Dark Heresy: The White Chamber

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The Chamber has been opened...


There is a shadow moving through the Calixis Sector...

It passes in whispers, uttered on the lips of crazed and haunted souls... A name... a legend... a monster in the night...

They call him The Evertore... and some say he served the Left Hand of the Emperor. An Inquisitor - a warrior against the darkness, but now corrupted.

For nineteen months we have hunted him - we, the servants of the pure Inquisitor, Jonas Conway. And now the net draws tight... At dawn tomorrow we shall spring our trap and strike at the Evertore himself in his den of cultists.

Emperor willing, we shall stop him... before he finds the White Chamber... before all that we have known comes to an end...
After almost two years of planning, the Acolytes of Inquisitor Conway launch an attack on the Shrine Planet of Cloister, where the Evertore and his cult are hiding out in an old Black Templar stronghold. But they underestimate the Evertore. A trap is sprung and a daemonhost released without warning. A platoon of guardsmen is slaughtered and the operation ends in disaster. The Evertore vanishes from the planet.

With Imperial support withdrawn, the Acolytes are ordered to return to their Inquisitor. But halfway through the jump to Sheol XVII they drop out of warp due to an unexplained spatial anamoly. They end up adrift, next to the space hulk of the Acherade, a Rogue Trader vessel that was recently in the vicinity of Cloister. Upon boarding it the Acolytes find the crew slaughtered and, more strangely, an entire spehrical section of its interior removed. The captain's log makes mention of the Evertore coming onboard and a "White Chamber" being opened, but before the Acolytes can investigate further they are ambushed by Dark Eldar, who seem to also be hunting the Evertore. Two of the Acolytes are killed and the rest barely escape with their lives.

In an effort to track down the part of the Acherade that was removed, the Acolytes proceed to Sigurd IV, the ship's original destination. There they learn of an orbital collision between a fragment of the Acherade and another ship carrying an Ork Waaagh! The Orks have now crashed on the planet and are trying to invade. Believing that the Evertore was aboard the fragment of the Acherade that crashed, the Acolytes must journey into the heart of the Ork warzone in order to locate the wreckage.

Here's the character form. If anyone REEEEEEALLY wants to play an Astartes or something non-human then PM me and I'll make snippy comments at you:


Class: (race, character-type, rank)

Homeworld: (just so I know what kind of physicalities you're used to)

Appearance: (Pic preferred)

Personality: (How the rest of the group would describe you)

Starting Equipment: (We'll be starting with a surprise attack on a den of cultists, so be prepared. You may have ONE thing that is special - e.g. a power weapon or a gunsight or a high-quality weapon)

Investigation Skills: (Any abilities that could help in long-term investigation)

Combat Skills: (Anything unusual you can do in a fight)

Extraordinary Abilities: (psychic powers, bionics, weird languages, heightened senses, arcane knowledge, war wounds, etc.)

Brief Background: (How Inquisitor Conway noticed you.)
Name: Urellis Vates

Class: Human Arbitrator Investigator

Homeworld: Imperial World


Personality: The group know Vates as a tenacious leader who never hesitates and never backs down. He prides himself on personal purity and self-discipline, continually exercising and reciting Imperial mantras. He believes whole-heartedly in the Imperial Creed and sees himself as an instrument of the Light.

Starting Equipment: Power Maul, Suppression Shield, Arbitrator Shotgun with 40 rounds, good-quality autopistol with red-dot lazer-sight. Flak armour.

Investigation Skills: Vates is good at socialising with other Imperial Servants and choosing the right things to say to the right people. His flawless reputation and zealous faith gives him the respect he needs to converse with people at all levels.

Combat Skills: Vates is fast and nimble, with most of his strength in his abs and legs. He excells at hand-to-hand combat against multiple opponents.

Extraordinary Abilities: None.

