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  1. Dahrinn's Free Drawings

    Hello, I intend to make art requests at some point in the future on this site, and as such it only seemed appropriate to allow others to make requests from me.
    Here is a link to a little showcasing thing I got going on, where you can easily see my pictures.
    MISCELLANEOUS - Random Collection

    If you feel the style of one of my drawings suits your needs, feel free to post or PM me a request, and I'll see to making it the best I can. Thank you for your time, and hopefully this will help me improve my abilities.
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  2. I see that you have free commissions and would love to have you draw characters. I am more then willing to provide said descriptions for personal chars if you would enjoy drawing them. Feel free to decline, or PM me anytime. ^.^
  3. I actually have a strange request. You see in a D&D campaign my friends and I are in, we have two particular characters that are not your usual Elf or Dwarf. So since they aren't human in appearance, it might be a little difficult.

    So the first is my character - Captain Roslo Morlack (Warlord)

    He is a four and a half foot tall Frogman. I imagine him wearing a white button shirt, with a few pieces of leather armor, and a small shield on his right arm, and a longsword in his left. I will leave you his backstory to get an idea about how he is as a character, but you don't need to read it.

    Roslo's Backstory(Very Long) (open)

    Morlack awoke in a barrel filled with oranges. Well it used to be filled with oranges. He had to threw a few off the dock to make room for himself inside the barrel, and he ate a few on the trip so far. He didn't have any idea how long it had been since he left shore, or where they were exactly. But he was sure of one thing. he was pretty damn tired of oranges. And he was thirst. So very thirsty... It was the first time the stowaway even considered leaving the safety of his barrel. Slowly, ever so slowly, the lid raised off the barrel, as the Hengeyokai's head peered out. Judging by the brilliant red and orange light sifting into the lower decks, he determined it was around noon. He pushed the lid up further to check the area The coast was clear. He pulled himself out of his prison and kept close to the shadows. There had to be water on board somewhere. He searched for a while until he felt, really uncomfortable. It was … hot… very hot. Suddenly, a glowing speck came falling from the ceiling. And another… And another… There was a shifting coming from above. “Oh… Shi-!” The ceiling caved in, as flaming piles of wood plummeted to the floor. The small frogman was able to make it out, but only barely. He ran up to the upper deck, mortified to see the crew brutally slain. But now was not the time for that! He needed to get off this ship. He dived straight into the water, and grabbed onto some driftwood.

    He had no idea how long he had been drifting, but he was sure of one thing: He could really go for an orange right now. He was exhausted and dehydrated and sure he was going to die. *Thump.* The sound of wood hitting wood. “What the hell?...” It was a ship. A ship! He was saved! Without second thought he began using what little strength he had left to climb. As he reached the top, he collapsed on the deck of the ship as he silently celebrated his survival. However that peace was short lived. He was soon picked up by the scruff of his neck. It was then he noticed the rough crew members all scowling at him. Before anything other than the word "I..." had left his lips, he was quite literally flung into the Captain's Quarters. “Ah! What have we here? A stow-away! I hear ya tried to sneak aboard. Well, ya did a poor job of that, that's far sure! Ahaha! Have a drink lad.” The dazed Morlack look around the room, too disoriented to pinpoint the source of the voice speaking to him. Before him, on the other side of a desk stood a dwarf. He slid a glass across the table to the young adventurer. “So, ya snuck aboard me ship, eh? What happened lad, what’s yar story?”

    Morlack began to tell his story of his adventure. About leaving the swamp in order to become a solider. About how he was laughed at for his size, and how he then proceeded to take down a soldier. He didn’t kill him. But he did cut the buttons off all of his clothing. At that point he was chased all across town as a criminal. He only barely managed to escape. Hiding in a barrel of oranges. Finally, he told him about how he had to abandon ship. “Ha! That ship?! Aye lad we took down that ship! Welcome to my ship: The Rusty Anvil. And I am it's captain: Captain Ragernstein!”

    Captain Ragernstein… Why was he so familiar… Oh… Oh… That’s right… He’s a pirate. A famous one... Or rather an infamous one... And he was on his ship. A pirate ship. Filled with Pirates. Which were outlaws. “And now, yur a part of me crew, Cabin Boy! Ahahaha!”

    Four years had he served under Captain Ragernstein, and during this time, he began to respect the man immensely. He commanded his crew with such gusto and authority, mixing fear and prestige and reputation to keep his men loyal to only him. He was a brilliant tactician, and a fantastic warrior. Roslo learned much in the way of cunning and swordplay In his encounters with other ships, and for whatever reason, he would always bring him along when selling their plunder, and parleying with enemies. He felt like he was a much better speaker just by being in his Presence.

