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  1. Okay, I'm a dancer/performer! I have several ideas, come at me!

    • Muse A and Muse B attend a private school of performing arts together. They’ve been friends for several years and both have dreams of making a living out of their passion for dance. End of year performances are looming and tension is high, especially when Muse A is chosen over Muse B to perform a coveted solo. Will the friendship last or will competition drive them apart?
    • Muse A is a talented dancer, Muse B is a superstar athlete. The two have little in common, apart from their desire to be the best at what they do. They only know of each other through mutual friends, but don’t speak until Muse B’s coach insists that Muse B get some ballet training to improve his footwork on the field/ice. Embarrassed to have to take ballet at all, Muse B turns to Muse A for private lessons.
    • Muse A is a ballet dancer who has dreamt of becoming prima ballerina/primary dancer in a major production of Swan Lake since they were a little kid. They’ve been practicing relentlessly for the last year to give themselves the best chance of success at the biggest audition of their life. The evening before the audition, Muse A suffers a tragic accident that leaves them unable to dance for the foreseeable future (fractured leg, torn ACL, etc.). Muse B enters the picture as Muse A’s physical therapist or someone else who will help Muse A through this devastating time.
    • Muse A is a ballerina/danseur at a private dance studio who has gained the attention of Muse B, their dance instructor. Muse B sees something special in Muse A—a rare potential for greatness— and therefore devotes extra time to teaching Muse A technique. As Muse A and Muse B spend more time together alone in the studio, the line between professional and romantic is crossed. Though they are both consenting adults, one or both of them is in a committed relationship with someone else (and it’s highly frowned upon for them to be together).
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  2. A rp based on the books of Rick Riordan, the Olympus series or the Egyptian series. In such a series, if you have not come into contact with it, the gods of the ancient cities are alive and kicking. They have spawned children on the earth and these children are often targeted by monsters from ancient lore. As a result, Camp Halfblood was created to protect them.

    Our RP could focus on new students coming in, either the children of the major gods or of the minor gods. Either a quest is delivered or requested, perhaps a camper has gone missing and they have been asked to find them. We would need to construct a plot I think beforehand to get it working correctly but I think this will be really fun! :3

    Idea 2!

    A generic angel/demon paired with a human romance plot!
    However, they both hate each others guts! They have bound together as punishment for things they have done and they both blame each other! They cannot harm or kill one another, nor go more than a kilometer away willingly. They have to do 'good deeds' to get free, though what that means they have no idea!

    Okay, really! Pretty self-explanatory here.
    I just like putting twists on cliches. :3

    1) The Sorceror and the Princess
    An evil witch places a curse on the royal family, and only the princess manages to escape with only a half-curse. While her family is trapped inside the castle, the princess leaves in search for a cure to their curses. She travels to the enchanted forest near by, where she encounters an animal that shows her the way to a sorceror's tower in the woods. She goes to the sorceror in search of a wise old man who can help her, but instead finds a belligerent young man with a bad temper. The sorceror does not like people, especially royalty, and after being pestered for a little while, he agrees to help the princess break the enchantment binding the whole royal family. They must set out to find the old witch that cast the spell in the first place so that the sorceror can break the spell.

    2) The Fairy Queen and the Kidnapped Knight
    Fairies get bored so easily. While the knight is on a quest for the king, he accidently falls asleep in a fairy ring out in the forest. It is then that he later wakes up to find himself trapped in the seelie court, where the fairy queen has taken him captive. She is a selfish but beautiful creature, who keeps the knight like a pet or a toy, much against his wishes. He tries to escape, but there is no way out for a human, and he slowly finds himself becoming more and more forgetful of the life he had before. He slowly becomes infatuated with the fairy queen, despite trying to fight it, and the need to leave becomes more urgent. The longer one stays in the fairy world, the harder it is to leave.

    3) The Cursed King and his Bride
    A mysterious stranger rescued a princess from drowning as a child. Her father, the King, offers the young man anything in his kingdom as a reward and the man shocks them all by choosing the very Princess herself. The King, unwilling or unable to go back on his word, agrees to the arraged marriage. Years and years later, the Princess grows up and the mysterious stranger returns on her eighteenth birthday for her. Much to everyone's surprise and horror, the young man has not aged a day since last they saw him, and when he takes the Princess home with him as his bride she realizes there is a lot more to him than meets the eye.