Brief Background: Born on a Cardinal World, Urellis Vates was steeped in the Imperial Cult from the moment he was born. Orphaned at the age of seven, he was taken into training by the Courthouses and became one the most promising students the Arbitrators had ever seen. After twenty years immaculate service, Vates was recommended to Senior Arbitrator Kae Drusil, who was in the process of forming the Divisio Immoralis. This was a group operating under Lord Marshall Goreman and tasked to investigate heresy throughout the Calixis Sector. Vates accepted without question, and five years later he was transferred to the tutelage of Inquisitor Conway, who wanted a Divisio representative on his team. Since then, Vates has become something of a leader amongst the warband.
Name: Julius Hansen

Class: Human Guardsman Sergeant.

Homeworld: Imperial World


Personality: He's a strategic thinker, always keeping in mind the group's safety, entering rooms first and during battle taking the lead, only if Urellis is unable due to a variety of reasons. He's a man who enjoys not having to go chasing heretics and prefers to be drinking and smoking his lho-sticks, but he's not one to complain about doing his duty to the Empire of Man when he's called up to duty.

Starting Equipment: High quality Las Carbine with 4 charge packs, pump shotgun with 20 shells, a combat knife, 5 grenades (3 frags, 2 blind grenades), flak armour.

Investigation Skills: He's more prone to a physical style of getting information, he prefers to intimidate his targets and rough them up a little. He's also more prone to actually comitting the violence rathen than just threatening about it.

Combat Skills: He's a versatile shooter, though more often than not, he'll be shooting from a safe position

Extraordinary Abilities: Bionic arm, he lost his real one in his last mission and has just recently recovered enough to fight again.

Brief Background: He was born in a Death World, son of a Guardsman and a Cleric who lived at one of the bases created by the Imperium. He joined the Guard to follow in his mother's footsteps, and to leave that World.

There he ended up becoming a soldier in the Margin Crusade, coming out of it a far more experienced soldier, and having gained nothing but hate for the heretics and xenos, who killed so many of his companions. His commissar recommended him for the Inquisition after been told that Inquisitor Conway -an aquiantance from the Crusade-, was looking for soldiers to join his retinue, Julius didn't mind the promotion.

Name: Eli Gaunt

Class: Human Guardsman Sergeant

Homeworld: Sinophia (hive world)


Eli is a runty and pallid individual with mousy hair a gray eyes.

Personality: Eli is a serious, no-nonsense individual. He says very little, but the other members of the group know they can come to him with most anything. He's professional, and won't ask questions when given an order to do something (questions aren't asked in the Imperial Guard, after all).

Starting Equipment: Lasgun with a scope, laspistol, chainsword and smoking pipe.

Investigation Skills: Eli is quite small, so he can fit into tight spaces and is fairly talented at sneaking around if the mission at hand requires stealth.

Combat Skills: Eli almost always keeps his cool, even in combat! Although Eli is only a human, and a small one at that, he is quick and agile enough to take care of himself in melee.

Extraordinary Abilities: Eli is a light sleeper, and after spending such a long time in the trenches he can judge quite well when there is a fight headed in his direction.

Brief Background: Eli lived on the hive world Sinophia before he became a member of the Guard. There he worked as a specialist at a factory manufacturing tanks. Eventually he was drafted into the Guard and given the role of a crew member aboard a Leman Russ tank. Not long into his first campaign, however, his tank was destroyed, and Eli barely escaped with his life. Instead of finding another tank for him however, a Commissar gave him a vest and a lasgun, and threw him into the trenches, where he would remain for a very extended campaign. Eventually Inquisitor Conway noticed that Eli had managed to stay alive during the siege far longer than many of his fellow guardsmen, and took him off of the line for a special assignment...

Name: Viktor Pius

Class: Human, Commissar Cadet

Homeworld: Ryza - Forge World

Appearance: Blonde, blue eyes, light skin and standing about 6 foot even. Looks to be about 20 years old. Wears the uniform of a full commissar however instead of having red trim it is blue, along with this is a specific cadet emblem.

