Danger in the swamp

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  1. Let’s travel back in time. Let us appear in 19th century, in Hungary, in a village called Csikaró (tshi-caroo). It is situated by the inner side of the lake Riha-tó but not too close to the bank otherwise houses might just sink into the swamp that is all around. There is nothing special about the village in particular only that in the past few months some inexplicable disappearances occurred.

    At first, few chickens went missing, though people thought that they just went too far into the swamp and drowned. It wouldn’t be the first time something similar has happened. After two weeks mayor’s dog, Charlie, joined the list of lost animals. Charlie was a calm and friendly dog which stayed around mayor’s house most of the time. He never even went to the very end of the village, no one knows why. Mayor was upset about the disappearance of his faithful pet. However, he didn’t think of it as important or significant to what was about to come. The next disappearance happened during the following weeks. What made it different from the previous incidents was that during the night, before farmers woke up and reported missing animals, strange sounds drifted through the village. Frightened screams of animals were heard all around yet the only ones who heard it were children. Every last child opened its eyes into the dark, hearing those noises that sent cold chills down their spines and monsters into their dreams. Each morning, more and more pigs and horses were reported as gone. What made these accidents so unusual was that there were no signs of violating the wooden gates of the barns. It was almost like the cattle disappeared into thin air.

    At this point, people began to feel unsettled and first hints of fear were visible on their faces. Four days passed without any other disappearance. Till that morning when the worst nightmares came true. As the sun rose up in the sky, peaceful air of Csikaró was pierced with frantic cries and blabbers of unfortunate mother whose child wasn’t in bed when the mother went to wake the child up. People began to be scared and over protective about their children. They looked at each other as if someone in their midst was the traitor, the monster. In fact, deep inside they were also confused, not knowing what or who was attacking them. Some claimed that the witch that had her hut in the swamp sent a curse on them. Everyone knew that the woman was evil and hated the villagers. No one could remember where all the hate and distrust towards the old woman came from. She was living in that hut, in the middle of the swamp, all on her own for as long as anyone could remember.

    Meanwhile, down in the Capital, a journalist heard about those incidents and took interest in it. This adventurer with paper and pen as weapons has decided to investigate the issue further and who knows maybe reveal the truth. Setting off to arrive in the village as soon as possible, the journalist didn’t know what awaits him/her in the land where the solid ground could turn into a deadly trap. One thing is for sure, if she/he did know about what awaits in that godforsaken land, then I bet my shoes that she/he would never leave the comfortable and safe zone of the Capital.

    This is an idea for a group RP, themed as scary, mysterious, adventure. I am looking for the last player - the journalist. I personally will take the role of the old woman plus I will be the game master.

    At last the most important question - is there anyone willing to join?
  2. Noone really wants to join?
  3. I'm sorta interested, but I can be really bad at keeping up with RPs, so I don't want to promise anything...
  4. Thank you so much Elyd for taking interest in this rp. We'll what the pace will be once the game starts and if you need us to slow down, I am sure that will be possible ;)
  5. Well in that case, I'm thinking about a villager who's both horrified and very intrigued...
  6. Great! I count you in then ;)
  7. I am also interested in this RP. I will probably join as a villager who should really know better than to interfere.
  8. That is great! Thanks L!

    So now we only need the journalist :)
  9. Do you want to coordinate characters a bit, Lstorm?
  10. Sure, why not. I am all for character planning and ancient conspiracies.
  11. Hey is the journalist still available? If so, I wouldn't mind taking the spot. I love the suspense and mystery about it.
  12. Yes, journalist is stil available. You are very welcome to take that role and if you do then - WE ARE ALL READY TO START! ^_^

    Ok guys. I am going to make a signup thread now where you'll be able to post your characters and after that we are off to go and solve that mystery :)

    By the way, Elyd and L you are free to coordinate your chatacters in any way you want.
  13. Ladies and gents! Here is the singup thread where you can post your characters. Once done, will be off to start the great game!