Dark Desires (Murder Mystery Group RP)

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  1. Hi all,

    I am looking to find a handful of members to join my Murder Mystery Rp.

    Rules: 18+ older only. There can be sex but it really doesn't take the plot. There will be explicit murder scenes, rap victims, I want to make sure our limitations aren't held down.

    If pairing make sure the partner wants it before hand.

    Must have a good amount of knowledge of basic English. I don't want novelists but good grammar, spelling, and punctuation is a must.

    Must be able to give anywhere from 3-5 full bodied paragraphs. A good story needs meat so make sure to give something for everyone to work with.

    Anyone who joins to make it fair I would like everyone to take their turn in posting. Nothing sucks more than posting at the same time as someone else and then you leave out what they had done.

    No God modding

    No fighting with other players (in OOC if there's a fight meant for the rp run away with it and get very descriptive.)


    Mauria Silverstein had been instated as a new detective. When assigned to her first case she is given more than she bargained for. A gory murder, rape victims, and a murderer leaving about taunting hints. She becomes victim to the killers mind games and it's up to her and her partner to overcome them and stop before the killer claims another victim or infiltrates the agency.

    Wanted characters:
    A partner for my character Mauria. Preferably Male and I would like them to be very close. Perhaps grow into a romance, but not to start off with. You can decide if he dislikes her in the beginning we will be starting from her first day in the agency.

    1 or two killers can be whatever gender and you can choose how each murder happens. Be manipulative and creative with the way you play with your victims, and the detectives minds.

    Victims both living and dead.

    You can play up to two characters but please give me a bio for each, and a sample of your rp style. You are not limited to those characters. If you desire to play someones best friend, spouse, or perhaps someone in the agency, or even a witness you are more than welcome. Your limit is your imagination.

    If interested:

    Either send me a pm or post a request here give me a character bio for the character(s) you desire, an role play sample, whether in character or not that's your choice. Hope to get a good role-play going
  2. Is the playstyle akin to Mafia vs Werewolf/Salem?
  3. I'm not sure I know what you mean by that?
  4. I am asking how the RP is played.

    You see, in a Mafia vs Werewolf or Salem -styled roleplay, once per round, the Murderer kills a person and the players have to guess who is the Murderer. The game doesn't end until either the Murderer is left or the Murderer is gone.
  5. That wouldn't be much of a rp if I was here for that. It's like a story like any typical role play. I just had no idea what the mafia bs thing was. No I just want a homicide rp.
  6. Well, regular playstyle sounds good enough for me. I guess we just have to wait for others.
  7. Who did you want to play as?

    Btw that was supposed to say vs not bs. I am on my phone atm and autocorrect is horrible to me. Didn't want to sound like I was insulting your idea
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  8. I can play as two characters? Very well.

    My first character is intended to be a young lad who is somewhat of a sidekick or assistant to Mauria.

    I'm still thinking of a backstory, but I intend for him to be from a line of detectives.
  9. Well make your character sheets and show me a sample of your rp style