Personality: Viktor is loyal to the Imperium through his heart and soul. Even while he holds faith in the Emperor and the Imperium he is not as outspoken as some, perfering actions to speak in place of his voice.

Starting Equipment: Meltagun, las pistol with extra charge packs, combat blade, and flak armor.

Investigation Skills: Viktor is trained primarily in ways of imtimidation in order to garner information.

Combat Skills: None. Dispite the fact that he was in training to become a Commissar, he has not had sufficant experiance leading troops to insipre them.

Extraordinary Abilities: Viktor is inheriently lucky. This was seen when his squad was pinned down and the traitor guardsmen could not hit him nor the other survivors.

Brief Background: Viktor Pius grew up in one of the many Schola Progenium that the Imperium operates. Judging his talents best he was place into the ranks of the Commissariat and placed within the ranks of a training squad assigned to the Vostroyan 79th Firstborn Regiment. During the course of his training the squad unearthed that the company that they were attached to had turned to chaos and found themselves hunted. Alerting the Regiment's command they held off constant attacks before more loyalist forces arrived. In the end he was one of three survivors out of the squad of ten, the others both also students. With no recommendation to become a full commissar he was reshuffled, being assigned to Inqusitor Conway's retuine.
Name: Caine "Crisis" Jericus

Class: Human (Augmented), Artisan of the Adeptus Mechanicus
(Artisans are the weaponsmiths and armorers of the adeptus mechanicus, they also control the vast magority of servitors)

Homeworld: Meridium (Dead World)


Although Cain has both arms as augmentics rather than the breacher.

Personality: (How the rest of the group would describe you)

Starting Equipment: Carapace armor, mechanicus robes and vestments, Hellpistol, Mechadendrites (two with machining ends and two with grasper ends),

Investigation Skills: Cain is highly skilled at noticing defects in weapons and analysing damage done to weapons, such as nicks and dents in swords, as such, he can trace a weapon back to its production line and date of manufacture in the time it would take untrained eyes to discern the make and model of the weapon.

Combat Skills: (Anything unusual you can do in a fight)

Extraordinary Abilities: Cain's body is almost entirely augmentic, his arms, chest, left leg,

Brief Background: Cain was an Acolyte for Inquisitor Iakov Von Yastobaal, a freind and ally of Inquisitor Conway, when Van Yastobaal died, Cain was asked to join the inquisitors retinue and continue his inquisitorial service.

he accepted.

(Ill finish the rest later)
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Name: Severus Hawknight

Class: Human Assassin Secluce

Homeworld: Rageria (Hive World)


Personality: All about the job, when there a target, it dies. End of story, no man gets in the way or they might end up dead too. Unable to bide by distraction, or others slowing him down.

Starting Equipment:

Long Las Rifle with telescopic sight.
Stub Automatic Pistol
Flak Armour
Black Bodyglove

Investigation Skills: He knows how assassins think and how they organize, hes also pretty intimidating.

Combat Skills: He can hit targets from a long range, or hit specific points at shorter ranges.

Extraordinary Abilities: Excellent eyesight, hr can see a target and identify things from great distances.

Brief Background: First noticed by Inquisitor Conway when a noble under investigation for heresy had an accident involving a las shot to the head, While it was unfortunate that his heresy has not exposed it was perhaps fitting that it was his corrupt dealings where the cause for his death.
Name: Zayin Gorrax

Imperial Psyker

Homeworld: Hive World


Personality: Loud, blunt, and irritatingly rude, Zayin is surprisingly easy to get along with so long as you: don't say anything stupid, don't do anything stupid, don't presume to know him, and don't question his sanity. Those who know of his history are wary of his presence, as he is prone to random, wanton murder.

Starting Equipment: Hellpistol with 5 additional 30-round clips worn on a bandoleer across his bare chest and a black Light Flak Long Coat over that; an equipment-belt with standard kit (first aid, communication, etc.); a plain, perfectly smooth and unassuming 2m long Psy-staff.

