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Dark Stories by the Fire

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by MerlotBeauty, Dec 27, 2014.

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  1. Hello. =)

    So, I'm getting back into RP after about a month or so of busy life and holidays! Whew, it's nice to have time to RP again. With that in mind, I would love a good story filled with some good smut, darkness, and the like.

    Before jumping into plots, I would ask that you read over my own style and preferences regarding writing partners. While I am friendly and always open to trying new things, I am learning that compatibility is important.​

    RP Style and Expectations (Note: Please read this section. It will be obvious if you do not.)
    • Grammar and Quality

      I would appreciate respectable grammar and spelling from my partner, but RP is meant to be fun. I will not judge or comment unless I genuinely cannot read or understand the content (no text-talk or one-liners please). Additionally, I would prefer a writing partner who wants work with me to develop plot and setting as we go, and will offer and post ideas as well as demonstrate a strong understanding of elements of story (characterization, setting, plot movement etc).

      One-sided RPing/plot development is a huge pet peeve of mine; for those who merely follow along without offering any plot/movement/development for their part expect the RP to end rather quickly and abruptly.
    • Communication

      Discussion and chit-chat is a must for me. I find that it helps to break the ice, and allows a rapport to build. In OOC we can coordinate and discuss the story as needed, but also it is always nice to be able to relax and have fun. I feel this is also critical to ensure that we are both enjoying the story.

      Additionally, I do not pester or nag for posts. I assume that those who express interest will post consistently—even if it’s slow. I understand that life can get busy. Note: Extended periods of inactivity (usually more than a month or so) without notice may result in termination of the story.

      My own pacing is currently varied (Anywhere from a post a day to a week or even longer). There are many factors to consider, so all I ask is understanding and patience I will try to let you know if I will have extended absence, or if I need take a break due to real life commitments.
    • Originality

      I prefer to write original stories, but I have a very short list of open-world settings that I am willing to explore. However, with fan-fiction, I have some specific expectations, and I may be a little... high maintenance.

    Plot Hooks

    Okay, on to the fun stuff. =) All of these hooks are rather basic with lots of room for interpretation. I love plotting and developing stories with my partners, so these are merely a starting point. =) Other ideas are, of course, welcome.
    • The Siege - Our numbers were depleted, resources nearly gone. Innocents were starving and well beyond fear. We had no choice but to... surrender.
    • Forgotten - We should not have forgotten our past. We were complacent and foolish. Now it may be too late...
    • Immortal War - ... and as usual mortals are caught in the middle.

    If you find that you're interested, please feel free to PM or post below (especially if you have questions).
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  2. A bit interested. :) Would love to discuss some plots with you.
  3. Just a small bump; still looking for some writing partners. =)
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