Danika's introduction.

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  1. Hello, darlings.

    I am new to this site, but I am not new to roleplaying; especially online roleplaying. This is my second try at a RP forum site and I hope that things go well this time around. Before we go any further, I believe I shall list some information on myself...

    Name : Danika
    Age : Twenty-six
    Gender : Female [born and go by]
    Occupation : Writer and roleplayer

    Writer of : erotica, occult/supernatural, romance, fandoms [new to it], sci-fi, macabre
    Fandom roleplays : Supernatural, X/1999, Anita Blake & Merry Gentry, Sherlock, Psycho-Pass, Lords of the Underworld
    Roleplay type : Multi-paragraph, group, one-on-one, mature, multi-characters at one time
    Places generally found : vampirefreaks.com [only place I RP], deviantart, fanfiction.net

    Are you willing to create a character for my RP : Yes, as long as I am comfortable with the universe it is being played within and am capable of playing the type of character that you are seeking. When creating a character for another I always ask that some information be given in regards to that character. This is to help me get a feel for what you are looking for and be capable of creating something that will help make your roleplay exciting and fun to run.
    Care to join a fandom RP : I would be happy to join one, but only if it is one that I know of. Do not ask me to join your Glee fandom roleplay because I am not familiar with it at all. A list of fandoms that I do know are listed above. Though the ones listed are the ones that I am most comfortable with. Feel free to still mention the fandom you are wanting me to participate in, but do not become upset if I reject your invitation.
    For fandoms, do you play cannon or OC's : I tend to play both. Depending on the fandom, I may have an OC ready and waiting to be unleashed, but generally I just play cannon characters. I am also capable of playing multiple characters at one time; even posting for each of those characters in a single post.
    Is it alright if I just start talking to you : Absolutely! I am always in the mood to converse with others and possibly form new friendships. I am also willing to listen to rantings and ravings, even if I do not know you; as well as give advice be it on roleplaying or just life in general

    Very soon I shall be posting up a blog entry containing some FAQ's in regards to myself and my roleplaying, but also feel free to ask any questions that you may have. Honestly, roleplaying is a way for me to build up my creativity and writing skills so I am able to produce great pieces for others to read. My main areas of writing are romance, erotica, and the supernatural; so those will be the main areas that I will wish to roleplay in. I understand that some people are uncomfortable about erotica so feel free to tell me that you are and we can work something out. Even if it is doing the whole "fade-to-black" scenario, though I have never done such things so am unfamiliar with it myself. I am also willing to take on new challenges, so do not be afraid to pitch an idea to me.

    If you have any questions, or just wish to strike up a conversation, then feel free to post here or message me privately. Thank you very much for your time and I hope to start up some wonderful stories with you all.
  2. Welcome Danika! I'm pretty new to this site myself. I hope you like it here. :)
  3. Thank you for the welcome!

    I do hope that I like it here as well. And since you are still somewhat new yourself, welcome as well. :]
  4. Thank you :D
  5. Howdy Danika!

    I got bedazzled by your bloody avatar for a few minutes too long. O___O I think my cold medicine has made things very colorful.

    We're happy that you chose us for trying out a new place to roleplay! <3 I hope you can find some new partners and ways to branch out your rp feelers!
  6. It is quite nice. -daydreams as she stares at it- Its one of my favorite icons, so I just had to use it here.

    Thank you for the welcome and I hope that I am able to find some new partners here. It would be nice to get out some place that is filled with numerous individuals with different creative ideas in their heads. Sometimes being in the same place for so long can be a bit monotonous. hehe.