively young, but not so young that they're questionably effective even with powers. ~14 and up.
    • Powers can be anything within reason. Check yourself.
    • Give me a sample post at the end of the sheet. At least two paragraphs is fine enough. I merely want to see what [I think] your writing level is.
    • Bios don't need to be super "spectacular". With the lack of demonic activity around Exodus and the relatively utopian nature of its civilization, there isn't much room for bad things to happen (not that you need to have a grim history to be interesting).
    • Your powers will be about as effective against demons as a trained demonologist. There is definite room for growth.
    • Besides powers, your character might have been gifted with an angelic weapon.


    With that I invite people to express interest and suggestions. If I see enough interest I'll make an OOC and start reviewing applications that have been made or will be made.
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  2. Heyo. Dropping in as usual, don't suppose a Demonologist would be playable?
  3. Possibly. Debating whether or not it'd be better to make this roleplay a bit more open in scope, rather than focused solely on Exodus. If enough people express interest in being someone other than an Inquisitor, I'll do just that.
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