Dark Manor Remake

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    Scotland. A beautiful country with rolling green hills and lovely blue skies. The land is littered with mansions and manors and one of them has been inherited by you. Dark Manor is a large mansion found in the middle of a forest that can be very easily lost in. It's history is unknown. You and your class have come to Scotland for a history excursion and the lot of you have gotten lost. As a large storm came out of nowhere, you decided to take cover in the abandoned mansion.

    Basic Plot:
    It's pretty much a horror roleplay where your character gets killed off. No one knows who it is doing the killing, or what. However, once one is dead, they come back as ghosts, only showing themselves at night.

    - Please, do NOT join and never come back. I understand if you are busy, but seriously, this cannot work unless everyone is here.
    - Your character may or may not die. The decision is mine. By joining this RP, you will be giving me permission to kill them off as I see fit for the RP.
    - Just, generals rules, eg. Powerplaying, god modding, mary sues/gary stues


    The ____



    The goth - Demmy

    Acantha Veta:

    Crimson Veta:


    The tech nerd

    The Prissy

    The jock

    The artist

    The average one

    The Goths

    Name: Acantha and Crimson Veta
    Nickname: Acan and Crim
    Age: They're both 16
    Gender: Both female



Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.