    And then a few months later...

    “Alright men! They wanted a fight, and it’s a fight ther gonna get! Cabin Boy!”

    “Ready for combat sir!”

    “Not you boy!” The captain picked him up by the scruff of his neck. “No, yar getting outta har boy.”

    “But Captain! I swore my life to…”

    “Bwahahahaha! Swore yar life? Ha! I believe what I made ya pledge yar life to the was The Rusty Anvil! And that’s what ya are ta do boy. You are now the Captain of The Rusty Anvil.”

    "You're giving me the ship?!"

    "Not even close boy! I'm givin ya the legacy!"

    “But why me?! I am not even the best fighter on the ship! I loose every duel I’m in with the crewmates!”

    “Aye, but yar a clever one. I knew it from the moment ya wur thrown into me cabin. I might not have taught ya to be a pirate. No lad, I taught ya to be a captain. And when I die you war to take my place as captain of the Rusty Anvil.”

    “But you can’t die now Captain!”

    “But I will one day boy. And that day’s taday. I know it And my men know it. And they know they will die. As will this vessel. But the Rusty Anvil must live on. Now get ya arse into that barrel and continue my legacy boy!” Without a single word more, Ragernstein shoved Morlack into a barrel and chucked him overboard.

    He had no idea how long he had been drifting before he finally hit land. He didn't know where he was, but there were two things he knew for sure: He needed a ship. And he was pretty damn tired of oranges.


    The other is my friend's character, who plays Roslo's best friend. - Swagathor(I know) (Barbarian)

    Anyway, swagathor is a Treefolk, akin to an ent. He stands nearly 8 feet tall, and wears no clothing, since he's a tree. He is still and contemplative, wise beyond years(But not too smart), and hella strong. He wields a warhammer, and a Battle axe, both of which are heavy weapons usually held in two hands, but for him, he has no problem dual wielding.

    Swagathor's Bio. Not as long (open)

    was once part of a great forest. one of eight guardians that protected the forest until one night a fire burned down through the forest. everything was destroyed except for Swagathor who managed to escape before the fire reached his grove, he saved only a few animals before the fire engulfed his end of the forest and the rest. for years he wandered around the outskirts of The Kingdom of Knead in his desolate destroyed forest before he had a run in with a small frog man named Roslo. Roslo heard out his story and invited Swagathor along in his quest for adventure and riches as he had no forest left to protect and essentially no duty. Re-purposing himself to help others, he decides to help Roslo as the two were very similar, two lone creatures once part of a thriving community now left alone with nothing but their wit and wood.
  4. Hmm.

    Would you like me to draw them more cartoony, or less cartoony?
  5. Ah... Let's say less cartoony
  6. _20160418_202035.JPG
    There's Swagathor.

    Sorry for the delay, Roslo should be done tomorrow.
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  7. Looks great! Can't wait for Roslo
  8. _20160419_200825.JPG
    And there's Roslo.
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  9. Ooh! Can you do one of my character!. (Oo)w (oO)
  10. Ok.
  11. Yay! Do you need a description or just a picture?
  12. Either one, though a picture would be easier to work from.
  13. Hello! I've been looking for help in a project and you might be interested. Would you like to try?

    I'll leave the Link to the thread where you can see more of what i'm looking for, and you're invited to join me in this challenge! Thank you for your time!

    ART REQUEST - Wonders of a Nascent World - Sardonya needs help!

    Would you like me to add something to the request? Send me a PM in any case so we can all improve.
  14. I'm still accepting art requests.
  15. Ah, well, I am hoping to possibly have a few things drawn, if you're up for it. I have been searching for an artist for awhile actually, I am just really nervous about asking for drawings in fear I'll do something dumb. Would it be possible to continue this conversation (if it becomes a conversation) in DMs, as well?
  16. What do you want me to draw?

    (What does DMs stand for in that context?)
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  17. Ah, sorry for the miscommunication. PMs, I've used a few different platforms for RP and writing, so the lingo gets jumbled at times. And a character or fifty (an exaggeration of of course). But yeah, I have a few things I'd like drawn since I am a terrible artist myself. I only made one thing in my life that was ever decent. XD
  18. I made an edit to the first post, and reminding everyone I still take requests.
  19. I'm still looking