Investigation Skills: Mild telepathic ability; Zayin can easily hear unguarded mental broadcasts. However, he has very little ability to bore into minds or read even mildly protected thoughts. Being a street urchin in his youth, Zayin knows the workings of underground society. Zayin is also very, very good at negotiation involving fists, knives, and any other instrument of bodily harm which, thankfully enough, can lead a person have an unguarded mind...

Combat Skills: Basic Guardsman Training, street-honed hand-to-hand combat.

Extraordinary Abilities: Officially Classified as a "High Epsilon-level Psyker," Zayin is specifically a highly capable telekinetic. Everything within his 'sphere of influence,' he is able to manipulate. The closer he is to the object, the more capable his talents are. For example, just because he can see you, doesn't mean he can effect you. However, if you were in the same room with him, he could theoretically lift you from the ground and, if you were standing right in front of him, tear you in half from the mid-section. The power is mostly used for combative purposes: lifting enemies and throwing them with immense force, tearing chunks from the ground/wall to use as cover, etc..

Brief Background:

Instead of being executed for the massacre of his entire Imperial Guard unit following the (successful) assault on a heretic camp, Zayin opted to be sent to a Penal Legion, and instead of being sent to a Penal Legion, he was black-bagged and taken to one of the infamous Blackships. And instead of being fed to the Emperor, he was trained by the Scholasta Psykana-- his potential as a psyker weapon for the Imperium too great to pass.

Not wanting to waste his newly developed talents on a Penal Legion, a new means of deploying Zayin Gorrax was needed...
Name: Alarius Santoro

Class: Human, Eversor Assassin

Homeworld: Scintilla (hive world)


Personality: Alarius has a somewhat morbid sense of humor, a trait that many would (correctly) attribute to his profession. Upon speaking to him, one would learn that Alarius is a pious individual, drawing joy from his faith. that faith is all that keeps him from going insane with grief, and rage. and When confronted with Heresy, his blood runs cold as his hatred becomes almost palpable.

Starting Equipment: A Wrackblade, 1 dozen frag grenades, 1 dozen krak grenades, a black body glove, a combat harness, a las pistol, and a simple, yet easily removed Habit.

Investigation Skills: He has a natural knack for interrogation that goes above and beyond the mere intimidating presence of the Eversor, he has an almost joyously cruel streak when interrogating a subject.

Combat Skills: Aside from being extraordinarily agile, he is capable of striking an opponent with pinpoint accuracy in the strangest of situations
(the Russian Spetznaz upside-down backwards hatchet attack if you will)

Extraordinary Abilities: Alarius has no extraordinary abilities outside of his assassin training, that being said he is one of the more skilled assassins at the temple and his services are frequently called upon by the inquisition.

Brief Background: aside from his skill, Inquisitor Conway noted Alarius for one thing above others, his personality seemed to have more or less survived Assassinorium brainwashing, and as a result Alarius exhibited a great deal more individuality than his peers, which it said made him all the more effective as an assassin. The Inquisitor however, also delved into Alarius' background, which made the assassin all the more promising.

Alarius Grew up as a Hive World noble, his family had Long been corrupted by the Heresy of the dark prince slaanesh, it was almost as if the emperor himself saved Alarius soul from Daemonic taint. growing up he knew his family's actions were wrong, his own siblings offering themselves to him, only to be cast aside. he felt their betrayal stab within his heart, and he fled them the moment he was able. Ironically, It was Inquisitor Conway himself that led the assault but a few hours later, destroying the heretic cult that had corrupted the planet's noble class.
Late addition?

I saw this, and I definitely wanted to throw in on it. So here it goes:

Name: Garen Sieghund

Human Krieg Storm Trooper



Garen is seen as a man of few words, but when he does speak it tends to sound as though he is making light of the current predicament, no matter how grim. He is generally reliable, provided he is not depended upon to navigate for others. To general knowledge, no one has seen him de-mask thus far.

