Dark City

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  1. Chapter 1:
    The First Case.

    Krelis Tharo

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    The air was filled with smoke and the rain poured through the night of the streets. The neighborhood wasn't too pretty either. In the city of Reliot, there was murder, robbery and several cases of rape. All thanks to the crime syndicates that were lurking in every part of the city. For over three years the R.P.D. had been trying to stop these crime syndicates, but none of there forces were even strong enough to stop them. So, in a desperation measure they called in J.U.S.T.I.C.E. Their call was answered and they sent there two best cops to lend a hand.

    Krelis and his partner were hard at work in their offices, when they received a distress call from the R.P.D. They notified J.U.S.T.I.C.E. that the uprising of crime had increased dramatically and that crime syndicates had even formed. The R.P.D had also stated that their force wasn't enough and that they would need more backup. That's when Krelis and his partner were dispatched. Krelis was skeptical at first, but eventually gave in and took the mission. Due to the fact that he would be fired. Although he was stubborn, he was the one of the best along with his partner of course. She was pretty accurate with a firearm.

    He never payed much attention to her, unless she was yelling in his ear about not getting his paperwork done on time. Other than that, they worked together pretty good. He had been away from his hometown of Garent, but this was actually the first time he had been to Reliot. Moments after receiving all necessary information on the city, he and his partner headed for the city of Reliot. That's where it all began for his partner and him.

    Everything was pretty much how it was explained in the paper work. Prostitutes walked the city streets, drug addicts were making deals. The only thing that wasn't seen, was a person being raped. That was surprising to Krelis. The paperwork had stated that rape was one of the highest rated in the city. Krelis looked over at his partner for a second, and then back at the road ahead. He stopped at a redlight and looked at his window as the raindrops plastered it, and formed into tiny puddles.

    The city lights pierced through the rain and the streets were broken in various places. Garbage littered the ground and cats and dogs could be heard. Now that he thought about it, by the looks of the city, it was pretty dark. Even with all the lighting, the cities were almost as black as night. He looked down at the paperwork in between him and his partner and shuffled a few page around. After a minute, he picked out a page with pictures of the city held to it by paperclips.

    He leaned against his window and propped his left elbow up. He rested his left cheek against his fist and studied the papers as he held it up and studied it for a little longer. He had started to get a bad feeling all of sudden. Something was off about the pictures but he couldn't put his finger on it. At any rate, he wasn't going to kill himself over finding the answers to it. He would just figure it out as he worked more and more on the mission.

    Krelis placed the papers back in the folder, and then leaned back with his hands behind his head. This mission was much more than what the chief or the R.P.D had told them. There was something else behind the scenes. It was a feeling, but he still wasn't too sure about it. He let out a sigh, before speaking to his partner. "What do you think all of this is about anyway. I am sure that there is much more behind all of this."​
  2. Jessamine Vienns
    23 years old
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    Jessie looked out the window as they entered the city. She could already see several laws being broken. It was amusing and sickening all at once. Amusing because criminals weren't even trying to hide anymore, sickening for the same reason.

    Her partner's voice broke her out of her thoughts. "Hm?" she mumbled. "Oh... Well... I don't know," she admitted. "Obviously though," Jessie bit her lip for a moment, "Ehm... Obviously there are going to be a few crooked cops though." Jessamine leaned back in her seat, looking around. "I don't see how it could've gotten THIS bad if there weren't a few crooks in the local P.D."

    She glanced at Krelis. Though they were both equally qualified as "the best", Jessamine had always felt as though Krelis had more of a leadership-persona to him. Though, it was aggrevating when she had to yell at him to do his paper work. She smiled a little. "That's what I think... I don't know though. I need to look around more," she admitted.
  3. Krelis continued to look up at the red light. After a few moments it turned green and he put the car back into drive and drove down the dark highway. He began to think about what Jess had said. She could be right. It was common to have a crooked cop or two in the force and there were even cases were cops in J.U.S.T.I.C.E. went rogue. The people were lined along the streets like soldiers, shooting dirty looks at him and his partner.

    A really friendly town, with some really hard-looking criminals. At any rate, neither he or his partner could take down all of them alone. So, he just continued to drive down the road that lead to the R.P.D. This city was holding something big. Something, that he just couldn't seem to put his finger on. Even with well-mapped out clues, there was still a missing puzzle piece. He pulled into the driveway of the R.P.D. Building and found a space a little close to the building, in between to police chargers. He shut the car down and looked at the building. The building was pretty old with white paint and giant black words lined with blue. The words spelled out R.P.D.

    Krelis sighed and leaned back, as he put his hands behind his head and lowered his eyes to a slant. "Yo Jess, I have a feeling that something is missing from the paperwork. Not that the chief or R.P.D. left it out. It is more like they couldn't find the most important clue to link all of it together." He said, looking down at the folder. The papers were scrambled slightly and the papers that held the pictures stuck out.
  4. Jess's lip twitched thoughtfully. "I had that feeling too," she said. "That just leaves more work for us." Jessamine sighed, but forced a smile, "Oh well."

    She opened the door and got out of the car. Jess looked up at the old R.P.D station. The wind blew and ruffled her long coat as she slipped her hands into her pockets. She could see police officers moving around inside, while outside there seemed to be almost no movement. Jessamine turned back to her partner.