    4) The Knight and the Princess
    To ensure their kingdom's safety, the King has agreed to an arranged marriage with his daughter and the son of a neighboring kingdom. The people of his kingdom are not terribly thrilled at this new ally, and so the King decides to send his daughter to their neighbors with only one Knight to escort her. The young knight is a close friend to the princess, as the two have been practically raised together since they were ten-years-old or so. What she does not know is that he has been secretly in love with her for years and having to give her away to some other man is the worst thing that has ever happened to him.

    5) The Wizard and his Assistant :: Any Era Fantasy
    The assistant decides to check out a mysterious job offer, only to find themselves soon working for a half-mad magician. The assistant never knew about magic, so naturally there's quite a bit of surprise there, and is soon running errands for the Wizard. While the assistant does this, they learn more and more about the magical world and their strange employer. What the assistant doesn't know (at least not right away) is that the Wizard is cursed and has hired the assistant to help him find a way to break free.

    3) The Princess and the Prince :: Medieval
    After having an arranged marriage years ago, the date for the wedding soon approaches and the Bride and Groom haven't even met! So the Prince goes ahead of the wedding party by some weeks to investigate his bride-to-be without her knowing it as he disguises himself as a visiting Lord. Over time, the two get to know each other, and they end up falling in love. Their two kingdoms have never gotten along well, however, and their delicate peace does not last as they soon go to war with each other. Now it's up to the young couple to try and find a way to bring their kingdoms together again or they will never be together.

    6) The Rancher and the Mail-Order Bride :: Western
    The Rancher is a good and hard-working man, who spends almost all his time away from his family and out on the trails as he can. That is, until his wife died and he was forced to come home to tend to his children, who he barely knows. In the hopes of getting his children to behave and the homestead to be minded so he can go off on the trails again, the Rancher decides to get himself a mail-order bride. He doesn't really care who she is, only that she can mother his wild brood of brats. Unfortunately for him (or perhaps fortunately), the mail-order bride is not exactly what he had thought she would be. Instead of being a mindful, docile young woman, this bride is almost as much of a handful as his brats and is not afraid to tell him exactly what's on her mind.
    1) The Captain and the Rebel
    In a world ruled by a tyranical Empire, the Captain is one of a handful of people living on the fringes of society doing less than legal things to survive. Basically, the Captain is a pirate, robbing Empire outposts and freighters and selling the goods to the highest bidders on the black market. The Rebel is wanted for actions against the Empire and in desperate need to disappear. One day, the Rebel stows away on the Captain's ship and the Captain discovers them. For whatever reason, the Captain decides to spare the Rebel's life and keep them aboard (as kicking the rebel of the ship is as good as handing them back to the Empire). The Rebel then tries to convince the Captain to join the movement against the Empire in the coming revolution, a revolution they helped start.

    1) The Reclusive Author and the Publisher
    After waiting far too long for the much needed manuscript, an ambitious new Publisher decides to go against her colleagues warnings and visit the Reculsive Author at the man's mountain home. When she gets there, she sees that the brilliant author is also a brilliant mess. He tries to get rid of her, but she refuses, knowing that getting his book is the only way to secure her job. As she stays there trying to keep the writer on track, she has to learn to deal with his strange habbits and mannerisms. Eventually she grows fond of the man and tries to help him get his life together, despite his neural pathology. I would play either role.

    More ideas coming, let me know if any of these sound good! :3
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  3. Would you be interested in an Mxf pairing with me as F Muse A in the 4th Story In your First awesome post on this thread? :D
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  4. Send a PM my way!
  5. I will literally RP any of these with you. Send me a PM with your top three favourites?
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  6. If you're also on RPnation, there's already an RP with a premise similar to Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson series.
  7. This, this interests me greatly. May I be the athlete?
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  8. I'm totally in for the idea 2 (angel/demon/human thing ^^) mind if I play the female? *^* feel free to pm me anytime XD
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  9. I love your therapistXdancer, your 1st and 5th fantasy plots (though i'd prefer if the half-mad magician master was a a girl and i was the apprentice) and and your steampunk idea
  10. Bonjour!

    I have an angel/human plot that I have been wanting to do for some time. If you have space in your schedule, pm me and I'll fill you in on the details.
  11. I will roleplay any of these ideas with you! :)
  12. All of these ideas sound like so much fun! Please message me if you're still looking for partners!