Dark Horizon

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The Dark Horizon​

*Bio It is a forum about anything and everything, there are 12 different layouts to choose from.

*Extra Unlike most forums, the Dark Horizon has some special features you can't find all that much anywhere.
On the dark horizon, you can pick what color your username can be and any extra features. For an example you can request a small little image next to your user name like this
and anything else that can be possible, like underlined name or bold name.
You can also choose your rank image, Under everyone's Avatar there is a rank image. You can request your rank image as well.

*Journals Member Journals are a special feature, they can only be seen by members. They are more private, in the journals you can talk about just about anything. You can even request that they be password protected.

*New Feature For a while I've been wanting to make the board a little more private, so I have hid most of the boards from view to guests. If you are a new member, you will go through a short trial. You won't be able to see all of the boards until you receive a certain amount of posts, but as you post more and more. The boards will appear, once you reach Member ∙ Then you have gotten enough posts to see all but one board (which I am not sure if I will keep or not, so that's why not everyone can see it just yet)

Not only that but now I have added more groups, colors and kewl effects to each new group like ○ ♦
It isn't very hard, by the time you reach 20 posts you become a full member.

Dark horizon

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The forum is normally very small, not many posts come by. But I am always on and someone does stop by every now and again.​