Dark Carnival

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  1. A groan pours from your lips as your eyes slid open. The first thing you see is the blurry image of a blonde man standing in front of you. He appears to be wearing a red flowing coat and looking at you with a wide grin. You attempt to get up only to take note that you're chained to the wall. Glancing up once more, you realize the man is laughing. "Welcome to my world, pet." He says as he takes a step closer to you.

    "Your...world..?" You manage to moan pitifully causing the red-clad man to laugh harder.

    "Yes, you silly goose. My world." He says as he motions to the cell that you're currently in. Absently, you take not that there are other people chained to the walls... deformed people... "I have brought you here and... fixed you." He chuckles. "...and you will perform in my circus." You open your mouth to object, but he notices this and cuts you off. "If you refuse... Well then, you will simply end up like the others.." He says with a sense of grim satisfaction before turning on his heel and leaving the room.

    What others..? You wonder to yourself. You can't help but try to imagine how many others there are... or were. You try to take a moment to process things. You were taken from your home and brought to this.. this circus only to be changed into... you don't know what. "It's best just to listen to Master..." A small voice says from across the room.

    You glance up to see the voice came from a rather small girl that is also chained to the wall. You instantly note that she has black wings and blood soaked bandages covering her eyes. You think she's looking at you, but you can't be quite sure. "It you don't... well.." She paused, raising a pale hand to pitifully motion to her eyes. "Our only hope is to escape..." She said softly, a look of what could only be described as determination crossing her face.

    Escape... You glance around at the others as they nod in agreement. You suppose it sounds like a good idea. First, however, you have more important things to worry about. Such as things like what that monster of a ringmaster did to you. Steeling yourself for the worst, you glance down to see what you've become...

    Character Sheets
    Act- (What they perform)


    Name- Aveline
    Gender- Female
    Age- 18
    Deformity- Black wings. (Also blinded for punishment)
    Act- Acrobatics
    Personality- Aveline is very quiet. She doesn't speak out much except for when she or someone she cares about is horribly wronged. She is neither an optimist or a pessimist, often simply stating what she believes to be the truth whether it's positive or negative. She's not really the type to rise up and be a leader, but can handle herself fine when forced into the position.

    Name- "Ring Master" Killian
    Gender- Male
    Age- Unknown
    Deformity- None
    Act- The Ring Master
    Personality- Unknown
  2. *pokes head in shyly*

    Um I'd be interested just now found this if you still plan to or well also if it's different than another I tried joining. I kind of get the idea how to fill in a deformity better than alteration...

    But umm this it the other group it seemed similar to is why I ask... Freak Show OOC
    But if your not a part of the one and are still looking for others interested I would be and could get a CS up pretty soon.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.