Dark Heresy: The White Chamber

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  1. A majestic white dragon with eyes black as night appeared behind john. As it roared, it looked down on all everything like everything was beneath it* "another daughter of Alexanders? Why am I not surprised?"

    Alexander smiled * "you're doing great baby girl." *he glared up at the white dragon* "John we have this under control, leave."
  2. Get rekt (open)
  3. I'm excited to continue. A winter arc for a skinny girl who is naturally colder than normal! It's going to be filled with bitching and wishing.
  4. It didn't matter what order he went out, he could see the shattered dorm below as he spiraled downwards. the flashes of gunfire greeted him along with the screams of dieing heretics serenading their arrival. As much as he disliked dropping in so close to his targets as soon as the gravchute slowed hid decent his longlas was aimed and a his first shot went though the eye of a cultist who was approaching the arbitrator's shield, he reloaded and the next shot sent another cultist down clutching his throat. "They never learn to take cover." he said moving to cover the isle parallel to the one the arbitrator has blocking and the sound of his rifle sounded several more times.
  5. Lucius walked out of a jewelry shop with a small bag and a smile.
  6. "I don't like being in the way."
  7. Ashley pull away and reach for him.

    "She's quite attach to you."
  8. Got it! One more question, can we post WIPs in the character profile registry?
  9. So, I was in the library, and out of the corner of my eye, I saw "Clifford's Good Deed" and I thought it said "Clifford, God's Dead"

    And I just thought "Wow, Clifford took a really edgy turn in the past few years."
  10. Well.... umm.... * awkwardly stares at that and doesn't know how to respond* I guess congrats.

    ( Seems kind of fast, but that is just me and the fact I am twenty and single and come from a family who married and had kids older.)
  11. Harmony was giving Melody a bath in the bathroom.

    Ashley continue sleeping contently.
  12. Booboo it's okay, literally all I do in this group is scream out spur-of-the-moment commentary and stream of consciousness. None of this shit is ever meant to get some sorta closure or conclusion.


  13. "I want more.." Anya beg softly.
  14. I dunno. It's hard to say, I mean even putting aside that they are weaponless, Revy was able to hold her own quite well with somebody who could shatter kukri knives with her teeth.
  15. "But you usually have company."
  16. [​IMG]

    can you explain this in 10 words or less, anyone
  17. i have no regrets bringing in Bombane Tribulator
  18. Episode Two:


    Somewhere in the lower depths of the Elsinore, in one of the many spires that extended from the underbelly of the ancient ship, a small chamber was filled with censer-smoke. Six machines worked away in the mist... six thrones arrayed with servo-arms and apothecarius assemblies. They were working to repair their occupants, following ancient programmes and the will of the Omnissiah that was present in all things.

    And as the Acolytes sat healing in their medical chairs, Lieutenant Gadron of the naval guard stood by the stainglass window. The collar of his fur-lined cloak hid his sneer, but it didn't take a psyker to sense his discontent. He had probably been sent here by the Captain himself.

    "Twenty one fatalities," he rasped, watching the service craft circle below on their final pre-warp checks. "Six guardsmen in the hands of the apothecaries. And that's before we calculate the ordinance we used to cleanse that shit-hole."

    A skull floated above his shoulder, borne on cherbuic wings, and attached beneath its mandible was a leather book in which it recorded the Lieutenant's words. The servo-skull was tattooed with the mark of the Administratum, a scribe machine in official attendance.

    "With the Chapel vapourised..." Lieutenant Gadron continued, "...and the Mendicant Order gone, Cloister will be reclassified a Dead World." He turned to regard the throned Acolytes, his bionic eye whirring as it focussed on them. "Four months of preparation, and we are left with this: a paper-chain for the scribes of the Administratum!"

    Arbitrator Vates watched the lieutenant's scowl. One of the servo-arms of his chair was raised and a volley of needles were being inserted into his face, pumping stims beneath the burnt skin. Vates kept as still as possible, and spoke as the machine did its work.

