Dampf Ruinen City

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  1. Fall has fallen on the cold metal filled city of Dempf Ruinen the only way to tell was that the few trees that had been planted around the city had lost their leaves. Merchants from out of town had crowded into what was once time square. People of all types gathered in the city to stock up on goods and supplies for the upcoming winter. Winter was always very harsh on the outer towns Dempf Ruinen was luck it has so many buildings and people it tends to be a warm place. Yet still snow finds it was to the streets and building tops.

    Ganlocten a wondrous place mountain flowers of all colors once blooming have now become victim to the chilled fall air. The snow has settled in at the tops of the mountains as the winter approaches Ganloctens people hurry to get supplies and food for the winter.

    The farmers of Unitalon can smell the fall air as the wind blows through the tall grass and crops. Untalons people have stored what food they need and sold the rest in the city then used that money to get the supplies they'd need for the approaching winter.

    Normaltenna was still quit hot, in fact it was one of the only places that would not be consumed by the harsh winter that mother nature would send. But with no water and no good soil to plant crops stocking up on food and water from the city was important and essential for living.

    Ormaltannas people still had the warmth of the sun beating down on them, although they knew that soon the colder weather would approach their land. They harvest the crops that they'd planted and collected fire wood. Soon Falls wind would blow through the green trees surrounding Ormaltanna.
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  2. Shane had a black cape on it had a hood that was up and tied in the front the cape was down to his waist. He walked down the market area which use to be time square, Shane walked up to a old store with no windows. He entered the building and walked up to a board this was a job board for all the mercenaries. He took a look over the new missions then went back out side. Shane made his way to a small stand with weapons a black smith. "What can I do for you today Shane?" Shane looked at the man slowly putting his finger to his lips then looking back down at the weapons "Ah I see." Shane looked around searching for his target.
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