Darkest Depths

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  1. I thought up an idea I liked, the very nature of magic in a fantasy world is torn apart, causing a world-wide cataclysm.

    A famous wizard, no longer able to control his powers, has a vision of a gigantic beating heart, deep underground, in his final month, he gathers everyone he can find, from the greatest warrior to the quietest theif, and gives them a mission;

    Go to the epicenter of the cataclysm, there they will find a structure, they must enter this labyrinth, and stop the heart to end the chaos.

    By the time the Rp starts, the majority of the gathered warriors have been killed, and the players find themselves at the gate, there they must enter the Labyrinth, find the heart, and destroy it. Unfortunately, the labyrinth is so stained with magic, that it does not follow reality, and it is filled with strange denizens.

    Questions and suggestions are encouraged.

    I'm thinking people can play as those sent to end the cataclysm, or the denizens that will either help or hinder their goal.
  2. I. Like it.
    Count me in for now, I'd love to see the more detailed OOC Sign ups~
  3. You've caught my interest.
  4. Interest piqued. Craving more.
  5. Sounds like it could be fun. I'm curious.
  6. You have my interest
  7. What are the limits on races?
  8. For the warriors sent to stop the heart, All classic fantasy races are accepted. (Elves, Dwarves, Humans, Halflings, Gnomes, Orcs etc.) Made-up races could be used as well, though more naturally magical a creature is, the more unstable it is due to the cataclysm.

    For the denizens, as reality itself is bent in the Labyrinth, a lot of creatures are a one-race species, and pretty much anything would go. To make things fair, it can't be more powerful than a dragon. (Though it could use wits and tactics to be more dangerous than a dragon.) Denizens can range from Humanoid to monstrous.

    I'm going to put OOC up tomorrow.
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