Dark Fantasy Avengers

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  1. I want to make an RP off of this idea now, this looks awesome. Dibs on The Hulk though, he my favorite mindless berserker.

  2. I've wanted to make a Medieval Superheroes RP ever since I read Marvel 1602.

    Dibs on Daredevil!
  3. I dig Hawkeye's costume for obvious reasons.
  4. Hulk being anything but an Orc saddens me.
    The rest are pretty ballin' though.
  5. Soooo, shameless plug for my tongue in cheek supervillain rp?

    Oh wait. Someone else is allready spinning an idea from this.
  6. If the Avengers took to self-harming...
  7. dat link

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.