dangerous places with pretty faces [roleplay]

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  1. oh lady, running down to the riptide

    if you grew up in Hindale, you knew very well that you were not to go to the chasm, the cliffs, or the islands. Mothers were taught to teach their children that those were dangerous places. Your generation grew up, curious, and rebellious thinkers. A couple of you, maybe from different social groups/classes, nonetheless popular, and well-known for something, are ready to go see these 'forbidden' places, getting high off the fear that will run through Hindale, a small town on the coast. Now 16, 17, and 18, eight of you venture out to visit these places, not realizing that the road that lies ahead is treacherous. Secrets are kept, lives are at risk, and some non-verbal fights may commence. But hey, you wanted to go see the dangerous places with some pretty faces.


    Just some Rules
    • Godmodding - avoid it as much as you can. I don't want to hear/see about any bunnying, controlling, or god-modding, (whatever you prefer to call it) in this roleplay please and thank you.
    • Take that rated R stuff to the PM - as it clearly says in the title of this rule, take your "family-friendly fun" to the bedroom, or the PM rather, spare us the details. As fun as those times may be, it's inappropriate when consulting the rules of this website, so let's just put away our rebelliousness, and follow the rules, aight?
    • No one-liners - this is an adept roleplay, meaning i do not want any one-liners, but i won't be trying to pull anything rough out of you. if you want to go super into detail with me and talk about how the water looks when it reflects in your character's eyes, go right ahead. But I do not appreciate one-liners, and I will be asking at least a paragraph or two per response. xxx
    • Be Nice - I'd like to assume all of you are nice, I mean, you seem nice, so let's keep it that way. Bullying out of character in any way, shape or form will not be tolerated. The OOC section is there so you can fangirl about your characters and ship them together and chat and ask me questions, but as soon as things start to get mean and nasty, you can bet that you'll make like n'sync and be saying 'bye, bye, bye.'
    • HAVE FUN - last but most definitely not least, have fun. I really want you guys to enjoy this roleplay and just run with it.

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  2. Sounds fun :)

  3. [​IMG][​IMG]
    Aaron sat in the kitchen, munching on a piece of toast with jelly on it, while replying to unanswered texts. "Don't know you, don't know you, you're hot, oh this babe, okay dumbass, dad, chick from a party..." He muttered as he answered or deleted them, cleaning his inbox. His dog yipped and yapped at his ankles, and stepped backwards as Aaron got up to put his plate in the sink. He picked up his pet, luka, and mumbled to him, "Today's the day, Luka!" He put him back on the ground, grabbing his backpack, which was not full of school supplies but trip supplies, he grinned, closing the door behind him as he left.

    Aaron and a couple other kids from school had been planning this little "trip" for a while. Aaron's mom never cared much for where he was because she was always somewhere screwing the mayor or being screwed by him. He hated it and he hated the mayor, but he couldn't hate his mom, even if she was the cause of it all. Anyways, the point is, his mom would never even notice that he's gone. The only worry was Luka, but Aaron had a girl from school paid to come pick him up and watch him for the week.

    This little trip, basically, was all the shitheads, all the rebels, all the kids who really don't even care anymore from school,
    going somewhere we grew up telling each other ghost stories about: the chasm, the cliffs, the islands. There weren't a lot of guys going, but there were some girls. Some girls. Hindale's finest.

    They were to meet at the bottom of the hill, where they would begin their trek to the cliffs, and then the chasm. June had just started and it was hot as all hell. Aaron was sure any other guys that were coming were just excited to see the girls take their clothes off, dumb enough to think they'd get some. Aaron was there for the ride, the thrill of it all. He was gonna live it, breathe it, and freaking love it.
  4. [​IMG]
    "Only seventeen, but she walks the streets so mean."


    Carmen groaned as she covered her face with her arm, trying her best to block out the Sun's blinding light, which wasn't helping her major headache in the slightest. Seeing that her arm was failing to protect her, she decided to get up and do something instead. Like take some pain-killers. With that in mind, the young girl rolled out of bed and got to her feet, stumbling to her bathroom with a blurry vision.

    When she entered her bathroom, she rubbed at her eyes, clearing up her vision so she could glance in the mirror. She looked like absolute shit. Her hair was messy and, probably, tangled, make-up was running down her face, her lipstick was smeared, and her clothes were a wreck. It looked like she got into a fight or been partying until the morning sun was high in the sky for everyone to see, which was true. She felt like the personified version of one of Ke$ha's songs. Or, better yet, she felt like Ke$ha. But she didn't regret everything because, in all honesty, it was a fun night. She only wished she had avoided the pounding in her head right now.

    The pain reminded her why she was in the bathroom in the first place. Opening up her medicine cabinet, she plucked some pain-killers from the vast selection and shook two into her hand. Closing the container and putting it back, she got the water bottle from her room and popped the pills into her mouth, pouring some water, and throwing her head back, downing the pills. The blonde knew it would take a while for it to kick in so she set to make herself look like she wasn't out partying all night and morning.

    First, she took a shower, where she washed her hair, body, and face, succeeding in getting rid of her messy make-up. When that was done, she stepped out of her tub to brush her teerh before going to her closet to pick something out. It was hot out being that June had just begun. That piece of information led Carmen to picking out some high-waisted shorts, a crop top, and some Vans to wear for the day. She quickly slipped on her undergarments before her actual clothes, adjusting them to fit comfortablely. Then it was back in the bathroom, where she applied new make-up and lipstick and fixed her hair.

    By the time she was done, she looked like she got the eight to nine hours of sleep that she deserved. Grinning, she went back in her room to grab the bookbag that she had packed the day before. It was full of everything that she would need for a trip. Her and a few other kids around her age were going to what she called the Forbidden Lands. It was the places that their parents told them to stay away from. Of course, they weren't going to listen.

    Carmen had headed out of her home, taking a bagel that was smothered in cream cheese with her as her breakfast. She didn't want to be late meeting everyone else so she skipped having a huge breakfast. As she walked towards the hill they were suppose to meer at, she received cat calls and whistles, which she ignored. Someone shouted for her attention and she turned her head. The person made a 'call me' gesture and she scoffed. "Not even in your dreams," she said in an ice cold tone before facing forward once more and tuning all of the noises out.​
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