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  1. Welcome to Caffeina!~ An all night dance club that plays the hits from the radio with theme nights every Friday! This week's theme is techo rage, be sure to dress in your brightest neons and wear your most fun accessories.


    Ralei walked behind the bar, her dress swaying as she walked. Her older brother owned the place and in order to get in whenever she wanted to, the cost was barkeeping for two nights a week, which wasn't really all that bad. The place had it's perks, free alcohol and a limited supply of pretzels, which she absolutely obsessed over. Plus, it was music and dancing all the time. The only thing she couldn't handle was the drunk men and the ditsy girls that bitched her out for "looking at my boyfriend". She'd laugh every time she was accused, even though a few times she was really guilty. It's not her fault that they got their boyfriends drunk and brought them to a place full of attractive women, that was their choice.

    The place was packed that night. Dance floor filled with provocative dancing and clothing. The strobe lights and coloured lights going in all directions as the floor lit in random areas. The only part of the job that she hated the most was cleaning the private booths. These booths had little curtains in order to keep whatever was going on a secret to the rest of the building. A lot of the time she ended up picking up condoms, cleaning up food or drinks from the seats. Making sure there wasn't illegal substances left over. It was generally just a mess. She kind of felt sorry for the girls who came to the club looking for love. It wasn't going to happen. A few times she had found a girl sitting in a private booth crying. She had gave it up, but the guy left. No shit? She wished girls weren't so gullible.

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    Aria walked through the front doors of the club, the heavy bass of the music blaring through the speaks causing her entire body to vibrate. The club was sure amazing to look at, and the strobe lights and and large dance floor made the atmosphere of the club come across as a fun, naughty place to be. As much as Aria wanted to just let loose and wander around the club, she was here to work, not dance. Aria had been hired as a dancer for the club the night before, and today was her first day. Sure the job was degrading, especially when she was paid for a private show, but it was the best job she could land in a city like this.

    Aria sighed and shoved her way past the drunken dancers grinding up against each other in nasty ways, and slid behind the counter of the bar. A woman wearing a flowing short dress. She would probably be able to point Aria in the right direction to start her shift. Aria's cheeks turned slightly pink when she slowly made her way to the woman. What was she going to say. Hi my name is Aria, I was hoping to get a job at the bar, but I landed being a dance instead. Can you point me to the glitter and skimpy uniforms please? Yeah right, cause that isn't completely embarrassing whatsoever.

    "Pardon me," Aria shouted to be heard over the music. "Today is my first day...And I um...Need directions." She was now standing behind the woman, interrupting dome ditzy blonde in the middle of a drunken rant, her words slurring together incoherently.

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    Ralei looked towards the auburn haired woman and thought for a moment. Greg hired dancers? 'Course the skeeze did... She nodded towards the woman knowing just where he'd hide the outfits and the two small rooms where he'd put them. She hook her head at the idea and said, "One moment, gotta get rid of this chick." She rolled her eyes and pointed to the ditz. Ralei jumped over the bar and leaded the drunk girl towards one of the bouncers on the wall, "She's trashed, call her a cab and make sure he knows where she's going. Thanks Rick." Some days, Ralei felt like she was a better owner of the place than her brother was, she took care of the clientèle, unlike the douche who apparently owned the joint. She smiled a thanks and went back over to the bar, getting one of the waitresses to cover for her as she signalled for the girl to follow her.

    She walked over to a door and opened it, the back of the place was relatively clean, but not enough to be sparkling. She led her to a small room with a few mirrors and a costume rack. "So, I didn't know my brother had done this, I just assumed by the room that he was making a nother girls restroom, but I suppose not." She nodded to the costumes, "Choose the least ridiculous, save some of your dignity... Oh, and by the way, come to me if you need help, even on off nights when I'm not working, I'll always be here." And with that, Ralei left and went back to the bar.
  4. Aria kept a fake smile on her face as the woman led her into the dressing room. So this was the owners sister, which meant that her name must've been Ralei, well her brother was a real slim ball, but of course Aria wasn't going to say that out loud, especially if she wanted a job...No matter how awful. When Ralei left the room, Aria slid down against the changing room door, massaging her temples where a small headache was beginning to form. Tonight was going to be a long night.

    Aria pushed herself back to her feet and began looking through the racks of skimpy looking outfits. There had to be something in here that wasn't so....Bleck....She wasn't a goddamn stripper for Pete's sake, she was just a dancer. She almost wanted to burn every piece of clothing in the room, and laugh evilly while they burst into flames.

    Aria almost gave up and was about to just go out on stage in the dress she had been wearing when she saw something that didn't look to bad. It was black and looked like it was made of spandex, but if anything it just looked like a once piece swimsuit, something that didn't expose so much. There was also neon pink tights lying underneath it, which would at least go with the techno theme of the week. Aria took a few minutes to change, than looked at herself in the mirror. It was close fitting, exposing her curves, but it was better than the two piece outfits - some made of leather - that she had seen earlier. The tights gave her a peppy look. Aria would just have to deal.

    A song started to blast through the large speakers from outside the door, and Aria guessed that was her que to get going. She inhaled a few deep breaths, pinching the bridge of her nose. She just needed to work a couple weeks and than she would have the money to get out of the city, and head.....Somewhere...Anywhere else. Aria excited the room and headed for one of the small stages, flipping some guy off when he have her a drunken cat call. images.jpg ((Visual of the outfit))