Dark Tower-Verse RP. (Looking for Male gunslinger)

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  1. I have been dying to do this plot! Looking for serious, long term partners only!

    This is the version of what happens after the final book that the plot will follow. I know I changed it, but it works!
    What happens after the Dark Tower (open)
    Roland reawakens back in time to continue his journey once again, this time fully aware of his previous journeys and the mistakes he made in the past. He continues on following the man in black through the desert, but this time rather than letting Jake fall, he saves him. (After all, he already knows what the man’s going to say anyway.) This chain of events sets the ka-tet on a new, yet familiar path. The lives lost along the way are spared, Susannah never becomes pregnant with Mordred, and the ka-tet reaches the tower as a whole. This time however, they manage to banish the Crimson king from the tower and upon reaching the door sent back to Gilead together to rebuild the city as it had been before its fall.

    Rise of Gilead It takes the Ka-tet several decades to begin recruiting more gunslingers, as well as rebuilding Gilead to its former glory. Eddie and Susannah have several children during their time there, and eventually Jake finds himself married to female gunslinger to begin raising his own family. Roland never truly got over the loss of his first love, but eventually has a child with a gilly, whom he raises as a Deschain rather than a bastard. The children of the ka-tet have children of their own and so on and so on, each generation producing a new line of gunslingers. The Dechain children, much like Roland himself, are proven adept with the gun, and take over the task of training the future gunslingers with a few changes in the rules. Those who fail the ‘trial of manhood’ are not sent West, but are allowed to remain in Gilead, although they can never attempt to become gunslingers again.

    Mid-World slowly begins to grow and expand, cities blossoming now that time is once again restored to the universe. Gunslingers begin to travel the roads again, doing as gunslingers do, and it is almost as if the stories of the ka-tet of nineteen are simply myths. The Crimson King is forgotten about, and everyone goes on about their lives.

    The plot begins with the great-grandchildren of the original ka-tet. Roland’s great-grandson is now in charge of training the future gunslingers. Like his great-grandfather, he has passed the trial of manhood at a young age, with a natural talent for the gun and a sharp intellect that makes him a natural gunslinger. Among the group of future gunslingers is a lone female, the great-granddaughter of Jake Chambers, who shows the same amount of potential as her great-grandfather. From the beginning there is an attraction between the two, but because of their roles they ignore it as much as possible, steering clear of each other in order to follow their chosen paths.

    But ka has a mysterious way of working, and the citizens of Mid-World have forgotten all about a dangerous enemy who is still fuming over his ousting from the Tower. The Crimson King has been weakened, but he has not been defeated. With the assistance of a sorcerer, he has placed an enchantment on Mid-World, freezing it in time until he can discover a way to remove the banishment placed on him. Somehow only the original ka-tet’s kin are untouched by the enchantment. (Mostly due to Roland’s relationship to the Crimson King, and the ka-tet’s exposure to Maerlyn’s Rainbow.)

    The citizens may be frozen, but minions of the Crimson King are not. Soon they’re infesting Mid-World and various whens like a plague, using doorways to jump between worlds in order to cause chaos. With only one gunslinger, and one soon-to-be it is up to them to travel the path of their legendary relatives in order to find a way to restore time and put a stop to the Crimson King for good.

    A bit disappointed with how the explanation turned out, but it’s basically all there. Your character would be Roland’s great-grandson and I will be playing Jake’s great-granddaughter. The story will begin shortly before the enchantment is placed, with our two characters working together to prepare for my character’s trial of manhood (In this case, womanhood!)

    Now, as to what I am looking for. I’m looking for someone who knows the books, mostly the key characters and events. The languages, cities, and all those other things aren’t exactly important since I can help out with that if need be.

    Things that will be involved in the plot:
    • Todash
    • Doors
    • Various When’s, including modern times
    • Multi-verses
    • Low Men
    • Vampires
    • Demons
    • Thinnies
    • Crimson King
    • Witches

    Things that will not be involved:

    • Blane (Fuck Blane the Pain!)
    • Greys and Pubs (And the city of Lud for that matter)
    • Wolves of the Calla (They’re not coming back, sorry!)
    • Maerlyn’s Rainbow (They’ll be mentioned, but won’t actually be in the plot.
    I already have a few characters created for the plot. My main character, however, will be https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/characters/annasea-chambers.4873/

    I’m looking for someone who can write multiple paragraphs, and feels comfortable letting me have some major control over the plot (Unusual request for me.). I’m not saying I’ll control it all, and I certainly won’t ignore suggestions, but I’d like to steer where our characters are going and a good chunk of what happens to them.

    Romance is a must. Smut not so much. Remember, this is a forbidden love kind of thing. Your character cannot actually get involved with my character because of his role, and she refuses to get involved with him because she wants to succeed on her own. The attraction will be mostly physical at first, and mental in the sense that they both admire each other’s skills. They are not in love! Mostly it’s just lust and infatuation that is kept tightly under wraps. (Read: Extreme tension alert!) Also note! Your character will only be slightly older than mine. My character will be 17-18, the age range for yours will be 21-24.

    I am really, really, really craving this plot! This means I am not simply going to play it out with just anyone that comes along. I want commitment to the story! (Yes, put a damn ring on it! Just kidding!) I want someone who knows that they will stick it out till the end. I understand real life comes first, as long as you let me know when things will be tough for you to post, that’s all I ask. Please, for the love of God don’t drop this story on me! I may die of a broken heart. (Not really, but I’ll be depressed.)

    A post twice a week is all I really need, but more is certainly appreciated, loved and cherished like tiny gifts from heaven.

    That’s all I can think of for now. I’m sure I’ll add more in the future. If you’re interested, feel free to poke me, tag me, or whatever you want to do to get my attention. :P
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