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Hey there, folks!

I believe that, honestly, this process is a simple one. All I'm looking for are worlds to romp about in, whatever they are! I. Am. So. Bloody. Bored! Argh! With the semester over, I've got a lot of time on my hands (for now) until another job starts up and such, and while my main PC is in the shop, I've nothing to entertain myself with and good lord is that awful. So send me your invites!

About myself:

  • I'm 23!
  • I've been roleplaying in one form or another for about... 16 years! Yep, since I was 7 I was scrounging the interwebz. My first every experience was on Shockwave.com on some sort of picture game. People would use the chatrooms for what would turn into rp. From there, like many, I moved on to the yahoo chatrooms and to actual games like Furcadia and such.
  • I'm a Marine Corps veteran (1371, combat engineer; 4th CEB, Delta Co.)
  • I'm an English major and thus ordained priest of Bullshiticus, the patron god of college students.
  • I play Warhammer fantasy and 40k; tau and lizardmen respectively
  • I'm actually a veteran of Iwaku. However, I left for about a year and a half and my old account was swept up in the yearly wipe. :'(
  • I love OOC. The more friends I can make, the better. (I was even lucky enough to get coffee with someone from here once. Small world!)
About the RP's I like or want to do
  • I love LOVE these complicated worlds that people have created. Character sheets and dictated RPG styled things are great. Really, I just love the feeling of playing D&D again.
  • I play sci-fi, fantasy and modern equally.
  • Multiple characters are quite doable, but I prefer doing these in OnexOne
  • I'm really looking for people who are active, like a post or two or three a day, and have a more advanced level of writing. Absolutely no one liners. Small paragraphs are fine, and I'm certainly no novel writer and get bored/tired after a few minutes of writing, but I want that kind of love and quality from others that inspire me to write my best. I am here, after all, to sharpen my skills and to entertain while being entertained. Roleplay is a collaborative art form and I want to experience it to its fullest.

Specifically for One x One

  • I prefer stories with the option of romance. Sure, it’s not required, but I enjoy how people change. Thus, this means no one under age, please. It’s also just weird writing with those outside of my own cohort.
  • While I'm an aggressive writer and love to drive the story, I would LOVE to have a dominant partner for once. In fact, I don't think I EVER have! Yet. That I know of. Heh. Submissive are still fine, though. :)
  • Bring me any idea ya got and I'll let you know if I'm down! I generally do not like fandoms, though. Nothing against fanfiction, but I think it would be arrogant for me to say I can dictate how that character would act. I will play in universes, though! (It’s kind of inevitable NOT to play in familiar universes; we all often pull so many elements from familiar books and movies and shows. I certainly do!)
  • Edit: I forgot to mention I primarily do straight, male characters but I can do females and all sorts of pairings. Just ask.


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I absolutely love world building and D&D, so I just had to reply. Hopefully, I can give this a shot if you have no one else yet.
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