Dark Woods. [[OOC]]



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Dark Woods IC

It's summer. You and a bunch of your friends are getting ready to go on a road trip.
You're making sure that you bring lots of alcohol, drugs, and things to eat.
Though, there's one thing missing. Your protection of yourself. With that, you
try to find something useful. Something no one else would think of. While packing your
things into the car, one of your friends comes across your knife. The one you plan
to use in the wilderness to only protect yourself.

"Sasha, what is this?"

Sasha looked over her shoulder and smirked a bit.

"I'm not going out to the middle of nowhere without having any protection.
You guys might think it's all right, but you don't know exactly what is out there
and how long it's going to take for someone to find us, if we go missing."

The shorted breath Sasha gave was knowing that she was doing something right. The rest of them
just wanted to party it up. Find a cave or something and scoop out trails that were never walked
on before.

"I plan to have everything with me, for as long as I'm alive."

"Oh Sasha, you're such a worry wart."

"I am not. I just like knowing what I'm getting myself up against."

The next day, you're all gathering into a car. One that was lent by parents. To make sure that the car
comes back in one piece. As well as yourself. While driving, you're bickering at each other, telling jokes and
stories a like. Nothing changes. You finally get to the park. It looks like no one has been there yet since
the start of summer, and it's the perfect time for you all to get a place by the lake. There no one will bother
you and it's about half a mile from the park cabin. You're setting up your tents, and in the meantime getting
some things ready for the BBQ.

All of a sudden, you hear cries. Almost like screams. Unsure of what it is, you just ignore it and continue to do
what you're doing. The cries and screams got louder than before. Almost unbearable to ignore.

"Hey guys! Do you hear that? It sounds like its coming from over there..."

Sasha looked around as if she was curious on what it was.

"It's probably nothing, Sasha. Stop worrying so much. We're here to have fun."

That night,the screams still played in Sasha's head. She was unsure what they were, and where they were coming from.
It was making her uneasy, and unwilling to sleep. Sasha had to figure out what it was, and where it was. Crawling out
of her tent, she moved to the east down along the lake. Flashlight in her hand, shining brightly in front of her.

That morning the rest of the group wakes up, but neither of them see Sasha.
Your goal as a role-player is to find Sasha... and to find what the screams were the night before.
Also, to be able to survive the treached woods of the park.

Do you think you're up for the challenge?

So here's the deal. Sasha has gone missing. You're in the middle of no where. You have to survive on what's out there, and what you have. Though, your goal is to find Sasha, and find whatever was screaming or making the sounds the night before when you were settling in. If failed to do this, your character will die.

I will not have Character sheets. This will be a Jump In for when I have the IC up, and will be Newb Friendly. You do however have to follow all Iwaku rules, along with my own. My own are simple.

1. No god-modding.
2. This is realistic.
3. No, you can't be a creature of some kind, or a race of another. You're all human. If I feel like I need something to be the beast, I will ask one of you to take on the role. If not I will hand pick maybe a moderator. If I ask nicely.
4. No speed posting. I know everyone likes to do that, but please I want people to take their time with this.
5. Please check all grammar and spelling errors. If you use Fire Fox, you can right click on the word that is underlined and it will give you options to correct it.
6. Last but not least...