Starting Equipment:
Mk 2 Hellgun, Short-hafted Axe, Laspistol, 4 Grenades (2 Frag, 2 Krak), skull-pattern gasmask and Carapace Armor.

Investigation Skills:
Training and retraining have lead Garen to have an inscrutable attention to detail. This trait carried over into his personal dealings, and as such, he is infamous for catching and calling bluffs. When set to it, he is almost tyrannical when seeking truth or fact, and will not yield until he finds what he is looking for.

Combat Skills:
Beyond the standard Storm Trooper fare (AKA mowing everything in sight with a controlled lance of Hellgun fire), Garen has a knack for close-quarters, and often enjoys getting personal with someone who has especially irritated him.

Extraordinary Abilities:
He has a honed instinct for taking quick assessment of a situation before altering the course of event in its entirety. Finding the chip in a target's armor, inadvertently (or advertently) killing an enemy leader… such occurrences are fairly commonplace with Garen.

Brief Background:
Garen's company was briefly attached to a Krieg 22<sup>nd</sup> Armoured Regiment to assist in cleansing Orks from a planet previously afflicted by an Ork Waagh. While on patrol in the outskirts of Imperial territory, the Chimera containing Garen's squad came under attack and was subsequently destroyed, with half Garen's squad still inside. An Inquisitorial "talent scout" had been stationed on the planet for some time, reporting his observances. He had been returning from a mission in the Northern region of the planet when he happened upon the stricken patrol. The battle was almost over when the scout first caught sight of it, Garen standing alone near the burning hulk of the Chimera, using the dismounted turret as cover with Orks closing in on him. Withering fire from his Hellgun wilted their numbers as they drew closer.

He ordered his pilot to land immediately to render aid, fearing the worst. But during the time it took for his craft to land, everything was dead. Save for Garen. The scout and his pilot rushed up with weapons drawn, to no avail. Having expended the remainder of his Hellgun charge pack, Garen had disconnected the coupling from the stock and used it to bludgeon the final Ork to death. The scout was forced to take a step back as he was fixed with a baleful glare from the destroyed eyepiece of Garen's gasmask. Steam shot through the mask's voice emitter with each rasping breath.

Garen was added to the Inquisitorial recruiting pool with highest regards. Inquisitor Conway was quite taken with the recommendations. The rest, as they say, is history.
Name: Cobier Krieglanze

Class: Human. Infiltration Specialist.

Homeworld: Classified.



Personality: A pretty normal type of guy given the training and other procedures he underwent to become a specialist in his field. Cobier blends in well with crowds due to his amiable nature toward others and even more when in 'civilian' clothes. He won't go entirely out of his way to make friends, but will not refuse friendship when it is offered. Yet there is one unique trait which is somewhat of a personal quirk. One can sometimes catch him staring at himself as if fascinated by some awe-inspiring sight. Fortunately his narcissism only shows itself outside of a mission. While under orders he acts with both experience and blind faith to the Emperor. It can also be noted that a particularly vicious streak lives in him toward the enemy which only fuels his fighting style.

Starting Equipment:

Dark Yellow Bodyglove.
Black Flak Armour.
Arm-mounted Retractable Lance.

Investigation Skills: Knowledge of Alien tech. Can use this knowledge to operate doors, control panels, and prove useful under unique circumstances.

Combat Skills:

Proficient with Lance-type weaponry and pistols.
Veteran of both up-close and ranged melee combat.
Understanding on how to use the Vespid Neutron Blaster. [If a Human could.]

Extraordinary Abilities:

Enhanced Senses.
Enhanced Reflexes.

Brief Background:

Make it to the next chapter and find out. Until then this background will not be updated.
My guys the sneaky one D=

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Eh, The Imperium has been known to ally with xenos in times of great duress, I suppose the Ultramarines are the most famous example. I think it would ultimately come down to what branch of the Inquisition Inquisitor Conway works for.