    "Come on Krelis, let's go in," she said.
  5. Krelis stared up at the building a few seconds longer, before turning his attention to the inside of the building. The officers and secretaries were busy and paperwork was even flying around the main hall. Seems like they were all in a big rush getting everything together. Perhaps, it was because of all the crime in the city. Krelis place his left hand on his hip and his left hand on his forehead. It was like chaos inside. He looked over at Jess as she spoke. " Well, we can figure it out along the way.

    Krelis opened his door and stepped out, grabbing the folder in the process. He looked down at the folder once more, and then went into thought. -I wonder what clue could be missing.- His thoughts were broken shortly after, by the sound of Jess's voice. He looked over to her. "Yeah, lets go." He said, tucking the folder under his arm, and walking towards the main entrance of the building.
  6. She followed him in and looked around ths station. It was chaotic as secretaries and officers rushed about. Jess turned to Krelis. "I think we'll be on our own for the most part," she joked, "Everyone's busy here."

    Jess put her hand in her pocket, feeling her small leather wallet where she kept her badge. "Who do we go to?" she asked Krelis. "Straight to the captain or..." Jessamine looked around again.
  7. "The captains office should be around here somewhere." He replied, as he looked around. The place was a mess. Paperwork was scattered, most of them showing criminal profiles. Most of the force were on phones about cases on top of cases on top of cases. It was no wonder J.U.S.T.I.C.E. was called in. They were so unorganized, that it would have been hard for them to find their firearms.

    "The main office of the chief should be right around that corner." He pointed to the left, down a hall next to them.
  8. She nodded. "Alright then. Let's just head in, after all, if anyone stops us, we can just show our badges," Jess said.

    She turned and began walking down the hall.
  9. Krelis rubbed the back of his head, but followed behing Jess. The hall wasn't very long, but long enough. When they came up to an office on the right of them, Krelis stopped. The door held a sign that said "Chief Harvey." "Well, lets get this over with." Krelis said, as he grabbed the doorknob with his left hand and then knocked with the his left.

    "Come in!" The chief yelled from inside his office. Krelis opened the door slowly and walked inside."Well, you seem to be in a good mood."
  10. Jess followed him into the offuce and nodded politely to the chief. She held out her hand, "Good afternoon Chief. I'm Jessamine Vienns and this is my partner. We're with J.U.S.T.I.C.E."

    She waited for Krelis to introduce himself and looked around the office. It was somewhat messy and there were papers strewn about.
  11. "You can just call me Krelis. What 's the info on these crime syndicates? From what I was told, the leaders of each syndicate was just a small time drug dealer. Each of them running mini businesses that you force shutdown." Krelis looked around the office at all the mess. "Well, our forces were able to shut them down, but there was a mastermind behind them all.

    He staged a big meeting in the downtown district. Noone really knows who he is. Its said that the guy wears some type of mask. Sounds like a real nut to me." The chief said as he opened one of his drawers and pulled out a file. He placed it on top of the desk and Krelis picked it up. He opened it up and scanned the papers, then looked back at Jess." Yo, Jess take a look at this." The papers gave info on the local downtown district. By the description, it was the same place they had passed on their way to the office.
  12. Jessamine took the files and read them over. She let out a thoughtful sigh and turned to him. "Should we check it out?" she wondered out loud. Then she turned back to the chief. "About how dangerous do you think this area could be?" she glanced at Krelis and continued, "Because only one of us could go check it, and the other can find out more."
  13. "I'll head downtown and you stay here and find out more info on these syndicates. It may come in handy further down the line.I'll see what info I can get out of those low-lives. They may have some useful information. We may even get some leads on who the leaders of each syndicate is and what they are planning." Krelsi said, turning his back to the chief and looking at the door. His look was more serious now.

    He was fully aware that those drug addicts would retaliate if he asked anything about their bosses. It wasn't worth getting his partner involved. At least, not just yet. Those thugs were just druggies distributing the products. "One other thing, Jess...If I don't make it back, then tell the chief of J.U.S.T.I.C.E. everything you know about the syndicates and call in for backup."
  14. Jess turned slightly red. "Krelis, shut up, be careful alright? You'll be fine," she said quickly. She grinned at him, trying to act playful. "Don't make me call in for backup. We're supposed to be the best."

    She waved at him and turned back to the chief. "Mind if I take a look at your records and archives?" she asked him.
  15. Krelis only smirked then headed out the door. He looked around at the busy building. All the secretaries and cops were hauling paperwork around and even dropping some on the floor. Krelis rubbed the back of his head and sighed, as he headed for the main door. After he was safely inside the car, he leaned on the steering wheel. He really had an uneasy feeling.
  16. The chief led her to where they kept all their paperwork and records. She sat at a table with a pile of papers and folders next to her.

    "I don't know what exactly I'm looking for," she admitted to the silence in the room. "But there should be some interesting info here somewhere."
  17. Krelis looked up at the building. He really wanted to figure out what it was that was missing. No time to wait and find out. He had to get a move on and find clues. Once he was on the road, he drove back downtown, on the same route. The thugs and crooks eyes him, but he wasn't bothered by it. That was, until a rock hit his rear window. The cracking sound caused Krelis to stop and then get out of the car. "Alright, which one of you threw that!?" He yelled out in anger.

    No one had responded. They all just turned away, and only one person was looking at him. She had a weird look on her face and a slight smirk. Krelis gritted his teeth and assumed it was her, by the way she looked at him. The woman took of around the corner. In response, Krelis chased her. " Hey you, get back here!"