    "I am sorry for your losses, Lieutenant."

    Gadron spat on the floor, the weight of twenty-one lost guardsmen as heavy as his naval cloak. "You are Inquistion. You are sorry for nothing."

    "It was a trap," replied Vates as the needles pierced his charred neck. "The Evertore knew we were coming. He knew long enough to install a daemonhost on that planet. He was toying with us from the start. Where there is treachery, seek it out."

    "Do not question the sanctity of my ship, Arbitrator!" the lieutenant hissed, pushing aside the hovering servo-skull as he stormed towards the door. "Your failure has been made known to the Sector Admiralty and our resources are no longer at your disposal. You will return to the Moonbase at Sheol XVII. Prepare for warp jump."

    The censer mists swirled away as the lieutenant exited, followed by the fluttering servo-skull.

    And as he departed, Vates sat back in his apothecary-throne, wincing as his blood was pumped with stimms. His slurring voice spoke out to the other Acolytes seated around him. "The Emperor does not... smile on us... this day."

  19. "They left me on this bloody ship," muttered the hulking, tattooed brute on the forward observation platform on the bridge of the Elsinore. He wore a long black flak coat, the front of it opened to reveal his dark-olive skin, covered in long swirling tattoos. His voice was gruff and throaty, and he spoke with an accent that rolled the vowels differently than normally heard.

    "You were needed here, Primary Zayin Gorrax," replied a mechanical, vaguely female voice.

    "Call me Z," the massive Psyker said, turning to face the sickeningly skinny Astropath. There were vague hints of humanity left on it, but not much-- a crystal-blue eye, facial skin and, strangely enough, long locks of blond hair tied back at the nape of the neck hidden underneath tubes and cables. "Aye, I get it-- some kind-of 'living auspex,' 'warp detector,' or some other shit like that, yeah?"

    "You are to be monitoring with ever-vigilance the battle, Primary, and supply Inquisitor Vates with all tactical data as pertaining to warp signatures, and any other miscellaneous battle data as can be un-obtained through thermal and sonar pinging over the auspex."

    "Yeah, yeah," Zayin interrupted, waving his hand in some mock-contempt. He sidled close to the Astropath and let his free hand wander over it enticingly, his other hand a steely grip on the 2 meter long staff of smoothed, unadorned wood-- an amplifier and focus. It wasn't very powerful, but frighteningly effective. "You still have all the... fun bits left, from being human?"

    Before she could answer, his mind exploded in a white flash of pure, exuberant, and excruciating pain near-bordering on pleasure. Something... had just manifested itself, thousands of miles below them on the planet. Right where the assault had been planned. He fell to his knees, but refused to let this... whatever it was... treat him like a bitch.

    "W.. warp activity, on the planet below!" he finally bellowed, throwing himself forward to the CIC...


    Zayin stared hard into the back of the lieutenant as he stormed out of the healing chamber. "Fracking asshole," he spat, and loudly, not even a second after the chamber doors had sealed themselves in the lieutenant's wake. He allowed a moment to linger before he sighed and turned to face Urellis Vates, leaning heavily on his ebony staff.

    "Sorry about all this shit, Vates," he said, gesturing broadly. He shrugged, allowing what little guilt he felt for the deaths to fall from his shoulders. He was mainly upset over a perceived failure. "You're right, you know; about them heretics knowin' we were comin'. I dunno if these frackers had anything to do with it, but..." Again he shrugged, mostly out of an apathetic sense from not knowing what to do next.

    There was a sudden menacing silence as Zayin began to roll words on his tongue. He wasn't sure he wanted to ask, but...

    "Is it dead?" He finally blurted out. "That thing down there, I mean... I felt it, sure as sure, the second it... Did whatever it did, to you lot. I--I don't know how it was able to even be there, how it got there so quickly, or--I mean, none of us--" He cut himself off with the sharp growl of an inaudible curse before asking again.

    "Is it fracking dead or not?"