Danger Days

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  1. "Look alive, sunshine...

    "One-oh-nine in the sky but the pigs won't quit, you're here with me: Dr. Death Defying. I'll be your surgeon, your proctor, your helicopter. Pumpin' out the slaughtermatic sounds to keep you live. A system failure for the masses, anti-matter for the master plan. Louder than God's revolver and twice as shiny, this one's for all of you rock'n'rollers, all you crash queens and motor babies. Listen up! The future is bulletproof, the aftermath is secondary! It's time to do it now and do it loud! Killjoys, make some noise!"

    The desert sun beat down on Zone 6, as it did every day. That day, though, Party Poison knew that it would be a scorcher. After all, it was the middle of summer and there had been no rainfall. The desert ground had become dustier than usual, and on days when the wind picked up, it wasn't wise to venture outside without your mouth and nose covered.

    As Dr. Death Defying greeted the day with his smooth, melted-chocolate voice, Party Poison was already up, pulling on his clothes one at a time until he was fully dressed. The DJ was in the next room over at the Station Shack, broadcasting his voice to every Killjoy everywhere. After he was dressed, Party Poison glanced at himself in front of a cracked mirror, straightening his clothes before he began to rake his fingers through his hair, trying to comb it into some semblance of neatness.

    Once he was ready, he went to the front room of the Station Shack where she was already there. "Hey there, Sunshine," Party Poison said, giving her a warm smile. "Up already?"

    She gave him that smile of hers, the one that could bring sunshine on a cloudy day. It was why he had taken to calling her Sunshine, aside from the fact that he didn't know her name. No one did, not even her, and Sunshine had seemed as good a name as any.

    "Let's get you something to eat."

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  2. Kobra Kid woke up to the first song after Doctor Death Defying's customary itro, as he did most every day. The perks of sleeping one thin wall away from where ol' Doctor Death does his stuff... he thought, sitting up and pushing his hair back out of his face. He climbed out of bed and pulled on his jacket and boots - all he really had to do, since he'd passed out still in his clothes the following night.
    When that was done, Kobra Kid went out to see if anyone else was awake.

    Once there, he found Party Poison rummaging around for food, accompanied by that girl. They never had found out what her name was; hard to do when the girl hardly ever spoke, and when she did it turned out that she didn't know it in the first place. So, until she ramembered something, she was simply the Girl. Or Sunshine, but only to Party Poison.

    "'Morning," he greeted them both, rubbing sleep out of his eye. "You finding anything there, Poison? I'm so hungry I could eat my own boots."

  3. There was something about waking up to a voice as smooth as Doc Death's that made the summer heat all the more hot. Ghoul wasn't all that keen on it, but it wasn't as if he disliked their friendly neighborhood anarchist, disk jockey. Really Dr. D was one of the coolest cats he knew. In any case, he sat up with a groan from the dry, heated air that occupied his bed space. It probably wasn't a good idea to light up a smoke first thing in the morning, but he did it anyway, walking out into the living room with bedhead, a cancer stick pressed between his lips, and sans a shirts.

    Leaning against the wall, since he was still a little groggy, and not entirely prepared for the day, he shot a wink to Sunshine and nodded to his fellow Killjoys, dragging long and slow on the butt nestled between his lips. It would have been difficult for anyone to pick out his eyes behind the crops of tousled, thick black hair around his head and in his face. But that was good, considering he had let them slip back closed while resting on the wall. He was pretty damn thirsty, and he was sure that he'd heard Kid asking about food. That sounded good as well.

  4. Party Poison was rummaging through cabinets when he heard Kobra Kid behind him. Glancing back, he shot him a smile before saying, "Yeah...too bad there's not much here..." He shrugged and continued looking, finding a couple cans of BL/ind. brand dog food and a box of BL/ind. crackers. Thankfully, the cardboard box wasn't eaten through by rats or decay, so it was safe to say that the crackers were good to eat.

    Shutting the cabinet with a slam, he turned and handed the box of crackers to Sunshine. "Here, Sunshine," he said, smiling. He set the cans of dog food on a table, then, letting out a sigh. Dog food wasn't exactly fit for human consumption, but it would keep them alive.

    "Jet Star still asleep?" he asked aloud, looking to Ghoul.
  5. Ashia stood outside the small building. This was it. This was where the Killjoys were. Or a least should've been. Ashia had no way to really know without going in. She looked down at her travel worn, no longer colorful, clothes and boots. She took a deep breath, hefted her bag full of provisions up on her back, and pushed open the door, praying if they were there, they would shoot her first and ask questions later.
  6. Dog food and stale crackers. "Well, it's better than nothing, but we definitely need to do a supply run either today or tomorr-"
    He was cut off by the door bursting open. Instantly, Kobra Kid reached for the raygun stashed under the table and fired a warning shot, missing the intruder's head by inches. Looking to the young girl, he silently told her to hide, pointing under the table.
    Who would it be this time? Some of BLI's monkeys, or just another group of Zone crawlers probably looking for food or shelter? He crouched behind the nearest excuse for cover. We can't just have a quiet morning, can we?
  7. The moment the door opened, Party Poison had his bright yellow raygun out, pointing it at whoever dared come through. He was prepared for BL/ind. draculoids, even Korse. If that was the case, the Killjoys would have to relocate to another hideout, get as far away from the station shack as they could. It might also mean that they had a turncoat amongst them. His thoughts immediately turned to Dr. Death Defying. While he felt that he could trust the man with his life, he also knew that it would be easiest for Dr. D to betray them. He had control of all the radio waves in California, if his words were to be believed. Party didn't know what all of the wires and equipment Dr D had did, but it all looked complicated. Certainly complicated enough to have control of all the radio waves in California.

    "Show yourself," he said, glaring at the door as if it had opened by itself.
  8. Ashia put her hands up slowly looking wearily at the ray guns. "Hey, I'm Ashia." she said. "I thought you guys might be hungry or need supplies, so I, uh," she tilted her head back, "got some supplies and food in my backpack." She slowly stepping inside, reached into the back pack, and slowly pulled out some canned fruit and beans and set them on the table. "See? No harm no foul?" She said.
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